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Closing date: Monday, August 5th, 2019, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoS. H. ARMY POSTAL SERVICEcat. no.Estimate € 
396Vorschaubild1850, cover from Kiel to heather with two ring cancel "railway station KIELER ZI", handwritten "Militariapost", reverse complete varnish seal "AUDITORIAT the 2 TER S. H. Infantry brigade", superb 90,00Bid
397VorschaubildFront of cover from "KIEL" (single circle cancel) to Oldesloe, inverted seal "Lazareth commission Kiel", superb 60,00Bid
398Vorschaubild1843, "GROSSBREITENBACH", single circle postmark in red on cover to Elberfeld, very fine, expertized Dr. Haferkamp 50,00Bid
LotPhotoTHURN AND TAXIScat. no.Estimate € 
399Vorschaubild1854, ┬╝ Sgr. Black on dark orange in the horizontal pair and single stamp with right margin on piece, number postmark "221", as usual error in cutting60,00Bid
400Vorschaubild1852, 1 Sgr. Black on blue, on all sides good to large margins all round, extremely fine copy with blue single circle postmark "ALTERSHAUSEN" on cover to Ebersdorf200,00Bid
401Vorschaubild1852, 1 Kr. Black on olive gray in the strip of four with number postmark "157", full to having huge margins, very fine7a 65,00Bid
402Vorschaubild1859, ┬╝ Sgr. Reddish orange (except for one corner full margins) with upper right corner of the sheet 1 Sgr. Blue (touched) on piece with number postmark "231", superb13,15 45,00Bid
403Vorschaubild1861, ┬Ż Sgr. Green in the vertical pair and ┬╝ Sgr. Reddish orange on superb cover from "BUTTSTAEDT" to WEIMAR13,14    200,00Bid
404Vorschaubild1864, 1 Kr. Green in the vertical pair (lower stamp large margins all around), with number postmark "389" (LAUSCHA), reverse "NEUHAUS A. R. " and "OBERWEISSBACH" on cover, superb20    75,00Bid
405Vorschaubild1859, 15 Kr. Brown purple, except for one corner good to large margins all round, expertized angel, Michel 120.-24 35,00Bid
406Vorschaubild1859, 30 Kr. Orange, number postmark "275", two-sided touched lightly otherwise superb, expertized Helbig, Michel 320.-25 80,00Bid
407Vorschaubild1862, 1/3 Sgr. Green, single circle postmark "BREMEN does", good to large margins all round, superb, signed H. K.27 120,00Bid
408Vorschaubild1862, ┬Ż Sgr. Orange, number postmark "20" (FRIELENDORF), on all sides good to large margins all round, superb in every respect piece of letter28 40,00Bid
409Vorschaubild1865, 1/3 Sgr. Dark yellow green block of four, rest of hinge, 2 values mint never hinged, superb36  *, **40,00Bid
410Vorschaubild1865, 1/3 Sgr. Dark yellowish green, single circle postmark "BREMEN does", superb in every respect (choice copy), signed H. K.36 100,00Bid
411Vorschaubild1865, 2 Sgr. Pale blue with number postmark "201" (BREMEN does) on cover to Detmold, superb39 80,00Bid
412Vorschaubild1865, 6 Kr. Pale blue, 2 x on letter from "FRANKFURT" to France, superb, expertized Pfenniger and Grobe43 60,00Bid
413Vorschaubild1865, 6 Kr. Pale blue, type IA, in the horizontal pair, three ring postmark "220", superb piece of letter43IA   35,00Bid
LotPhotoTHURN AND TAXIS NUMBER STAMPcat. no.Estimate € 
414Vorschaubild"55" (OBERNKIRCHEN) in blue on not perfect letter to Cassel with ┬╝ and 2 Sgr., very fine26,30 200,00Bid
415Vorschaubild"164" (W├ľRRSTADT) on 1 Kr. Yellowish green in the vertical superb pair on front of cover (Tesafilm grease stain)51a    70,00Bid
