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Closing date: Monday, August 5th, 2019, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoITALIAN LYBIENcat. no.Estimate € 
5715Vorschaubild1921, 15 C. Brown / brown orange, mint never hinged, superb28 **50,00Bid
5716Vorschaubild1928, 7 ½ and 1.75 L. "King Immanuel III", perforated 11, 2 mint never hinged superb items68,70A **50,00Bid
LotPhotoITALIAN TRIPOLITANIENcat. no.Estimate € 
5718Vorschaubild1923, "cruise on Rome", rest of hinge, very fine set, Michel 50.-19-24 *20,00Bid
5719Vorschaubild1925, 60 C. And 1 L. "25 years regency", perforated L 11, in mint never hinged 10s souvenir sheets from of the upper corner of the sheet, superb37/8C **no limitBid
LotPhotoJAMAICAcat. no.Estimate € 
5721Vorschaubild1883, 4 P. Brownish red, watermark approximate single, rest of hinge, superb, Michel 500.-18 *190,00Bid
LotPhotoJAPANcat. no.Estimate € 
5722Vorschaubild1913 / 37, ½ S. Brown and 30 S. Orange / green, mint never hinged, superb99,248 **50,00Bid
5723Vorschaubild1920 / 1, 1 ½ S. Postal stationery postcard with additional franking to Tsingtau (defective), in addition to it a 2 S. Postal stationery postcard, very fine127/8 no limitBid
5724Vorschaubild1919, "first mail flight", normal perforation, rest of hinge, superb, Michel 1700.-134/5 *450,00Bid
5725Vorschaubild1928 / 36, "coronation Emperor Hirohito" and "New year", mint never hinged, superb184-87,236 **25,00Bid
5726Vorschaubild1929 / 34, "airplane", 5 mint never hinged superb items195-98,204 **160,00Bid
5727Vorschaubild1929 / 34, "airplane", 18 S. Small paper fold and 33 S. Small perforation fault otherwise very fine set mint never hinged195-98 **75,00Bid
5728Vorschaubild1935-37, "New year", 3 values, mint never hinged, superb217,229,236 **25,00Bid
5729Vorschaubild1935, 1 ½ S. Carmine red in the miniature sheet (20), mint never hinged, superb, R! Michel 1400.-217KB **490,00Bid
5730Vorschaubild1937, 6 S. Rose and 10 S. Blue, mint never hinged, 2 superb items242,246 **40,00Bid
5731Vorschaubild1938, "Nikko National park", very fine set mint never hinged272-75 **20,00Bid
5732Vorschaubild1939, "Daisen and Setonaikai National park", very fine set mint never hinged276-78 **25,00Bid
5733Vorschaubild1940, "Daisetsuzan National park", very fine set mint never hinged292-95 **30,00Bid
5734Vorschaubild1948, 5 Y. "week of the philately", margin copy, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 120.-428A **40,00Bid
5735Vorschaubild1938, post paid fieldpost letter to an in China fighting soldiers, the franchise was by the star top right and the left beside standing rectangular stamp confirms, with 2 meter cancel, very fine 120,00Bid
5736Vorschaubild1879, 2 / 2 S. Carmine, paid reply postal card, unused, superb 100,00Bid
LotPhotoJUNGFERNINSELNcat. no.Estimate € 
5738Vorschaubild1866, 1 Sh. Carmine, black and white margin, paper white, simple boarder lines, stronger rest of hinge, superb, Michel 200.-4AaI *55,00Bid
LotPhotoCAMEROON (CAMEROUN)cat. no.Estimate € 
5739Vorschaubild1926 / 7, 10, 20 and 3 Fr. "country subjects", always in the corner margin block of four, mint never hinged, superb94/5,111   **80,00Bid
LotPhotoCANADAcat. no.Estimate € 
5741Vorschaubild1882, ½ C. Black in the block of four, superb25A   30,00Bid
5742Vorschaubild1897, 1 $ lilac red, thin spot otherwise superb, Michel 550.-49 140,00Bid
5743Vorschaubild1919, single circle postmark "FIELD post OFFICE CANADIAN / siberia EXP. FORCE" on Canadian fieldpost letter with handwritten notation "On active service", superb, RRR!56 290,00Bid
5744Vorschaubild1908, 7 and 15 C. "Quebec", 2 values with "R" stamp, very fine / superb, Michel 165.-88,90 50,00Bid
5745Vorschaubild1927, 2 - 20 C. "Cathedral ion of Canada", 5 mint never hinged superb items119-23 **35,00Bid
5746Vorschaubild1927, 3 and 12 C. "Cathedral ion of Canada", 2 mint never hinged superb items120,122 **25,00Bid
5747Vorschaubild1927-32, 5 various mint never hinged values, superb124/5,160/1,169 **30,00Bid
5748Vorschaubild1928-33, 4 various mint never hinged values, superb127,169,173/4 **30,00Bid
5749Vorschaubild1928, 1 - 3, 5 and 8 C. "King George V. ", four sides perforated, 5 mint never hinged superb items128-30,132/3A **35,00Bid
5750Vorschaubild1929, 1 $ olive green, rest of hinge, superb, Michel 200.-138 *70,00Bid
5751Vorschaubild1932, 5 and 13 C. "economy conference" and "airmail", 3 mint never hinged superb items160/1,169 **20,00Bid
