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Closing date: Monday, September 21st, 2020, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoTHURN AND TAXIScat. no.Estimate € 
514Vorschaubild1862, 1/3 Sgr. Green, single circle postmark "BREMEN Tu T", good to large margins all round, superb, signed H. K.27 120,00Bid
515Vorschaubild1863 / 4, 1 Sgr. Carmine red and 2 Sgr. Pale blue, 2 full margins values with number postmark "320" (B√úCKEBURG), superb piece of letter, signed29/30 25,00Bid
516Vorschaubild1862, 3 Kr. Carmine red, single circle postmark "FRANKFURT a / M. Railway station", enormous margins on all sides with parts from 6 neighbors, superb in every respect (choice copy)32 20,00Bid
518Vorschaubild1865, ¬Ĺ Sgr. Yellowish orange and 2 x 2 Gr. Pale blue on superb piece, Michel (185.-)37,39 55,00Bid
519Vorschaubild1865, 2 Sgr. Pale blue, number postmark "273" (GOTHA), superb, signed H. K., Michel 70.-39 20,00Bid
520Vorschaubild1865 / 6, 1 Kr. Yellowish green and 9 Kr. Ochre, three ring postmark no. "220", 2 superb in every respect items41,54II 20,00Bid
521Vorschaubild1865, 6 Kr. Pale blue, type IA, in the horizontal pair, three ring postmark "220", superb piece of letter43IA   30,00Bid
524Vorschaubild1866, ¬Ĺ Sgr. Yellow orange, number postmark "230" (DERMBACH), superb piece of letter, Michel (150.-)47 40,00Bid
525Vorschaubild1866, 2 Sgr. Medium blue, number postmark "2" (ALLENDORF), superb, expertized Opitz and Pfenniger, Michel 700.-49 180,00Bid
526Vorschaubild1866, 3 Sgr. Ochre, number postmark "301" (BREMEN), superb, expertized Sem, Michel 200.-50 50,00Bid
LotPhotoTHURN AND TAXIS NUMBER STAMPcat. no.Estimate € 
527Vorschaubild"164" (W√ĖRRSTADT) on 1 Kr. Yellowish green in the vertical superb pair on front of cover (Tesafilm grease stain)51a    70,00Bid
528Vorschaubild"GRAEFENTHAL" on 7 Kr. Ultramarine, as usual perforated superb, expertized SommerDR 10 35,00Bid
529Vorschaubild"SCHWARZBURG" on 7 Kr. Ultramarine, tiny corner crease, superbDR 26 30,00Bid
530VorschaubildNice lot of 113 values, condition varies, however mostly in above average condition with numerous enormous margins superb and superb in every respekt items, also many nice centered cancellations, many expertized  900,00Bid
531VorschaubildSmall interesting lot of 30 cancelled values, 3 postal stationery covers and 3 different postal forms from Frankfurt/Main, condition varies  100,00Bid
LotPhotoWUERTTEMBERGcat. no.Estimate € 
532Vorschaubild1851, 1 Kr. Black on pale chamois, stirrup cancel "BIBERACH", superb, Michel (130.-)1a 40,00Bid
533Vorschaubild1851, 1 Kr. Black on medium gray yellow silk paper, type III, single circle postmark "ROTTWEIL", superb, photo expertize Thoma and abridged certificate Irtenkauf, Michel 300.-1yb 80,00Bid
534Vorschaubild1851, 1 Kr. Black on medium gray yellow silk paper, three circle cancel "SUTTGART" and red "PAID" stamp, very fine (on the back tiny thin spot), expertized Heinrich, Michel 300.-1yb 75,00Bid
535Vorschaubild1851, 6 Kr. Black on blue-green, segment cancel "BIBERACH", superb piece of letter3b 30,00Bid
536Vorschaubild1851, 6 Kr. Yellowish green silk paper, superb, Michel 110.-3y 30,00Bid
537Vorschaubild1851, 18 Kr. Black on bluish violet, type I, centered blue three circle cancel, minimal trace of creases otherwise having bright colors superb item, Michel 900.-5I 180,00Bid