416Vorschaubild"315" (REICHENSACHSEN) on small letter with vertical pair 1 Sgr. Carmine red to Berlin, very fine38    80,00Bid
417Vorschaubild"ELGERSBURG", two ring cancel, on piece with 1 Gr. Red carmine, very fineDR 19 no limitBid
418Vorschaubild"HERLESHAUSEN" on 5 Gr. Ochre-brown, as usual perforated superb, expertized HenniesDR 6 40,00Bid
419Vorschaubild21 values with different still used postmarks on breast shield stamps, mostly superbDR   120,00Bid
420VorschaubildOld part of a collection Thurn and Taxis from 63 values in mixed condition  ,*90,00Bid
421Vorschaubild"DE KIRCHBERG at the JAGST", two-line cancel on sorrow letter cover (not quite complete), superb, RR! 70,00Bid
LotPhotoWUERTTEMBERGcat. no.Estimate € 
423Vorschaubild1851, 1 Kr. Black on medium gray yellow silk paper, lower left corner slightly closely otherwise superb, expertized Heinrich, Michel 300.-1yb 75,00Bid
424Vorschaubild1851, 3 Kr. Black on pale yellow, full margins, a number of rest of hinge, superb, Michel 90.-2 *25,00Bid
425Vorschaubild1851, 3 Kr. Black on dark yellow, type II, two-line cancel "NAGOLD", superb in every respect piece of letter, expertized Heinrich2d 30,00Bid
426Vorschaubild1851, 6 Kr. Black on green, type I, segment cancel "BIBERACH", superb piece of letter, Michel 110.-3aI 35,00Bid
427Vorschaubild1851, 6 Kr. Yellowish green silk paper, superb, expertized Heinrich, Michel 110.-3y 35,00Bid
428Vorschaubild1851, 9 Kr. Black on dark rose, trace of crease otherwise fresh colors, superb, expertized Heinrich, Michel 300.-4c 75,00Bid
429Vorschaubild1851, 18 Kr. Black on violet gray, type I, large margins all around on small letter piece, two ring cancel "STUTTGART", superb in every respect (choice copy), R! Photo expertize Thoma5I 400,00Bid
430Vorschaubild1858, 6 Kr. Yellowish green and 18 Kr. Pale blue, always two-sided with wide margins, together on a decorative letter piece with perfect stirrup cancel "GAILDORF", connoisseurs piece!8a,10a 750,00Bid
431Vorschaubild1857, 6 Kr. Bilious green, segment cancel "GAILDORF", right slightly cut into, very fine, expertized Irtenkauf, Michel 250.-8b 60,00Bid
432Vorschaubild1859, 3 Kr. Yellow orange, centered two ring cancel "PFALZGRAFENWEILER", large parts of original gum, superb12 no limitBid
433Vorschaubild1859, 6 Kr. Dark green, lower margin copy, having bright colors superb item, photo expertize Irtenkauf13b 150,00Bid
436Vorschaubild1862, 9 Kr. Lilac red, two ring cancel "HEILBRONN", superb, expertized Thoma, Michel 900.-24 270,00Bid
437Vorschaubild1863, 1 Kr. Dark green, three circle cancel "HOHENHEIM", normal perforation superb, Michel 120.-25b 35,00Bid
439Vorschaubild1863, 9 Kr. Black brown, three circle cancel "NEUENBURG", as usual perforated, superb piece of letter, signed, Michel 220.-28d 50,00Bid
441Vorschaubild1867, 18 Kr. Orange yellow, single circle postmark "CANNSTATT", superb piece of letter, expertized including Drahn, Michel (1000.-)34 350,00Bid
442Vorschaubild1868, 7 Kr. Blue, superb, Michel 160.-35a 45,00Bid
443Vorschaubild1869, 2 Kr. Dull orange, superb, Michel 170.-37a 50,00Bid
444Vorschaubild1869, 2 Kr. Dull orange, three circle cancel "GOEPPINGEN", superb, expertized Irtenkauf, Michel 170.-37a 50,00Bid
445Vorschaubild1874, 1 Kr. Yellow green, rest of hinge, superb, Michel 140.-43 *45,00Bid
446Vorschaubild1875, 2 M. Yellow orange, reverse a little blotched otherwise superb, Michel 340.-50 90,00Bid

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