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catalog for the 496. nordphila stamp auction (legendHOME

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Closing date: Monday, March 25th, 2024, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoMONACOcat. no.Estimate € 
4192Vorschaubild1885, 75 C. Black on rose, rest of hinges, superb, Michel 250.-8 *70,00Bid
4193Vorschaubild1891-1901, 1, 2, 40 C, 1 Fr. And 5 and 10 C. "prince Albert I", always in the mint never hinged margin pair, superb in every respect (choice copy)11/2,17,20,22/3   **60,00Bid
4194Vorschaubild1891, 25 C. Green, rest of hinges, normal perforation, superb, Michel 300.-16 *75,00Bid
4195Vorschaubild1891, 5 Fr. Dark rose on greenish in the block of nine from of the right lower corner of the sheet, except for 2 values all mint never hinged, superb in every respect (choice copy), very scarce unit, R!21b **,*700,00Bid
4196Vorschaubild1922, 50 Pf. Ultramarine, horizontal unperforated, upper margin copy, mint never hinged, superb, R!58Uw **65,00Bid
4197Vorschaubild1925, "views", very fine set mint never hinged, Michel 100.-97-103 **25,00Bid
4198Vorschaubild1925-27, 1.05 Fr. - 10 Fr. "views" always in the corner margin block of four, mint never hinged, superb98-103   **110,00Bid
4199Vorschaubild1927-33, "overprints", 6 mint never hinged values, superb111-15,137 **25,00Bid
4200Vorschaubild1928, 1.50 Fr. On 2 Fr. Violet / olive brown in the sheet of 25, mint never hinged, superb, Michel (275.-)114 **50,00Bid
4201Vorschaubild1937, "garden and prince Louis II", very fine set mint never hinged, Michel 220.-138-42 **65,00Bid
4202Vorschaubild1937, "garden and prince Louis II", rest of hinge, very fine set138-42 *30,00Bid
4203Vorschaubild1937, "postal order stamps", rest of hinge, very fine set149-62 *20,00Bid
4204Vorschaubild1939, 10 Fr. "Louis II. Stadium" in the block of four from the corner of the sheet with date of printing, mint never hinged, superb, Michel (680.-)189   **230,00Bid
4205Vorschaubild1939, 10 Fr. "Louis II. Stadium", mint never hinged, superb, Michel 170.-189 **55,00Bid
4206Vorschaubild1939, 10 Fr. "Louis II. Stadium", rest of hinge, superb189 *25,00Bid
4207Vorschaubild1939, "effigies earlier ruler", Michel number 193 corner perforation fault otherwise very fine set mint never hinged, Michel 450.-190-99 **120,00Bid
4208Vorschaubild1939, "effigies earlier ruler", very fine set, Michel 450.-190-99 140,00Bid
4209Vorschaubild1940, "Red Cross", Michel number 207 perforation fault otherwise very fine set mint never hinged, Michel 250.-205-19 **70,00Bid
4210Vorschaubild1941, "protection the mommies and children", very fine set mint never hinged, Michel 90.-247-56 **25,00Bid
4211Vorschaubild1951, "Red Cross", perforated and unperforated, 2 mint never hinged superb sets451-54A/B **25,00Bid
4212Vorschaubild1974-76, 3 souvenir sheets "Europe", mint never hinged, superb, Michel 90.-Bl. 7-9 **no limitBid
4213Vorschaubild1991, special pair "Olympic Winter Games", unperforated, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 430.-2011-14U   **130,00Bid
LotPhotoMONACO POSTAGE DUE STAMPScat. no.Estimate € 
4214Vorschaubild1909, 10 C. Dark brown, superb, Michel 130.-P 7 35,00Bid
