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Closing date: Monday, August 3rd, 2020, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoRUANDA-URUNDIcat. no.Estimate € 
5558Vorschaubild1930, "charity" in block of four, very fine set mint never hinged34-42   **200,00Bid
LotPhotoSALVADORcat. no.Estimate € 
5559Vorschaubild1897, 3 various Commemorative stamps the "REPUBLIKA MAYOR DE CENTRO AMERICA ESTADO DE EL salvador", rest of hinge, superb *no limitBid
LotPhotoSAINT HELENA ISLANDcat. no.Estimate € 
5560Vorschaubild1989-92, complete with parallel editions Ascension and Tristan de Cunha 1990, almost only on Lindner album pages, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 270.90495-587 **70,00Bid
LotPhotoST. PIERRE AND MIQUELONcat. no.Estimate € 
5561Vorschaubild1970, "historic personalities", very fine set mint never hinged, Michel 110.-461-63 **30,00Bid
LotPhotoZANZIBAR cat. no.Estimate € 
5562Vorschaubild1964, 5 C. 1 Sh. Postage due stamps with overprint "JAMHURI 1964", very fine set mint never hingedP25-30 **no limitBid
5563Vorschaubild1944-67, rather complete lot, superb**,*20,00Bid
LotPhotoSAO TOM┬ÉE AND PRINCIPEcat. no.Estimate € 
5564Vorschaubild1983, "birds" in the sheet set, superb, Michel (954.-)879-900 90,00Bid
5565Vorschaubild1992, "fauna and Flora" in the sheetlet set (18), stamps superb, Michel 720.-1330-33KB 90,00Bid
5566Vorschaubild1988-92, lot different issues and souvenir sheets, superb, Michel 321.- 55,00Bid
5567Vorschaubild1977-87, extensive lot different complete issues and souvenir sheets, superb 40,00Bid
LotPhotoSENEGAL cat. no.Estimate € 
5568Vorschaubild1914-42, mint never hinged lot with many parts of sheets, almost only superb condition **50,00Bid
LotPhotoSINGAPORE cat. no.Estimate € 
5569Vorschaubild1954, 10 C. "King George VI" with single circle postmark "FORCES P. O. / date / SINGAPORE" on fieldpost letter from the large head quarters of the British militaries in Singapore to London, very fine40,00Bid
LotPhotoCAPE OF GOOD HOPE cat. no.Estimate € 
5570Vorschaubild1900, picture postcard to Berlin from the British steamer "MEXICAN", the to a Collision at the 5.4.1900 before Capetown sank, L4 "from the with the sunk steamer "Mexican" transported post from Capstadt railway mail No. 15", with attaching seal: "K├ľN. PR. Ministry of the of the interior secret chancery", the demaged card reached Berlin at the 30.4.1900, RR!41 450,00Bid
LotPhotoORANJEFREISTAATcat. no.Estimate € 
5571VorschaubildSmall lot of 68 values, mostly superb condition  ,*40,00Bid
LotPhotoTRANSVAAL cat. no.Estimate € 
5572Vorschaubild1895 / 6, "carriage with a drawbar", very fine set mint never hinged35-43II **30,00Bid
LotPhotoSOUTH AFRICA FROM 1910cat. no.Estimate € 
5573Vorschaubild1916, prisoner of war letter from "PIETERMARITZBURG" with various censorship stamp and blanking plate to the Red Cross in Geneva (four-lines entrance stamp), very fine2,3    50,00Bid
5574Vorschaubild1927, 2 - 4 P. "country subjects", 3 horizontal pairs, always a value mint never hinged, superb29-34A *,**25,00Bid
LotPhotoSURINAMcat. no.Estimate € 
5575Vorschaubild1927 / 8, "green cross" and "van Heemstra foundation", 2 mint never hinged superb sets133-35,143-46 **20,00Bid
LotPhotoSYRIAcat. no.Estimate € 
5576Vorschaubild1924, "olympic games", overprint "SYRIE", rest of hinge, as usual perforated very fine set, Michel 220.-227-30 *70,00Bid
5577Vorschaubild1942, "proclamation of the independence", very fine set mint never hinged456-61A **20,00Bid
5578Vorschaubild1958, souvenir sheet "fair Damascus", mint never hinged, superb Michel 120.-Bl. VI **40,00Bid
5579Vorschaubild1958-63, small mint never hinged lot different issues, superb Michel 100.- **no limitBid
LotPhotoTAJIKISTANcat. no.Estimate € 
5580Vorschaubild1993, "independence" in miniature sheet (30 respectively 50), superb, Michel 208.-15-21KB 25,00Bid
LotPhotoTANGANYIKAcat. no.Estimate € 
5581Vorschaubild1961 / 2, Michel no. 98-113 and D 1-8 mint never hinged complete, superb **no limitBid
LotPhotoTANGIER FRENCH POSTcat. no.Estimate € 