539Vorschaubild1851, 18 Kr. Black on violet gray, type I, large margins all around on small letter piece, two ring cancel "STUTTGART", superb in every respect (choice copy), R! Photo expertize Thoma5I 400,00Bid
540Vorschaubild1851, 18 Kr. Black on bluish violet, type II, black three circle cancel, slight trace of creases otherwise superb with wide margins, expertized among others Thoma, Michel 1000.-5II 190,00Bid
541Vorschaubild1865, reprint: 1 Kr. Light grey brown, rest of hinge, superb, Michel 60.-6NDb *20,00Bid
542Vorschaubild1857, 18 Kr. Pale blue, right touched lightly otherwise full margins superb, expertized Pfenniger, Michel 1600.-10a 280,00Bid
543Vorschaubild1859, 1 Kr. Brown, superb in every respect (choice copy), expertized Thoma, Michel 120.-11a 25,00Bid
544Vorschaubild1859, 1 Kr. Brown, superb in every respect (choice copy), Michel 120.-11a 25,00Bid
545Vorschaubild1859, 3 Kr. Yellow orange with plate flaw "white spot in the left frame at the bottom", stamp on the back defects, Michel 300.-12aI 60,00Bid
546Vorschaubild1859, 9 Kr. Lilac red, centered three circle cancel "BUCHAU", superb, expertized Thoma, Michel 100.-14a 25,00Bid
547Vorschaubild1859, 18 Kr. Blue, right margin copy, horizontal crease and on the back defects, otherwise having bright colors having full margins superb item, expertized Buehler, Michel 1500.-15 290,00Bid
548Vorschaubild1859, 18 Kr. Blue, right touched otherwise full margins superb, expertized Thoma, Michel 1500.-15 180,00Bid
549Vorschaubild1860, 1 Kr. Brown, thick paper, superb piece of letter, Michel 180.-16xa 45,00Bid
550Vorschaubild1860, 6 Kr. Light green, thick paper, superb, Michel 150.-18xa 45,00Bid
551Vorschaubild1860, 9 Kr. Carmine, thick paper, superb, expertized Thoma, Michel 160.-19xa 40,00Bid
552Vorschaubild1891, 9 Kr. Lilac red, thin paper, superb, expertized Thoma, Michel 460.-19yb 110,00Bid
554Vorschaubild1862, 9 Kr. Lilac red, from upper margin, two ring cancel "CANNSTATT", superb, photo expertize Thoma, Michel 900.-24 270,00Bid
555Vorschaubild1862, 9 Kr. Lilac red, small corner crease otherwise superb, expertized Buehler (full signed), Michel 900.-24 160,00Bid
556Vorschaubild1863, 9 Kr. Black brown, as usual perforated, superb, expertized Drahn, Michel 220.-28d 60,00Bid
557Vorschaubild1864, 18 Kr. Orange yellow, superb, expertized Pfenniger, Michel 500.-29 120,00Bid
558Vorschaubild1864, 18 Kr. Orange yellow, very fine, expertized Thoma, Michel 500.-29 90,00Bid
559Vorschaubild1865, 9 Kr. Pale brown, rectangle cancel with two lines "T√úBINGEN", superb, expertized W. Engel, Michel 150.-33b 45,00Bid
560Vorschaubild1867, 18 Kr. Orange yellow, superb, expertized Thoma, Michel 1000.-34 250,00Bid
561Vorschaubild1867, 18 Kr. Orange yellow with red cancel "STUTTGART", very fine, expertized Thoma, Michel 1000.-34 180,00Bid
562Vorschaubild1867, 18 Kr. Orange yellow, very fine, expertized Pfenniger, Michel 1000.-34 170,00Bid
563Vorschaubild1867, 18 Kr. Orange yellow, single circle postmark "CANNSTATT", superb piece of letter, expertized among others Drahn, Michel (1000.-)34 350,00Bid
564Vorschaubild1868, 7 Kr. Blue, centered single circle postmark "BIBERACH", superb in every respect (choice copy), Michel (180.-)35a 55,00Bid
565Vorschaubild1868, 7 Kr. Blue, superb, Michel 180.-35a 45,00Bid