4215Vorschaubild1911, 30 C. Yellow brown, rest of hinges, superb, Michel 250.-P 10 *75,00Bid
4216Vorschaubild1953, 3 Fr. - 100 Fr. "transportation", 7 pairs, mint never hinged, superbP 44-57 **no limitBid
LotPhotoMONACO - COLLECTIONS, LOTScat. no.Estimate € 
4217Vorschaubild1901-1933, extensive lot mint never hinged sheets- and parts of sheets in superb condition, many gutter pairs, Millesimes, dates of printing and so on, interesting lot for the specialist, in total over 3400 stamps **250,00Bid
4218VorschaubildMostly unused part of a collection to 1919, among others no. 8, 9 *, 11-21 *, 27-32 *, very fine / superb, Michel 4515.-*, 550,00Bid
4219Vorschaubild1980-90, 12 various souvenir sheets on first day covers, souvenir sheets superb, Michel 270.-Bl. 35,00Bid
4220Vorschaubild1980-90, lot with many souvenir sheets and first day covers, superb, Michel 350.-  25,00Bid
LotPhotoNETHERLANDScat. no.Estimate € 
4222Vorschaubild1852, 5 C. Blue, 2 superb in every respect items in colour shades, expertized Dr. Louis1   50,00Bid
4223Vorschaubild1852 / 64, "King Willem III", 15 values in minor shade, very fine / superb1-6 120,00Bid
4224Vorschaubild1867, "King Willem III", very fine set7-12 120,00Bid
4225Vorschaubild1872, "King Willem III", 38 values in minor shade, slightly mixed condition19-29 110,00Bid
4226Vorschaubild1914 / 20, 17 ½ C. Ultramarine / blue, perforated L 11 ½ and 50 C, grey / violet, perforated K 12 ½, rest of hinge, 2 superb items, Michel 105.-78D,80A *25,00Bid
4227Vorschaubild1913, 10 G. Red orange on yellow, superb piece of letter, Michel 850.-92 240,00Bid
4228Vorschaubild1920, 2.50 G. On 10 G. Dark orange and red orange, 2 superb items, Michel 200.-99/100 60,00Bid
4229Vorschaubild1921, "airmail", rest of hinge, very fine set102-04 *30,00Bid
4230Vorschaubild1923, 2.50 and 5 G. "25 years regency", rest of hinge, 2 superb items132/3 *150,00Bid
4231Vorschaubild1923, 2.50 and 5 G. "25 years regency", 2 superb items, Michel 450.-132/3 130,00Bid
4232Vorschaubild1923, 1 G. On 17 ½ C. Ultramarine / brown, perforated K 12 ½, rest of hinge, superb137A *30,00Bid
4233Vorschaubild1924, 40 - 60 C. "Queen Wilhelmina", unwatermarked, rest of hinges, 3 superb items161-63A *90,00Bid
4234Vorschaubild1926, 35 C. Brown olive, watermark 2, rest of hinge, superb189A *25,00Bid
4235Vorschaubild1927, "Red Cross", very fine set mint never hinged, Michel 70.-196-200 **20,00Bid
4236Vorschaubild1929, 21 on 22 ½ C. Olive brown, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 60.-228 **20,00Bid
4237Vorschaubild1929, "Voor het child", perforated K 12 ½, very fine set mint never hinged, Michel 75.-229-32A **25,00Bid
4238Vorschaubild1931 / 2, "Voor het child", 2 superb sets, Michel 70.-245-48A,253-56D 20,00Bid
4239Vorschaubild1933, "400. Birthday of Wilhelm I. ", very fine set mint never hinged, Michel 65.-257-60 **20,00Bid
4240Vorschaubild1935-37, Michel number 282-85, 287-90, 297-300, 308-12, rest of hinge, 4 superb sets*25,00Bid
4241Vorschaubild1949, 5 G. Red-brown, gum minimal blotched otherwise very fine MNH, Michel 450.-542 **65,00Bid