5752Vorschaubild1932, 6 on 5 C. "economy conference" block of four, mint never hinged, superb170   **45,00Bid
5753Vorschaubild1933 / 4, 3 mint never hinged values, superb174-76 **25,00Bid
5754Vorschaubild1934, 10 C. "emigration" and 2 C. "New Brunswick" in vertical pairs, with postmark in the margin "archive SASK", mint never hinged, superb176/7   **no limitBid
5755Vorschaubild11.12.1934, first flight "WINNIPEG DIANA" (Part stage), superb cover, Müller 261169 20,00Bid
5756Vorschaubild5.1.1935, first flight "KENORA WHITEFISH Bav", cover very fine, Müller 264264 20,00Bid
5757Vorschaubild18.11.1936, "Hurried A LA CROSSE BUFFALO", flight and return (19.11), 2 superb letters, Müller 286, 286 a286,286a 30,00Bid
5758Vorschaubild19.11.1936, first flight "LA HOLES-BUFFALO NARROWS" (Part stage), superb cover, Müller 286 a144 20,00Bid
5759Vorschaubild13.1.1937, first flight "away ST. JOHN FINLAY FORKS", superb cover, Müller 293 a196 20,00Bid
5760Vorschaubild8.9.1937, first flight "STURGEON Lan thing THE PAS", superb cover196 20,00Bid
5761Vorschaubild1946, 3 various first flights: "TORONTO CHICAGO", "MONTREAL CHICAGO" (both 1.7. ), "TORONTO CLEVELAND" (5.8. ), 3 superb letters, Müller 351 a, 352351a,352 40,00Bid
5762Vorschaubild1927, 10 C. "horse opera Canada Airways" vignette, mint never hinged, superb **no limitBid
5763Vorschaubild1927-47, small unused lot, mostly mint never hinged, superb condition**,*50,00Bid
5764Vorschaubild1964, 5 C. "World peace" with single circle postmark "CFPO 28" on fieldpost airmail letter sheet of the Canadian UN-unit from Cyprus, superb360 20,00Bid
LotPhotoCANADA NEWFOUNDLANDcat. no.Estimate € 
5765Vorschaubild1860, 2 P. Orange (SG. No. 10), touched on two sides otherwise very close margin, having very fresh colors, very fine, expertized Thier and Gebruder Senf, Michel 700.-2b 170,00Bid
5766Vorschaubild1857, 6 P. Vermilion (SG. No. 6), tenuous bar cancel, full margins, having bright colors superb item, Michel 4500.-6a 1.400,00Bid
5767Vorschaubild1860, 1 Sh. Orange (SG. No. 15) lower right corner minimal affects otherwise having full margins superb item, RR! Michel 11000.-9b 2.200,00Bid
5768Vorschaubild1861, 1 P. Violet brown (SG no. 16), rest of hinge, superb, Michel 300.-10ya *90,00Bid
5769Vorschaubild1945, form letter the Red Cross Society "Prisoners of was Enquiry Office" to Geneva, with blanking plate, very fine 30,00Bid
LotPhotoCOLOMBIAcat. no.Estimate € 
5771Vorschaubild29.6.1932, first flight card "Cali Bogota", on the back franking on photo postcard (Count Zeppelin), superb 50,00Bid
5772Vorschaubild29.6.1932, first flight card "Cali Bogota", on the back franking on photo postcard (DOX), superb 50,00Bid
5773Vorschaubild29.6.1932, first flight card "Cali Bogota", on the back franking on photo postcard (DOX), superb 50,00Bid
LotPhotoCONGO BRAZZAVILLEcat. no.Estimate € 
5774Vorschaubild1924-26, small mint never hinged lot, mostly in parts of sheets, superb **30,00Bid
LotPhotoKOREA cat. no.Estimate € 
5775VorschaubildNot issued: 1884, "city postal service stamps", also english inscription, normal perforation, 3 mint never hinged values superbI-III **35,00Bid
LotPhotoCHOSUN NORTHcat. no.Estimate € 
5776Vorschaubild1976-96, lot of approximate 120 different souvenir sheets and miniature sheet with first days special cancellations, superbBl. 50,00Bid
5777Vorschaubild1976-85, 11 various souvenir sheets and miniature sheet with first day cancel`s, superb no limitBid
LotPhotoCHOSUN SOUTHcat. no.Estimate € 
5778Vorschaubild1950, fieldpost letter with postmark from field post office "502", superb 220,00Bid
LotPhotoLEBANONcat. no.Estimate € 
5779Vorschaubild1930, "sericulturist", very fine set mint never hinged159-64 **45,00Bid
5780Vorschaubild1937, "world exhibition", very fine set mint never hinged220-27 **30,00Bid
5781VorschaubildUnused part of a collection Lebanon from 1924-38 with some better issues, mostly very fine / superb, Michel 1050.- *250,00Bid
LotPhotoLIBYAcat. no.Estimate € 
5783Vorschaubild1951, "Senussi-Kampfreiter", time currency, very fine set mint never hinged, signed Zumstein, Michel 130.-24-31 **45,00Bid
LotPhotoMADAGASCAR cat. no.Estimate € 
5784Vorschaubild1908-44, mainly mint never hinged lot with many parts of a sheet, superb condition**,*50,00Bid
5785Vorschaubild1885 / 91, 2 unused postal stationery: a registered envelope (Queen 5 C. Blue) and paid reply postal card (1 C. Green), superb 30,00Bid

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