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Closing date: Monday, December 9th, 2019, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoSWITZERLANDcat. no.Estimate € 
4477Vorschaubild1854, 5 Rp gray brown, Bern printing I, (Zst. 22 Bb), in the horizontal, mostly having full margins pair on cover from Ebnat to stone, superb13IIAym    220,00Bid
4478Vorschaubild1856, 5 Rp brown, black silk thread, Bern printing II, (Zst. 22 D), lower margin copy, large margins all around, centered two ring cancel "ALTST√ĄDTEN", superb in every respect (choice copy)13IIBys 50,00Bid
4479Vorschaubild1856, 5 Rp brown, black silk thread, Bern printing II, (Zst. 22 D), large margins all around, superb13IIBys 30,00Bid
4480Vorschaubild1858, 5 Rp gray brown, Bern printing III, (Zst. 22 G), diagonally straight-line cancel, on all sides good to large margins all round, superb in every respect (choice copy)13IIBym 30,00Bid
4481Vorschaubild1858, 5 Rp gray brown, Bern printing III, (Zst. 22 G), centered single circle postmark "St. Gallen", good to large margins all round, superb13IIBym 25,00Bid
4482Vorschaubild1859, 5 Rp gray brown (on all sides full margins) with 15 Rp rose (three sided full margins), Bern printing III, (Zst. 22 / 24 G), on large-sized cash on delivery envelope with one-line cancel "KRUMMENAU" to St. Johann, superb13/15IIBym 100,00Bid
4483Vorschaubild1855, 10 Rp blue, Bern printing I, (Zst. 23 B), in the vertical pair and with enormous margins single stamp on Charg√©-cover from "LAUSANNE" to Ch√Ęteau-d`Oex, superb, photo expertize Berra Gautschy14IIAym 260,00Bid
4484Vorschaubild1857, 10 Rp blue, red silk thread, Bern printing II, (Zst. 23 Cd), with printing variety "missing printing in the right margin", two ring cancel "ORBE", lower right cut in otherwise having bright colors having full margins superb item, photo expertize Hermann14IIByo 40,00Bid
4485Vorschaubild1856, 10 Rp greenish-blue, silk paper, Bern printing II, (Zst. 23 E), left touched, corner crease traces otherwise fresh colors superb, photo expertize Hermann, Michel 400.-14IIBzo 90,00Bid
4486Vorschaubild1859, 10 Rp bright blue, Bern printing III, (Zst. 23 G), 15 superb items in minor shade14IIBym 80,00Bid
4487Vorschaubild1859, 10 Rp bright blue, Bern printing III, (Zst. 23 G), 10 superb items in minor shade14IIBym 60,00Bid
4488Vorschaubild1859, 10 Rp bright blue, Bern printing III, (Zst. 23 G), single circle postmark "WINTERTHUR", large margins all around, superb in every respect (choice copy)14IIBym 35,00Bid
4489Vorschaubild1859, 10 Rp bright blue, Bern printing III, (Zst. 23 G), two ring cancel "ADLISCHWEIL", large margins all around, superb in every respect (choice copy)14IIBym 25,00Bid
4490Vorschaubild1859, 10 Rp bright blue, Bern printing III, (Zst. 23 G), one-line cancel "SIBNEN", superb14IIBym 20,00Bid
4491Vorschaubild1854, 15 Rp light purple carmine, 2. Munich printing, (Zst. 24 Old German States), blue lozenge, horizontal crease otherwise large margins all around superb, expertized abbot15Ib 50,00Bid
4492Vorschaubild1857, 15 Rp rose, blue silk thread, Bern printing II, (Zst. 24 D), perfect centered single circle postmark "THALWEIL", good to large margins all round superb in every respect (choice copy)15IIByp 50,00Bid
4493Vorschaubild1857, 15 Rp rose, blue silk thread, Bern printing II, (Zst. 24 D), one-line cancel "BALLWYL", at the bottom cut in otherwise superb with wide margins, expertized Hermann with attest15IIByp 40,00Bid
4494Vorschaubild1857, 15 Rp rose, Bern printing III, (Zst. 24 G), single circle postmark "THALWEIL", superb15IIBym 25,00Bid
4495Vorschaubild1854, 20 Rp yellow orange, Bern printing I, (Zst. 25 Bc), large margins all around, small thin otherwise superb16IIAym 70,00Bid