4242Vorschaubild25.3.52, "Jan van Riebeeck flight" "AMSTERDAM cape city" and return, reverse side with colourful South Africa franking, superb583-86 20,00Bid
4243Vorschaubild1948, post paid military letter from Aruba / Netherlands Antilles, very fine (opening defects) 30,00Bid
4244Vorschaubild1906, 50 C. On 1 G. Pale blue / red, type III, rest of hinge, superb, Michel 160.-P 27III *50,00Bid
4245Vorschaubild1884-1903, 5 postal stationery postcards to Germany, slightly mixed condition no limitBid
4246VorschaubildCollection Netherlands to 1987, the first years hardly be present, from 1968 apparently mint never hinged complete (Michel number 893-1349), superb condition**,  100,00Bid
LotPhotoNORWAYcat. no.Estimate € 
4247Vorschaubild1909, 2 Kr. Rose, rest of hinge, superb, Michel 130.-74 *40,00Bid
4248Vorschaubild1924, Fram - card, from POLHAVET to Finland, superb76, 79 130,00Bid
4249Vorschaubild1924, Fram - card, from POLHAVET to Flensburg, corner crease, very fine78 80,00Bid
LotPhotoNORWAY COLLECTIONS, LOTScat. no.Estimate € 
4251VorschaubildMint never hinged duplicate lot Norway from 1945-80, including Michel number 442 / 3 (12 x), 471-75 (6 x) and so on, superb condition, Michel 1500.- **190,00Bid
4252Vorschaubild1991-94, 4 various year sets, mint never hinged, superb **35,00Bid
4253VorschaubildApproximate. 1975-85, "Norsk kilo ware", parcel card sections, and similar, mostly higher postal stamps, approximate 1, 6 kg 100,00Bid
4254VorschaubildApproximate. 1975-85, "Norsk kilo ware", parcel card sections, and similar, mostly higher postal stamps, approximate 900 g. 50,00Bid
4255Vorschaubild1982-97, 124 various cards with special cancel the Norwegian post from international postage stamps exhibitions, superb 60,00Bid
LotPhotoAUSTRIA PRE PHILATELYcat. no.Estimate € 
4256Vorschaubild1816-19, 4 various "circular", superb 15,00Bid
LotPhotoAUSTRIA TILL 1867cat. no.Estimate € 
4257Vorschaubild1850, 1 Kr. Ochre yellow, handmade paper, type III, large watermark part! Two ring cancel" (S) AAZ", superb, photo expertize Dr. Ferchenbauer1Xa 70,00Bid
4258Vorschaubild1850, 1 Kr. Ochre yellow, handmade paper, type Ia, two-line cancel" (WINDISCH) GRAETZ", superb, photo expertize Dr. Ferchenbauer1Xa 60,00Bid
4259Vorschaubild1850, 1 Kr. Yellow, handmade paper, double-sided printing, cancel "TRIESTE", superb, Michel 180.-1XaDG 70,00Bid
4260Vorschaubild1850, 1 Kr. Cadmium yellow, handmade paper, type III, two-line cancel" (ROKIT) ZAN", with wide margins, superb, photo expertize Dr. Ferchenbauer1Xd 60,00Bid
4261Vorschaubild1850, 1 Kr. Cadmium yellow, handmade paper, type III, three circle cancel "TRIESTE", with wide margins, scarce superb piece of letter, photo expertize Dr. Ferchenbauer1Xd 60,00Bid
4262Vorschaubild1854, 1 Kr. Yellow and 2 Kr. Black, machine paper, 2 superb items, Michel 210.-1,2Ya 70,00Bid
4263Vorschaubild1854, 1 Kr. Yellow, machine paper, type III, R4 "PRA (G) ", superb, photo expertize Dr. Ferchenbauer, Michel 120.-1Ya 50,00Bid
4264Vorschaubild1854, 1 Kr. Yellow, machine paper, type Ia, R4 "Prague", with wide margins, superb, signed1Ya 40,00Bid
4265Vorschaubild1854, 1 Kr. Yellow, machine paper, type Ib, with right margin (6 mm), R4 "Prague", superb piece of letter1Ya 75,00Bid