566Vorschaubild1869, 2 Kr. Deep orange, superb, Michel 300.-37b 90,00Bid
567Vorschaubild1869, 2 Kr. Deep orange, three circle cancel "INGELFINGEN", superb, expertized Thoma, Michel 300.-37b 75,00Bid
568Vorschaubild1873, 70 Kr. Brown lilac, single circle postmark "RAVENSBURG", left with complete dividing line, having bright colors extremely fine copy in deeper colour, expertized among others Pfenniger and Buehler, Michel (7000.-)42a 1.500,00Bid
569Vorschaubild1873, 70 Kr. Brown lilac, position 1, single circle postmark "STUTTGART II", three sided with dividing lines, left above in the margin corner creases and small tiny spot otherwise having bright colors superb item, photo expertize Thoma, Michel 7000.-42a 1.100,00Bid
570Vorschaubild1873, 70 Kr. Brown lilac, horseshoe cancel "STUTTGART K. W. ", small on the back rubbed spot otherwise superb, photo expertize Buehler, Michel 7000.-42a 1.000,00Bid
571Vorschaubild1873, 70 Kr. Brown lilac, centric cancellation, repaired like superb, various old signs, Michel (7000.-)42a 500,00Bid
572Vorschaubild1873, 70 Kr. Red lilac, rest of hinge, small on the back rubbed spot otherwise having bright colors superb item with enormous margins, signed, Michel 2300.-42b *390,00Bid
573Vorschaubild1873, 70 Kr. Red lilac, position 1, mostly with wide margins, very fine (colour a little faded), expertized Pfenniger and photo expertize Thoma, Michel 5000.-42b 700,00Bid
574Vorschaubild1873, 70 Kr. Red lilac, centered date bridges stamp, repaired like superb, expertized Thoma, Michel (5000.-)42b 390,00Bid
575Vorschaubild1874, 1 Kr. Yellow green, rest of hinge, superb, Michel 140.-43 *45,00Bid
576Vorschaubild1875, 2 M. Yellow orange, reverse a little blotched otherwise superb, Michel 400.-50 90,00Bid
577Vorschaubild1875, 2 M. Yellow orange, blue fan cancel, superb, Michel 400.-50 80,00Bid
578Vorschaubild1890, 5 Pf., both colours, with scarce stamp "WALDBURG", 2 superb pieces of letter56a,b 40,00Bid
579Vorschaubild1906, 2 Pf. Gray turquoise, superb piece of letter, expertized Klinkhammer, Michel (100.-)107 30,00Bid
580Vorschaubild1906, 25 Pf. Dark-yellowish-orange, superb, superb, Michel 90.-111 20,00Bid
581Vorschaubild1906, 25 Pf. Dark-yellowish-orange, single circle postmark "BRACKENHEIM", parcel card, as kept by the post office, superb piece of letter, Michel (90.-)111 25,00Bid
582Vorschaubild1919 / 20, "numeral in lozenge" and "deer", mint never hinged, 2 superb sets, Michel 82.-134-49 **25,00Bid
583Vorschaubild1920, 50 and 75 Pf. "farewell issue", 2 superb items, expertized Infla, Michel 125.-148  ,149 40,00Bid
584Vorschaubild1923, "numeral in lozenge", unperforated, all with large right margin, very fine set (11 values)159-70PU*, **120,00Bid
585Vorschaubild1923, 50 on 25 Pf. Red orange, superb, expertized Klinkhammer, Michel 1100.-188 330,00Bid
586Vorschaubild1881, 1 M. Dark orange yellow, very fine, Michel 220.-207 40,00Bid
587Vorschaubild1890, 50 Pf. Bright brown red, superb piece of letter, expertized Thoma, Michel 2200.-211 500,00Bid
589Vorschaubild1919 / 20, "numeral of value in Describe" and "farewell issue", mint never hinged, 2 superb sets, Michel 60.-258-70,272-81 **20,00Bid
590Vorschaubild1920, "farewell issue", very fine set, expertized Infla, Michel 350.-272-81 120,00Bid
