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Closing date: Monday, March 25th, 2024, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

1766Vorschaubild"KUBAS", 4.2.01, centered on 3 Pf. In the block of four from of the upper right corner of the sheet, superb5b    40,00Bid
1767Vorschaubild"LUeDERITZBUCHT *a", 8.11.11, on cover with 4 time 10 Pf. As multiple franking to Austria, on the back seal stamp "Catholic mission St. Petrus and Paulus", very fine (traces of usage), R!13 30,00Bid
1768Vorschaubild"LUeDERITZBUCHT" with large auxiliary year date "05" on 5 Pf., very fine, R!12 100,00Bid
1770Vorschaubild"OKAHANDJA", 25.11.12, on picture postcard (Firm Okahandja with Emperor Wilhelmsberg), with 5 Pf. To Germany, superb25 20,00Bid
1771Vorschaubild"OKASISE" on 10 Pf. Carmine red, superb26 30,00Bid
1772Vorschaubild"OMARURU", 23.6.06, picture postcard with 5 Pf. To Niederschoenhausen, superb12 20,00Bid
1773Vorschaubild"ONGUATI", 27.2.10, on vertical strip of three 10 Pf., superb piece of letter, signed26 90,00Bid
1774Vorschaubild"OTJIHAWERA", 17.7.08, on cover to Berlin, with 25 and 5 Pf., superb15,25 75,00Bid
1775Vorschaubild"OTJIMBINGUE", 7.7.00, on registered cover with 10 and 20 Pf. To Altkirch, superb7a,8 60,00Bid
1776Vorschaubild"Otjiwarongo", 2.9.06, in round writing on cover (vertical folded) with 10 Pf. To Omaruru, very fine13 50,00Bid
1777Vorschaubild"RAMANSDRIFT", 21.6. (1906), without year date! On fieldpost card to Doebeln, superb 60,00Bid
1778Vorschaubild"RAMANSDRIFT", 26.4.00, on cover with 10 Pf. Single franking to Windhoek, superb, R! Signed7a 30,00Bid
1779Vorschaubild"REHOBOTH", 16.10.00, on cover with 20 and 10 Pf. To Berlin, superb, signed Friedemann4,7a 40,00Bid
1780Vorschaubild"REHOBOTH", 16.10.01, on cover with 40 Pf. Single franking to Darmstadt, letter mailing defects, stamp superb17 25,00Bid
1781Vorschaubild"RICHTHOFEN" on 10 Pf., superb26 20,00Bid
1782Vorschaubild"SEEIS", 13.8.01, on cover with 10 Pf. To Windhoek, superb, signed Friedemann7a 40,00Bid
1783Vorschaubild"SWAKOPMUND", 1.10.06, postal matter with back paper seal to Jakalswater, late use of the stamp, very fine 30,00Bid
1784Vorschaubild"WALDAU" (without segment) on 5 Pf., very fine12 20,00Bid

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