5582Vorschaubild1929, "flood victim", with at the bottom adhesive Footpaths, very fine set mint never hinged19-28 **35,00Bid
5583Vorschaubild1929, "flood victim", very fine set mint never hinged19-28 **30,00Bid
LotPhotoTANZANIA cat. no.Estimate € 
5584Vorschaubild1985-87, 8 various complete issues in miniature sheet with the belonging souvenir sheets, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 135.- **35,00Bid
5585Vorschaubild1964-77, lot different issues, among others Michel no. 1-48 complete, in addition to it also various issues used, superb condition **50,00Bid
LotPhotoTASMANIAcat. no.Estimate € 
5586VorschaubildApproximate. 1920, "stamps series", unused card, superb no limitBid
LotPhotoTOGO (INDEPENDENT COUNTRY)cat. no.Estimate € 
5587Vorschaubild1965, "friendship", unperforated, very fine set mint never hinged452-456B **30,00Bid
5588Vorschaubild1965, "International Telecommunication Union", unperforated very fine set mint never hinged457-61B **25,00Bid
5589Vorschaubild1957-68, interesting part of a collection, almost complete, as well among others Michel no. 385-406, 482-86 unperforated, from the beginning some values affixed, otherwise very fine MNH **100,00Bid
5590Vorschaubild1921-42, almost only mint never hinged lot with some parts of a sheet, almost only superb condition**,*75,00Bid
LotPhotoTRISTIAN THERE CUNHAcat. no.Estimate € 
5591Vorschaubild1960, "Queen Elisabeth", very fine set mint never hinged, Michel 110.-28-41 **40,00Bid
LotPhotoCHAD cat. no.Estimate € 
5592Vorschaubild1924 / 5, mainly mint never hinged lot, some in parts of sheets, almost only superb condition**,*25,00Bid
5593Vorschaubild1959-68, lot different issues, very fine MNH, Michel approximate 400.- **80,00Bid
LotPhotoTUNISIA cat. no.Estimate € 
5594Vorschaubild1927 / 8, complete in mint never hinged block of four, without Michel no. 149, almost only superb146-50,158-60   **40,00Bid
5595VorschaubildPackage stamps: 1926, "date harvest", rest of hinge, except for a small value very fine set, Michel 80.-PA 11-25 *25,00Bid
5596Vorschaubild1960-68, small part of a collection in mint never hinged superb condition **20,00Bid
LotPhotoTURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDScat. no.Estimate € 
5597Vorschaubild1881, 4 P. Pale blue, rest of hinge, superb, Michel 120.-19 *40,00Bid
LotPhotoUGANDA cat. no.Estimate € 
5598Vorschaubild1962-77, mint never hinged part of a collection, rather complete, as well: Michel no. 87-100, superb condition **35,00Bid
LotPhotoURUGUAYcat. no.Estimate € 
5599Vorschaubild16.4.1957, LH-flight "Montevideo Recife", superb cover, R!785 120,00Bid
LotPhotoVENEZUELAcat. no.Estimate € 
5600Vorschaubild1863, 1 R. Blue, diagonal halved on piece, normal margins, superb10H 50,00Bid
LotPhotoUNITED STATEScat. no.Estimate € 
5601VorschaubildScott 67, 68, 1861, 5 C. Ochre and 10 C. Green "Washington" on letter from "NEW YORK" to France, decorative superb cover19va,20 300,00Bid
5602VorschaubildScott 69, 70, 76, 1861, 3 neat cancelled values very fine / superb, $ 52019,21,23 120,00Bid
5603VorschaubildScott 72, 1861, 90 C. "Washington", without grill impression, slight corner crease, very fine, $ 60025 110,00Bid
5604VorschaubildScott 96, 1861, 10 C. "Washington", grill impression type VI, as usual perforated superb, $ 25020W 80,00Bid
5605VorschaubildScott 97, 1861, 12 C. "Washington", grill impression, very fine, $ 26021W 75,00Bid
5606Vorschaubild1909, picture postcard to 300 years "HUDSON-FULTON CELEBRATION", superb177 20,00Bid
5607VorschaubildScott 238 / 9, 1893, 15 and 30 C. "Columbus world exhibition", rest of hinge, a little off-center, 2 values small defects, very fine, $ 46581/2 *90,00Bid
5608VorschaubildScott 295, 297, 1901, 2 and 5 C. "Pan-American exhibition", mint never hinged, 2 values very fine, $ 220133,135 **45,00Bid
5609Vorschaubild1934, picture postcard from Byrd Antarctic expedition: "Greetings from. . . ", with different postmark and signatur from Robert A. English, superb359 40,00Bid
5610VorschaubildScott 373, 1909, 2 C. "detection and steam navigation on the hudson", unperforated, 2 upper margin copies in the block of four with vertical leading line, superb177B   **,*55,00Bid
