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Closing date: Monday, August 3rd, 2020, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoOLDENBURGcat. no.Estimate € 
450Vorschaubild1861, 1/3 Gr. Moss green, blue two ring cancel "OLDENBURG", repaired like superb in every respect (choice copy), expertized Buehler, Michel (3000.-)10b 300,00Bid
452Vorschaubild1861, ½ Gr. Pale red brown, blue two ring cancel, superb in every respect (choice copy), expertized Brettl, Michel 650.-11a 170,00Bid
453Vorschaubild1861, ½ Gr. Pale red brown, superb, expertized Pfenniger, Michel 650.-11a 150,00Bid
454Vorschaubild1861, ½ Gr. Dark brown, blue rectangle cancel with two lines "WESTERSTEDE", superb, photo expertize Buehler, Michel 650.-11b 160,00Bid
455Vorschaubild1861, 1 Gr. Blue, black rectangle cancel with two lines "BREMEN", superb in every respect (choice copy), expertized including Buehler, Michel (220.-)12a 60,00Bid
456Vorschaubild1861, 1 Gr. Blue, blue rectangle cancel with two lines "sands", right very close margin otherwise superb piece of letter, Michel 220.-12a 45,00Bid
457Vorschaubild1861, 1 Gr. Dull blue, blue two ring cancel "OLDENBURG", superb in every respect (choice copy), expertized Buehler, Michel 320.-12b 100,00Bid
460Vorschaubild1861, 2 Gr. Blackish red orange, superb, expertized Brettl, Michel 550.-13 130,00Bid
461Vorschaubild1861, 2 Gr. Blackish red orange, superb, signed, Michel 550.-13 130,00Bid
465Vorschaubild1861, 3 Gr. Gray yellow, blue rectangle cancel with two lines "NEUENBURG"! 2 small on the back thins, on face superb in every respect (choice copy), Michel 550.-14 100,00Bid
467VorschaubildSmall lot of 13 values (among others 7, 11 a, 11 b, ´und 13) and 2 covers, slightly mixed condition, Michel more then 4000.-  300,00Bid
LotPhotoPRUSSIA PRE PHILATELYcat. no.Estimate € 
469Vorschaubild1770, GrenzĂĽbergangsbrief from Wroclaw to Belgium with "Franco Wesel" and rate marking "7" to Verviers, superb 100,00Bid
470Vorschaubild"CITO" letter (1783) from Wroclaw to Wansen, superb 20,00Bid
472Vorschaubild"FRIEDRICHSBRUCH" with various rate markings and Cash on Delivery, superb cover to Konitz 30,00Bid
473Vorschaubild1839, carter's letter from "Cologne" with single circle postmark "STEUER office LIPPSTADT" and "GĂśTERSLOH" to Rheda, superb 50,00Bid
474Vorschaubild"SCHLOCHAU", two ring cancel, 2 superb letters from 1846 and 1848 20,00Bid
LotPhotoPRUSSIA STAMPSLES LETTERScat. no.Estimate € 
475Vorschaubild"BRUSS" on "postal service certificate" (1867), inside crown post horn postmark "BRUSS", superb 20,00Bid
476Vorschaubild"CZERSK", straight-line cancel! On cover with two-line cancel "KONITZ", superb, R! 40,00Bid
477Vorschaubild"CZERSK", 9 documents, with also 2 "post insinuation documents" with red crown post horn postmark, very fine / superb 90,00Bid
478Vorschaubild"FRIEDRICHSBRUCH", 4 different documents to 1861, mostly superb 50,00Bid
479Vorschaubild"Hammer stone", two-line cancel and rectangle cancel with two lines on cover, superb 20,00Bid
480Vorschaubild"KONARZYN", rectangle cancel with two lines on "Postal service-Insinuations-document" (1864) to Konitz, inside crown post horn postmark, superb 30,00Bid
481Vorschaubild"RITTEL", two ring cancel, 3 various covers (1853-77), as well 2 various crown post horn postmark, superb 50,00Bid
482Vorschaubild"SCHWEIDNITZ railway station", two ring cancel on cover (1851) with content to Rheims / Champagne, red two ring cancel "prussian REGISTERED", reverse a number of on route passing cancellation, very fine 150,00Bid
LotPhotoPRUSSIAcat. no.Estimate € 
483Vorschaubild1856, ½ Sgr. Red orange and 4 Pf. Green, 2 superb items, Michel 160.-1,5a 45,00Bid
484Vorschaubild1850, 1 Sgr. Black on rose in the horizontal pair and always 2 x 2 and 3 Sgr., superb in every respect (choice copy)2a   ,3/4 50,00Bid
485Vorschaubild1851, 1 Sgr. Red carmine, number postmark "1663", superb, signed H. K., Michel 600.-2c 150,00Bid
486Vorschaubild1856, 4 Pf. Green, superb in every respect (choice copy), Michel 90.-5a 30,00Bid
487Vorschaubild1857, 1 Sgr. Rose, thin paper, number postmark "280", superb, Michel 140.-6ax 45,00Bid
488Vorschaubild1858 / 9, 1 Sgr. Carmine rose and 3 Sgr. Yellow orange, rectangle cancel with two lines "HALBERSTADT" and "HALBERSTADT railway station", 2 superb pieces of letter10b   ,12a 30,00Bid
489Vorschaubild1859, ½ Sgr. Red orange, unwatermarked, partly enormous margins, superb in every respect (choice copy), Michel (200.-)13a 75,00Bid
491Vorschaubild1867, 1 Sgr. Rose as additional franking on 1 Sgr. Postal stationery cover, three lines frame cancel "SEEHAUSEN ALTM. Railway station", special delivery cover to Lindau by Zerbst, stronger traces of usage, fine16,U 26A 35,00Bid
493Vorschaubild1861, 1 Sgr. Rose in the horizontal pair on 1 Sgr. Postal stationery cover, rectangle cancel with two lines "WERNINGERODE", superb16a   ,U 26A 25,00Bid
494Vorschaubild1867, 3 Pf. Red violet, Tu T stamp "OHRDRUF", superb, signed, Michel 350.-19b 110,00Bid
496Vorschaubild1867, 1 Kr. Emerald green, superb, 60.-22 20,00Bid
497Vorschaubild1867, 2 Kr. Orange, centered Tu T stamp "RUNKEL", superb23 40,00Bid
498Vorschaubild1867, 9 Kr. Yellowish brown, centered Tu T two ring cancel "RUDOLSTADT", superb26a 20,00Bid
499Vorschaubild1862, 2 Sgr. Pale ultramarine, square with 1 Sgr. Rose on letter piece with three lines frame cancel "BERLIN", superb, Michel 120.-GAA 16b 20,00Bid
500Vorschaubild"1008" (NEUENRADE) on 2 Sgr. On blue, superb, expertized Kastaun20,00Bid

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