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Closing date: Monday, August 5th, 2019, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoGERMAN. BES. II. WW RUSSIA LJADYcat. no.Estimate € 
2449Vorschaubild1941, 60 Kop. On 1 Pf. Black, overprint black violet, right margin copy, superb, RR! Photo expertize Zirath, Michel (6000.-)1b 1.600,00Bid
LotPhotoGERMAN. BES. II. WW SERBIAcat. no.Estimate € 
2450Vorschaubild1941, souvenir sheet "Semendria", unperforated, with variety "color point right at the 4", rest of hinge in the margin, stamps mint never hinged, superb, Michel 600.-Bl. 2I *180,00Bid
2451Vorschaubild1941, "prisoners of war", tips downward, very fine set mint never hinged (4 values), Michel 120.-54-57AI **40,00Bid
2452Vorschaubild1941, 0.50 D. "prisoners of war", tips downward, in combination of four with no. 54 II and AI, mint never hinged, superb54AIII,AIV **240,00Bid
2453Vorschaubild1941, 1 - 4 D. "prisoners of war", tips downward, always in combination of four with no. II and AI, mint never hinged, superb55-57AIII,AIV **90,00Bid
2454Vorschaubild1942, 7 Din. "monasteries" with at the bottom attached blank field, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 400.-79L **140,00Bid
2455Vorschaubild1943, souvenir sheet "war invalids" with variety "triangular colour spot in the middle of the right coat half in Michel no. 93", normal gum, mint never hinged, superb, photo expertize Krischke, Michel 1000.-Bl. 4III **300,00Bid
LotPhotoGERMAN. OCC. II. WW ALEXANDERSTADTcat. no.Estimate € 
2456Vorschaubild1942, 1.50 R. On 30 K. Dark violet ultramarine, type III, superb piece of letter, photo expertize Pickenpack, Michel 600.-7III 180,00Bid
2457Vorschaubild1942, 3 Rbl. On 1 Rbl. Dark blue, watermark meander pattern, on piece (stamp as a check soaked off and with hinge mounted), superb, expertized wild boar and photo expertize Zirath, Michel 2400.-12Y 700,00Bid
2458VorschaubildMainly cancelled collection Bes. Geb. II from 1939-45, including with Alsace, Courland, Lorraine, Luxembourg, Ostland, Ukraine and so on, almost only superb condition, Michel 1350.-  ,**, *220,00Bid
2459VorschaubildDouble collected collection Bes. Geb. II including Bohemia and Moravia and Generalgouvernement, almost only superb condition, inspect!  ,*,**450,00Bid
2460Vorschaubild1940 / 1, collection Bes. Geb. II with Alsace, Lorraine and Luxembourg, almost only centric cancellation on letter pieces, superb, Michel 149.-  35,00Bid
LotPhotoFIELDPOST STAMPScat. no.Estimate € 
2461Vorschaubild1942, "fieldpost small parcel", perforated, in the vertical pair with -. 40 Pfg. Franking on package cut from "PLAU", very fine2A 70,00Bid
2462Vorschaubild1944, "army postal service 2 kg" on address label of a fieldpost small parcel with sender adress and recipient statements, hand-roller cancel "hamlet", good legitimate condition, detailed photo expertize MĂĽller, Michel 7500.-1.800,00Bid
2463Vorschaubild1942 / 3, 3 air fieldpost covers with different Reference stamp H / F42 35,00Bid
2464Vorschaubild1936, military registered cover from troop exercises place Hay mountain with appropriate registered label and green one-line cancel "free by exemption providing franking privilege Reich" and green letter cancel "8. Company / Inf. Regiment Heilbronn", superb 180,00Bid
2465Vorschaubild1938, "urgent armed forces thing" from Vienna with the Request of the pain circles commands Vienna to the Pain detection, superb 80,00Bid
2466Vorschaubild1939, notification card over allocation the fieldpost number, stamp "DĂ–BERITZ training area", punched otherwise superb postcard 20,00Bid
2467Vorschaubild1940 / 5, armament SS medical corps organisation, infirmaries: 9 various fieldpost documents from Lazaretten including "the empire leader SS / SS military hospital" Berlin-Lichterfelde, Vienna, Minsk / Ostland, Graz. . . As well black rolls three straight line cancel "RELEASED CCD GROUP A", almost only superb 130,00Bid
2468Vorschaubild1940 / 5, fieldpost letter with eagle stamp "Fog teaching department" (rocket launcher Inventor), in addition to it registered cover "offical postal service adriatic" with rocket launcher stamp Michel no. 884, 2 superb documents 40,00Bid

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