5611VorschaubildScott 471, 1916, 9 C. "Franklin", unwatermarked, perforated L 10, rest of hinge, superb, $ 55231K *20,00Bid
5612VorschaubildScott 551-58, 1922-25, ┬Ż C. - 6 C. "important personalities", perforated L 11, 8 block of four, of it 3 with plate number, superb259-68A   **,*150,00Bid
5613VorschaubildScott 570, 1931, 50 C. "monument of the unknown soldiers" block of four, mint never hinged, superb282   **120,00Bid
5614VorschaubildScott 584, 1925, 3 C. "lincoln", perforated L 10, in the plates block of four, the two of them lower values mint never hinged, superb264C   **,*120,00Bid
5615VorschaubildScott 616, 1924, 5 C. "Landing the huguenots" with plate number, rest of hinge, superb292 *25,00Bid
5616VorschaubildScott 645 / 6, 1928, "Valley Forge" and "Monmouth", always in the mint never hinged element, superb, $95.309,313 **35,00Bid
5617VorschaubildScott 654 / 5, 1929, 2 C. "edison" and "Sullivan", always in mint never hinged block of six with plate number, superb, $ 77.50317A,318 **25,00Bid
5618VorschaubildScott 785-94, 1936 / 7, "country and naval forces" in the sheet set (50) with plate number, mint never hinged, superb390-99 **60,00Bid
5619VorschaubildScott 1909, 2122, 2122 b, 1983 / 9, 9, 35 and 10.75 $ "Bald Eagle", mint never hinged, superb1648D,1750uD,vC **30,00Bid
5620VorschaubildScott C 1, 1918, 6 C. "Postal service airline New York - Washington", rest of hinge, superb, $ 60248 *20,00Bid
5621VorschaubildScott C 13, 1930, 65 C. "Chicago travel", superb item on Zeppelin postcard (right defects)326 50,00Bid
5622VorschaubildScott C 18, 1933, 50 C. "Chicago travel", stamp "CHICAGO", superb cover358 25,00Bid
5623VorschaubildScott C 20-22, 1935 / 7, 25 C., 20 C. And 50 C. "airmail" on 2 first day covers, superb, $ 140380,400/1 45,00Bid
5624VorschaubildScott Q 8, 1912, 20 C. "biplane Wright", a number of rest of hinge, superb, $ 120Pa 8 *35,00Bid
5625Vorschaubild1910, Katapultflugversuche in the November before New York between the German ships empress Auguste and Pennsylvania with the main-land, of the US postal administration approved envelope (no. 1 the US Pioneer airmail), traces of usage 280,00Bid
5626Vorschaubild1950, Marshall Plan / Partnership for Peace: special cancel of 10 different towns in 2 postmark types on 5 documents and 5 letter pieces, superb condition  120,00Bid
LotPhotoUSA STAMP BOOKLETcat. no.Estimate € 
5627Vorschaubild1943-94, 78 almost only various stamp booklet, from 1975 in fact complete, mint never hinged, superbaus MH 059-172 **300,00Bid
LotPhotoUSA OFFICIAL STAMPScat. no.Estimate € 
5628VorschaubildScott O 76, 1873, 7 C. "Treasury", rest of hinge, very fine, $ 250D 75 *60,00Bid
5629VorschaubildScott JQ 4 / 5, 1912, 10 and 25 C. "U. S. Parcel post Postage Due", rest of hinge, 2 superb items, $ 195PP 4/5 *70,00Bid
LotPhotoUSA SAMMUNGEN, LOTScat. no.Estimate € 
5630VorschaubildMint never hinged lot USA from 1909-52 with many parts of a sheet and souvenir sheets, almost only superb condition **150,00Bid
5631VorschaubildAlmost only cancelled collection USA to 1969 with various middle issues, the first years hardly be present, but interesting part postage and package stamps, inspect! 120,00Bid
5632Vorschaubild1890 -approximate. 1940, approximate 80 documents, as well a few better frankings and cancellations, very fine / superb, treasure trove 90,00Bid
5633Vorschaubild1977, 16 different documents with cancellations from the South Sea, superb no limitBid
5634VorschaubildApproximate. 1900, "stamps series", unused card, superb no limitBid
LotPhotoUSA AIRMAILcat. no.Estimate € 
5635Vorschaubild16.7.1931, Endres-flight "NEW YORK - BUDAPEST", 1 $ private special card and 1 C. Additional franking, green special cancel "JUSTICE FOR HUNGARY", 5182 km long Nonstop-flight, superb postcard (because crash landing by Papa creasely), RR! M├╝ller 341 280,00Bid
LotPhotoUSA POSTAL STATIONERIEScat. no.Estimate € 
5636Vorschaubild1893, 1 - 10 C. "Columbus and freedom", collection from 54 covers, used and unused, with also some with additional frankings to Europe and so on, very fine / superbU 348-351 280,00Bid