4496Vorschaubild1862, mixed franking: 2 Rp grey with 5 Rp and 3 C. On large letter piece with postmarks "TROGEN", very fine, scarce combination! R!13,19,21 1.000,00Bid
4497Vorschaubild1863, 40 C. Green, single circle postmark "St. Gallen", superb piece of letter26 20,00Bid
4498Vorschaubild1863, 60 C. Reddish bronze, normal perforation, superb, Michel 160.-27 40,00Bid
4499Vorschaubild1863, 1 Fr. Ormolu (yellowish), very fine (small perforation faults), Michel 420.-28a 90,00Bid
4500Vorschaubild1864, 1 Fr. Gold, superb, Michel 100.-28c 30,00Bid
4501Vorschaubild1867, 2 C. Red-brown, superb, Michel 240.-29b 75,00Bid
4502Vorschaubild1878, 40 C. Grey with variety "control mark extremely weak engraved", stamp "RORSCHACH", superb, photo expertize Hermann, Michel 120.-34 55,00Bid
4503Vorschaubild1881, 25 C. Green, granite paper, superb, expertized Hermann with attest, Michel 100.-41 30,00Bid
4504Vorschaubild1881, 1 Fr. Gold, granite paper, centered stamp "ZUG", photo expertize Marchand: "the stamp shows deep rich colors and neat cancelled. Open watermark and reperforated otherwise without flaws", Michel 1100.-44 250,00Bid
4505Vorschaubild1882, 5 C. Lilac brown, superb, Michel 120.-46 40,00Bid
4506Vorschaubild1882, 5 C. Lilac brown on 5 C. Black postal stationery postcard to W√ľrzburg, superb46 70,00Bid
4507Vorschaubild1882, 12 C. Bright ultramarin, rest of hinge, normal perforation, superb, Michel 240.-48 *70,00Bid
4508Vorschaubild1902, 10 C. red on artist picture postcard from Geneva to Gotha, superb54 no limitBid
4509Vorschaubild1882, 20 C. Orange, perforated K 11 ¬Ĺ:11 (Zst. 66 D), rest of hinge, superb, expertized Marchand, Michel 160.-58C *50,00Bid
4510Vorschaubild1882, 25 C. Green, control mark X, perforated K 11 ¬Ĺ:11, (Zst. 67 C) rest of hinge, as usual perforated superb, expertized Marchand, Michel 300.-59XC *75,00Bid
4511Vorschaubild1882, 50 C. Blue, perforated K 9 3 / 4:9 ¬ľ, very fine (as usual perforation), Michel 380.-62B 90,00Bid
4512Vorschaubild1905, 40 C. Grey, perforated K 11 ¬Ĺ:11, superb, Michel 190.-77C 65,00Bid
4513Vorschaubild1905, 3 Fr. Yellow brown, perforated K 11 ¬Ĺ:12, small thin, very fine, Michel 350.-80D 80,00Bid
4514Vorschaubild1908, "seated Helvetia", smooth gum, very fine set mint never hinged, Michel 1300.-101-10x **450,00Bid
4515Vorschaubild1940, 50 and 60 C. "seated Helvetia", chalky paper, smooth gum, wavy-line cancel, very fine, Michel 210.-107y,140y 30,00Bid
4516Vorschaubild1908, 3 Fr. Blackish gray yellow / dull yellow, rest of hinge, gum a little billowy, superb, Michel 320.-110 *80,00Bid
4517Vorschaubild1909, 15 C. Violet purple with variety "colour spot to the hair under L in Helvetia", rest of hinge, very fine (one short perf), Michel - .!116I *30,00Bid
4518Vorschaubild12.1.1923, 1 C. On 2 C. And 2 ¬Ĺ C. "Tell boy" on domestic letter with special cancel the Peace conference from Lausanne from 12.1.1923, superb (tab is absent)124,136 30,00Bid
4519Vorschaubild1915, "Pro Juventute", mint never hinged, superb, Michel 260.-128/9 **90,00Bid
4520Vorschaubild1915, "Pro Juventute", superb, Michel 110.-128/9 35,00Bid
4521Vorschaubild1915, 10 C. "Pro Juventute", rest of hinge, superb, Michel 100.-129 *30,00Bid
4522Vorschaubild1915, 10 C. "Pro Juventute", superb, Michel 100.-129 30,00Bid
4523Vorschaubild1916, 10 C. "Pro Juventute", superb, Michel 90.-132 30,00Bid
4524Vorschaubild1917, "Pro Juventute", mint never hinged, very fine set, Michel 100.-133-35 **35,00Bid
4525Vorschaubild1917, 10 C. "Pro Juventute", mint never hinged, superb, Michel 60.-135 **20,00Bid
4526Vorschaubild1918, "Pro Juventute", mint never hinged, superb, Michel 60.-143/4 **20,00Bid

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