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Closing date: Monday, January 27th, 2020, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoS. H. ARMY POSTAL SERVICEcat. no.Estimate € 
410Vorschaubild1809, handwritten postal service delivery certificate of the fieldpost office Itzehoe over a cover to heather, very fine 50,00Bid
411Vorschaubild1814, letter with seal with content from Kiel to Husum, complete varnish seal "royally: / to the Besitzn: the / to r√§umenden Duchy. : and so on. / arranged / commission", superb 90,00Bid
412Vorschaubild1815, K. D. S. From Rendsburg to a dragoon to Itzehoe, on the back varnish seal, superb 50,00Bid
413Vorschaubild1849, letter from "KIEL" (single circle cancel) to Wilster, handwritten "military", reverse complete varnish seal from "Schlesw: Holstein III Reserve. Inf. Bat II Comp", superb 70,00Bid
414Vorschaubild1851, two ring cancel "railway station KIELER Z1" and "M. D. S. " of the Chief Curator of the Holstein Troops" (complete varnish seal), superb cover to Oldenburg 120,00Bid
415VorschaubildK. D. S. From cavalry detachment on Fehmarn, file fold, superb 30,00Bid
416Vorschaubild1846, carter's letter from "FRANKFURT" to Schweigern by Heilbronn, superb no limitBid
417Vorschaubild1843, "GROSSBREITENBACH", single circle postmark in red on cover to Elberfeld, very fine, expertized Dr. Haferkamp 50,00Bid
LotPhotoTHURN AND TAXIScat. no.Estimate € 
418Vorschaubild1851, 3 Kr. Black on pale yellow, full margins, a number of rest of hinge, superb, Michel 90.-2 *25,00Bid
419Vorschaubild1852, 1 Sgr. Black on blue, on all sides good to large margins all round, extremely fine copy with blue single circle postmark "ALTERSHAUSEN" on cover to Ebersdorf200,00Bid
420Vorschaubild1861, ¬ľ Sgr. Reddish orange, number postmark "231", full to having huge margins, superb13 25,00Bid
421Vorschaubild1859, ¬Ĺ Sgr. Green, number postmark "24" (GELNHAUSEN), large margins all around, superb piece of letter14 40,00Bid
422Vorschaubild1861, 6 Kr. Dark rose red, two-sided slightly touched superb item on letter from Mainz to Carlsruhe22IA 35,00Bid
423Vorschaubild1859, 30 Kr. Orange, number postmark "220", top right minimal affects otherwise on all sides full margins, superb, Michel (320.-)25 90,00Bid
424Vorschaubild1862, 1/3 Sgr. Green, single circle postmark "BREMEN Tu T", good to large margins all round, superb, signed H. K.27 120,00Bid
425Vorschaubild1862, 3 Kr. Carmine red, single circle postmark "FRANKFURT a / M. Railway station", enormous margins on all sides with parts from 6 neighbors, superb in every respect (choice copy)32 20,00Bid
426Vorschaubild1865, ¬ľ Sgr. Black in the mint never hinged block of twelve on d. Right lower corner of the sheet, superb35 **180,00Bid
427Vorschaubild1865, 1/3 Sgr. Dark yellowish green, single circle postmark "BREMEN Tu T", superb in every respect (choice copy), signed H. K.36 100,00Bid
428Vorschaubild1865, 2 Sgr. Pale blue, two ring cancel "GROSSBREITENBACH", slight trace of crease otherwise superb piece of letter39 30,00Bid
429Vorschaubild1863, 3 Kr. Carmine red with number postmark "220" (FRANKFURT railway station) to Mannheim, superb cover42 20,00Bid

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