591Vorschaubild1911, 5, 10, 20 and 30 Pf. "revenue stamps", watermark "cross and rings", always in the vertical gutter pair, gutter folded, mint never hinged, superb, R!ZS **20,00Bid
592Vorschaubild1890, 5 / 5 Pf., rectangular frame, domestic card in amended characters, without line under third point line, unused, superb, Michel 280.-P 33 110,00Bid
LotPhotoWUERTTEMBERG STAMP PARTcat. no.Estimate € 
593Vorschaubild"DONZDORF", single circle postmark on 1 Kr. Yellow green postal stationery cover, blotched very fineU 21 20,00Bid
594Vorschaubild"JAGSTHAUSEN", three circle cancel on 6 Kr. Blue, superb, expertized Engel32a 35,00Bid
595Vorschaubild"OBERNDORF posting BUREAU", perfect centered single circle postmark on 3 Pf. Medium emerald green, superb in every respect (choice copy), expertized Winkler44a no limitBid
596Vorschaubild"UNTERDEUFSTETTEN", bridge date cancel on 9 Kr. Brown, superb, R! Expertized Engel40a 100,00Bid
597Vorschaubild1851-74, lot of 41 values and 5 documents, as well no. 4 b letter (expertized Irtenkauf), 10 used (expertized Thoma) and 20 used (expertized Buehler), condition varies with some superb items, Michel more then 8800.- 850,00Bid
599VorschaubildLot of 64 values "Kreuzer currency", condition mostly defective, Michel more then 8500.-  ,*280,00Bid
601Vorschaubild1875-1923, well sorted extensive duplicate lot "new currency" and "official stamps I and II" of more than 1600 values, treasure trove!44-281 *,**250,00Bid
602Vorschaubild1881-1920, "official stamps II", well sorted extensive stock lot of more than 1100 values! Treasure trove!201-81   250,00Bid
LotPhotoNORTH GERMAN CONF.cat. no.Estimate € 
603Vorschaubild1869, 1 Gr. Carmine in the block of four, 2 values mint never hinged, normal perforation, superb16   **,*20,00Bid
604Vorschaubild1869, 30 Gr. Gray blue, rest of hinge, very fine, Michel 350.-26 *90,00Bid
LotPhotoNORTH GERMAN P. D. ALSACE, LORRAINEcat. no.Estimate € 
605Vorschaubild1870, 1 - 4 and 25 C. "tips downward", 4 values very fine (small defects), Michel 850.-1-3,7II *150,00Bid
606Vorschaubild1870, 2 C. Medium red brown, "tips downward", small perforation faults, very fine, Michel 900.-2IIa 160,00Bid
607Vorschaubild1870, 25 C. Mid-brown, "tips to the top", horseshoe cancel "Mulhouse", normal perforation, superb, expertized Buehler, Michel 100.-7Ia 25,00Bid
608VorschaubildExtensive lot of over 400 almost only cancelled values and 6 documents, slightly mixed condition, treasure trove, inspect!  350,00Bid
609Vorschaubild1863, 1 Gr. Rose on 2 Ngr. Blue, size A, unused, superb, expertized Blecher, Michel 110.-U 50A 45,00Bid
610Vorschaubild1863, 1 Gr. Rose on 3 Ngr. Brown, size A, three lines frame cancel "SCHNEEBERG", a little blotched, very fine, Michel 110.-U 51A 30,00Bid
611Vorschaubild"HALBAU", single circle postmark perfect on ¬Ĺ Gr. Orange, superb piece of letter, expertized HenniesDR 18 20,00Bid
612Vorschaubild"LEIPZIG CONNEWITZ", three lines frame cancel on 1 Gr. Red carmine, superbDR 4 no limitBid
LotPhotoPRIVATE POST BERLINcat. no.Estimate € 
613VorschaubildPacket trip society: 1887 / 8, 10, 20 Pf. In block of four, mint never hinged, superb, Michel for * (140.-)B 28A,29   **60,00Bid
614VorschaubildPacket trip society: 1887 / 8, 10, 20 Pf. In horizontal pairs, mint never hinged, Michel for * (70.-)B 28A,29   **30,00Bid

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