5637Vorschaubild1893-1951, 5 various used question- and reply cards (Paid reply Postal Cards) complete, very fine / superb 50,00Bid
5638Vorschaubild1898-1901, 2 C. "bad mood", 4 letter-cards (letter SHEET), of it 3 used, very fine / superb 30,00Bid
LotPhotoUSA ARMY POSTAL SERVICEcat. no.Estimate € 
5639Vorschaubild1898, patriotically letter with machinery stamp from jacksonville / Florida and letter contents from the camp "camp Cuba Libre", very fine 80,00Bid
5640Vorschaubild1919, two ring cancel "THIRD ARMY / date / A. P. O. 927" and censorship stamp "A. E. F. / A. 3269" (American Expeditionary Force) on Field postal service artist card "Soldier mail" to the United States, superb 35,00Bid
5641Vorschaubild1929, single circle postmark "U. S. Navy CORPS port AU PRINCE" on Field airmail letter from Haiti, superb 140,00Bid
5642Vorschaubild1933-52, 6 various used ship┬┤s mail documents, including of the "S. S. Manhattan", superb 50,00Bid
5643Vorschaubild1936, letter with single circle postmark of the US gunboats "U. S. S. ERIE" and cancellation "Thanksgiving Le Havre", superb 45,00Bid
5644Vorschaubild1945, postal stationery fieldpost letter with single circle postmark wavy-line cancel "U. S. ARMY / POSTAL SERVICE" of the Army-post office 461 about the head fieldpost office New York, very fine 35,00Bid
5645Vorschaubild1954, fieldpost letter from Taiwan about the American head field post office in San Francisco to Vienna, with fieldpost cancel single circle postmark "U. S. NAVY", superb 20,00Bid
5646Vorschaubild1957, fieldpost letter from base Wheelus about the army post office to New York, with single circle postmark wavy-line cancel "ARMY-AIRFORCE / POSTAL SERVICE / 231", very fine 80,00Bid
5647Vorschaubild1977, fieldpost card the US Navy with postmark the Sinai-Field-mission, superb 50,00Bid
LotPhotoUNITED NATIONS (NEW YORK)cat. no.Estimate € 
5648Vorschaubild1955, souvenir sheet "10 years United Nations" on First Day Cover, superbBl. 1I 30,00Bid
5649Vorschaubild1980, "flags", complete sheetlet set, 40 x, superb, Michel (400.-)348-63 50,00Bid
5650VorschaubildComplete mint never hinged collection UNO-New York from 1980-91 in the lighthouse album with mounts, with complete mint never hinged flags sheet sets, superb condition **no limitBid
5651Vorschaubild1980-1992, box with Abonnementlieferungen of the company Borek in shipping bags, apparently all in each case mint never hinged and used in corner margin blocks of four and 1 x lots, the miniature sheets mostly multiple mint never hinged and used, in addition to it postal stationery, maximum cards and so on, inspect! At that time subscription price over DM 4000.-**,  150,00Bid
5652VorschaubildComplete collection UNO-New York from 1951-78 in the special album, to 1962 almost only used otherwise mint never hinged, in addition to it 1972-78 in corner margin blocks of four with emblem, unused postal stationery postcards and a few memory cards, almost only superb condition**,  100,00Bid
LotPhotoVALAIS AND FUTUNA ISLANDScat. no.Estimate € 
5653Vorschaubild1920-40, almost only mint never hinged lot with mainly parts of a sheet, superb condition **,*40,00Bid
LotPhotoCENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLICcat. no.Estimate € 
5654Vorschaubild1959-68, mostly complete part of a collection in mint never hinged superb condition, Michel 432.- **85,00Bid
LotPhotoSLG., LOTS GERMANYcat. no.Estimate € 
5655VorschaubildSoviet Zone and German Demokratic Republik (East Germany), duplicate lot postal stationery from P 1 - P 81, mostly unused, as well P 1 * (6 x), Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania well represented, P 65 an A used (37 x), P 78 * (15 x) and so on, in total approximate 250 cards, mostly superb condition 300,00Bid
5656VorschaubildSmall interesting lot of 35 documents, mostly expertized Infla covers, treasure trove, inspect! 90,00Bid
5657Vorschaubild1873-1987, 32 different documents with postmarks from "SYLT", condition varies, inspect! 50,00Bid

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