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Closing date: Monday, September 23rd, 2019, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoSOVIET UNIONcat. no.Estimate € 
5534Vorschaubild1958 / 62, souvenir sheets "North Pole stations", mint never hinged, 2 superb souvenir sheets, Michel 195.-Bl. 27,30 **55,00Bid
5535Vorschaubild1966, "Antarctica research", 17 miniature sheet with 4 block of four tĂȘte-bĂȘche pairs, mint never hinged, stamps superb, margins partly minimal pushed, Michel 1360.-3181-83 **190,00Bid
5536Vorschaubild1977-1980, "summer Olympic Games 1980", Michel no. 4686-91, 4788-91, 4810-13, 4872-77, 4927 / 8, 4940 / 1, 4949-54 always in the 16er sheet, in the Borek special album, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 1568.-**300,00Bid
5537Vorschaubild1983, 20 K. "stratospheres flight CCCP 1" in the miniature sheet, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 150.-5293KB **45,00Bid
5538Vorschaubild1984, "Olympic Winter Games" in the sheetlet set, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 220.-5352-55KB **65,00Bid
5539Vorschaubild1983, 15 K. "50. Birthday Gararin" in the miniature sheet, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 220.-5361KB **70,00Bid
5540Vorschaubild1985, "day the cosmonauts" and "first space walk one woman", 2 miniature sheet, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 190.-5496,5524KB **55,00Bid
5541Vorschaubild1986, "olympic games the modern age" and "guns plants of the Russian steppe", 2 miniature sheet, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 110.-5572,5577KB **30,00Bid
5542Vorschaubild1986, "day the cosmonauts" in the sheetlet set, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 190.-5591-93KB **55,00Bid
5543Vorschaubild2001, 4 K. Blue army postal service postal stationery cover of the Russian military from Grozny with censorship stamp, very fine 50,00Bid
5544Vorschaubild1931, 5 K. Zeppelin postal stationery postcard, picture 29, unused, superbP 103 50,00Bid
5545Vorschaubild1939, 15 K. Red orange postal stationery postcard with additional franking as fieldpost card of the 274. Marksman regiment, 1. Machine gun department the red army, stronger tracesP 147 90,00Bid
5546Vorschaubild1968-75, lot of 83 different mint never hinged souvenir sheets and miniature sheet in the Lindner album with mounts, as well Michel no. 3749-58 in miniature sheet, superb condition **50,00Bid
5547VorschaubildExcept for few values complete mint never hinged collection Soviet Union from 1973-79 in the KA-BE album, superb condition **100,00Bid
5548Vorschaubild1974-91, small duplicate lot almost only complete issues, with ornamental fields, parts of sheets, miniature sheet, almost only superb condition 20,00Bid
LotPhotoSPAINcat. no.Estimate € 
5549Vorschaubild1851, 5 R. Rose, very fine, Michel 280.-75,00Bid
5550Vorschaubild1853, 6 Cs. Carmine rose in the horizontal pair (long pre-separation cut between the stamps) left at the bottom slightly cut into otherwise fresh colors superb17a   *190,00Bid
5551Vorschaubild1854, 2 R. Vermilion, thin white paper, superb, expertized Drahn, Michel 110.-28w 35,00Bid
5552Vorschaubild1873, 20 C. Gray lilac, normal perforation, superb, Michel 150.-123 *40,00Bid
5553Vorschaubild1927, 55 C. On 10 and 20 C. "25. Anniversary the coronation II", 2 superb items, Michel 110.-341/2 30,00Bid
5554Vorschaubild1930, 20 C. "URGENCIA", perforated K 13:12 Âœ, in the mint never hinged block of four from the margin, superb, Michel (160.-)443A   **50,00Bid
5555Vorschaubild1930, "Columbus and the discoverer America I", 50 C. Manufactured slight gum crease, very fine set mint never hinged, Michel 180.-502-17 **50,00Bid
5556Vorschaubild1930, 15, 20 and 30 C. "King Alfonso XII", reverse blue control number, 3 mint never hinged superb items, Michel 92.-565/6,568 **25,00Bid
5557Vorschaubild1937, 10 and 15 C. "famous Spaniards" with violet censorship stamp and oval stamp of the left youth "JUVENTUD DE IZQUIERDA REPUBLICANA / VALLECAS" on illustrated postcard of the Madrilenian Defense committees to Montevideo / Uruguay (arrival postmark), superb636/7 190,00Bid