4266Vorschaubild1854, 1 Kr. Yellow, machine paper, with enormous margins extremely fine copy on piece, stamp as a check soaked off1Ya 50,00Bid
4267Vorschaubild1854, 1 Kr. Cadmium yellow, machine paper, type III, single circle postmark" (WI) EN", with wide margins, superb, attest Dr. Ferchenbauer, Michel (150.-)1Yd 60,00Bid
4268Vorschaubild1854, 2 Kr. Black, machine paper, type IIIb, good to large margins all round, superb, expertized Dr, Ferchenbauer2Ya 35,00Bid
4270Vorschaubild1850, 3 Kr. Carmine, handmade paper, type IIIa, 2 x on piece, with two-line cancel "K. K. Driving post office no. 4" (Mueller no. 2402 a), superb piece of letter, photo expertize Dr. Ferchenbauer3X 60,00Bid
4271Vorschaubild1850, 3 Kr. Red, handmade paper, type Ib, marginal impression right, watermarked and plate flaw "white spot", two ring cancel "INNSBRUCK", superb, expertized Dr. Ferchenbauer3Xa 50,00Bid
4272Vorschaubild1850, 3 Kr. Rose, handmade paper, type IIIa, with part of the upper stamp and plate flaw in the right frame, two-line cancel "INNSBR (UCK) ", superb3Xc 35,00Bid
4273Vorschaubild1850 / 4, 6 Kr. Brown and 9 Kr. Blue, 11 values with "RECOMMANDIRT" postmarks, as well 5 red, mostly superb4/5X,Y   150,00Bid
4274Vorschaubild1854, 6 Kr. Brown, machine paper, corner margin piece 11: 6 mm and needle point, two ring cancel" (SI) LLIAN", top right rough from hinge and right in the margin vertical crease, photo expertize Dr. Ferchenbauer4Y 150,00Bid
4275Vorschaubild1850, 9 Kr. Blue, handmade paper, type IIIa, two ring cancel "TRIEST FRANCO", superb piece of letter5X 30,00Bid
4277Vorschaubild1859, 2 Kr, yellow, type II, single circle postmark "PESTH", superb10IIa 20,00Bid
4278Vorschaubild1859, 2 Kr. Pale orange red, loose corner perforation otherwise superb, expertized Schmutz, Michel 300.-10IIc 85,00Bid
4279Vorschaubild1859, 2 Kr. Orange, type II, repaired, Michel (600.-)10IIe 90,00Bid
4281Vorschaubild1858, 3 Kr. Black, type II, red cancel, superb, Michel 250.-11II 75,00Bid
4282Vorschaubild1859, 3 Kr. Black, type II, red single circle postmark "Vienna", a little off-center, superb, Michel 250.-11II 70,00Bid
4283Vorschaubild1859, 3 Kr. Yellow green, rare single circle postmark "whether. St. VEIT b. Vienna", superb12a 90,00Bid
4285Vorschaubild1859, 3 Kr. Bluish green, superb, Michel 220.-12b 75,00Bid
4286Vorschaubild1858, 5 Kr. Red, type I, 2 x on piece with single circle postmark "BOeHM: SKANITZ", very fine13I 25,00Bid
4287Vorschaubild1858, 5 Kr. Red, type I, centered single circle postmark "OBERNBERG", as usual perforated, superb piece of letter13I 20,00Bid
4288Vorschaubild1859, 5 Kr. Red, type II, with plate flaw "hole in the rear head", two-line cancel "BRIXEN", superb13II 20,00Bid
4289Vorschaubild1859, 5 Kr. Red, type II, with Hungarian two ring cancel "MARTON VASAR", superb piece of letter13II 20,00Bid
4290Vorschaubild1858, 10 Kr. Brown, type I, red cancel, normal perforation, superb14I 20,00Bid
4292Vorschaubild1859, 10 Kr. Brown, type II, on cover the Austrian insurance institution with R4 "Prague" to the Rentamt in Grafenstein, inside with "Assecuranz premium coupon", superb14II 50,00Bid

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