5558Vorschaubild1938, 1 Pta. "AEREO", rest of hinge, superb713 *80,00Bid
5559Vorschaubild1937, 30 C. "Queen Isabella I", printers mark II, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 70.-773II **20,00Bid
5560Vorschaubild1938, souvenir sheet "historic building monuments", perforated, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 90.-Bl. 9A **30,00Bid
5561Vorschaubild1954, "holy year", mint never hinged, superb, Michel 65.-1025/6 **20,00Bid
5562VorschaubildPostal stationery: 1894, 10 C. + 10 C. Postal stationery postcard from "BARCELONA" to Hamburg and return, superbP 13 70,00Bid
5563Vorschaubild1970-84, complete mint never hinged superb collection Spain in 2 as good as new Lindner hingeless album (some inessential small values only used) **90,00Bid
5564Vorschaubild1961-90, lot almost only first day covers and single stamps, superb, Michel 130.-  no limitBid
5565VorschaubildComplete mint never hinged collection Spain from 1954-72 in the KA-BE album, superb condition **180,00Bid
LotPhotoSPAIN B. BARCELONAcat. no.Estimate € 
5566Vorschaubild1936, "Republic" and "Pattern fair", 2 mint never hinged superb sets, Michel 140.-A13I-V,14-18 **40,00Bid
LotPhotoLOCALS & CARRIERScat. no.Estimate € 
5567Vorschaubild1937, 30 C. Red "lounge you Français Antifascite" in the mint never hinged miniature sheet (4), superb  **no limitBid
5568Vorschaubild1936 / 7, compulsory surtax stamps of the provinces and cities during of the "Spanish civil war", interesting collection from 200 different unused values, superb collection, partly RR! *280,00Bid
LotPhotoTRIEST ZONE Bcat. no.Estimate € 
5569VorschaubildSurtax postage: 1948, 2 L. On 0.50 Din. Dark green / red, rest of hinge, superbZP 1 *50,00Bid
LotPhotoCZECHOSLOVAKIAcat. no.Estimate € 
5570Vorschaubild1978, souvenir sheet "international stamp exhibition", always 2 x perforated and unperforated, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 64.-Bl. 35A/B **no limitBid
5571Vorschaubild1938, fieldpost card from field post office no. 47 with two ring cancel "POLNI POSTA C. 47 / C. S. P. " with violet censorship stamp and blackened place of posting as well fieldpost card from field post office no. 11 with two ring cancel "POLNI POSTA 11" and handwritten censorship mark, superb 35,00Bid
5572Vorschaubild1920, 250, 400 and 2000 H. "numeral", 3 mint never hinged superb itemsP 10/1,14 **30,00Bid
5573Vorschaubild1960-76, part of a collection on pages, numerous duplicates not calculated, Michel 580.-  , *60,00Bid
5574VorschaubildAlmost complete mint never hinged collection Czechoslovakia from 1969-80 in the KA-BE album with many miniature sheet, into the bargain a few miniature sheet to 1984, superb condition **150,00Bid
5575Vorschaubild1919, fieldpost receict for delivery of registered letter from 8. December 1919 with violet three circle cancel of the fieldpost office Vladivostok for an insured letter over 10 Rouble, very fine 80,00Bid
LotPhotoTURKEYcat. no.Estimate € 
5576Vorschaubild1914, 2 Pia. Green / black, rest of hinge, superb, Michel 80.-250 *20,00Bid
5577Vorschaubild1924, 50 - 200 Pia. "peace from Lausanne", rest of hinge, 3 superb items804-06 *90,00Bid
5578Vorschaubild1926, postal stamps, rest of hinge, very fine set, Michel 250.-843-56 *75,00Bid
5579Vorschaubild1929, 2 œ K. And 12 œ K. Postal stamps, rest of hinge, 2 superb items886,889 *no limitBid
5580Vorschaubild1936, "Dardanelles straits contract", very fine set mint never hinged, Michel 100.-1004-09 **30,00Bid
5581Vorschaubild1942 / 3, "various representations", very fine set mint never hinged, Michel 60.-1113-32 **20,00Bid
5582Vorschaubild1954, "Council of Europe" on First Day Cover, superb, Michel 450.-1391-94 120,00Bid
5583Vorschaubild1897, Turkish postal stationery postcard of a Czech soldiers over the post offices Hania and Kehun to Austria, superb, R! 160,00Bid

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