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Closing date: Monday, August 5th, 2019, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoHAMBURG TRANSIT STAMPcat. no.Estimate € 
188Vorschaubild1844, "T 28 MAY", in red on cover from K├Ânigsberg to London, very fine 30,00Bid
189Vorschaubild1846, "T 17 NOV", in red on cover from Stettin (single circle cancel) via Hamburg (on the back single circle cancel) to London, superb 40,00Bid
190Vorschaubild1855, "6", one-line cancel and single circle postmark "Hamburg TH. & T. " on small cover to Paris, red Tour stamp, superb 50,00Bid
191Vorschaubild"3" tax cancel in blue on cover from Hamburg (two ring cancel) to Berlin, very fine 75,00Bid
LotPhotoHAMBURGcat. no.Estimate € 
192Vorschaubild1859, 1 S. Red-brown, superb, expertized Jakubek, Michel 120.-40,00Bid
193Vorschaubild1859, 2 S. Orange red, superb, expertized Jakubek, Michel 130.-45,00Bid
194Vorschaubild1859, 4 S. Yellow green, very fine (small thin spot), including expertized Buehler, Michel 1500.-5a 260,00Bid
195Vorschaubild1864, 2 ┬Ż S. Blue-green, slight trace of crease otherwise superb with wide margins, photo expertize long, Michel 180.-45,00Bid
197Vorschaubild1864, 9 S. Orange yellow, small thin places otherwise fresh colors superb, photo expertize long, Michel 2600.-18 650,00Bid
198Vorschaubild1866, 1 ┬╝ S. Dark brown violet with single circle postmark "St. P. A. Hamburg" in black and blue, 2 superb in every respect pieces of letter20a 30,00Bid
199Vorschaubild1866, 1 ┬Ż S. Carmine in the horizontal pair, blue two ring cancel "Hamburg ST. P. ", superb piece of letter, signed K├Âhler, Michel (420.-)21    150,00Bid
LotPhotoHANOVER PRE PHILATELYcat. no.Estimate € 
200Vorschaubild"K. L. St. " (royally administrative district Stade) on printed wrapper to Beverstedt, superb 35,00Bid
LotPhotoHANOVERcat. no.Estimate € 
201Vorschaubild1850, 1 Gr. Black on light grey blue, one-line cancel "AS (ENDORF) ", superb25,00Bid
202Vorschaubild1850, 1 Gr. Black on gray blue in the horizontal pair, perfect one-line cancel "LEHE", superb in every respect piece of letter1    120,00Bid
203Vorschaubild1850, 1 Gr. Black on light grey blue, single circle postmark "VELZEN", superb cover to Ebsdorf70,00Bid
204Vorschaubild1851, 1 Ggr. Black on gray green with plate flaw "lion back left besides coat of arms oval broken", right, in the horizontal strip of three with normal stamps, blue single circle postmark "HAMELN", left stamp touched lightly otherwise close to full margins, superb2aV 75,00Bid
205Vorschaubild1851, 1 / 30 Th. Black on salmon-colored with black stamp, superb piece of letter, Michel 100.-3a 30,00Bid
206Vorschaubild1851, 1 / 10 Th. Black on yellow, blue two ring cancel "HARBURG", superb piece of letter, Michel (75.-)25,00Bid
208Vorschaubild1856, 3 Pf. Carmine, black net like pattern, superb, Michel 350.-8a 120,00Bid
209Vorschaubild1856, 3 Pf. Carmine, grey net like pattern, in the horizontal pair, with blue two ring cancel "VIENENBURG", superb in every respect piece of letter, photo expertize Berger, Michel (1000.-)8b   380,00Bid
210Vorschaubild1856, 1 Gr. Black, right embroideries margin copy with number "6" on cover from "EINBECK" (blue single circle cancel) to Hohenstedt, superb in every respect (choice copy)100,00Bid
211Vorschaubild1856, 1 / 15 Th. Black / gray ultramarine "NORDEN", superb piece of letter, Michel (100.-)11 35,00Bid
212Vorschaubild1859, 3 Pf. Rose, dark shade, with blue two ring cancel "Hanover", Kabinettbriefs├╝ck, expertized Berger, Michel (110.-)13a 40,00Bid
213Vorschaubild1859 / 61, 2 Gr. Blue, 3 Gr. Orange and 3 Gr. Brown, 3 superb items, Michel 205.-15/6,19a 60,00Bid
214Vorschaubild1859, 3 Gr. Yellow orange, superb, Michel 85.-16a 25,00Bid
215Vorschaubild1860, ┬Ż Gr. Black in the horizontal pair, blue single circle postmark "disembogue", superb in every respect (choice copy), Michel (600.-)17y    200,00Bid
216Vorschaubild1860, ┬Ż Gr. Black, blue rectangle cancel with two lines "WUNSTORF", superb, photo expertize Berger, Michel 250.-17y 75,00Bid
218Vorschaubild1860, ┬Ż Gr. Black, superb piece of letter, Michel 250.-17y 90,00Bid
220Vorschaubild1864, 1 Gr. Bright red carmine as additional franking on 1 Gr. Postal stationery cover (U12) with blue one-line cancel "PAPENBURG", additional railway mail stamp "Hanover EMDEN" and black rectangle cancel with one line "FRANCO", superb cover to Veendam23y 80,00Bid
221Vorschaubild1864, 3 Gr. Pale brown, centered blue two ring cancel "HAGEN", superb in every respect (choice copy), signed H. Krause, Michel (100.-)25y 40,00Bid
LotPhotoHANOVER TOWN CANCELcat. no.Estimate € 
222Vorschaubild"hair", blue two ring cancel on 1 Gr. Rose, superb piece of letter14a 30,00Bid
LotPhotoHANOVER STILL USED POSTMARKcat. no.Estimate € 
223Vorschaubild"BEDERKESA", centered on 1 Gr. Carmine, superb coverDR 19 25,00Bid
224Vorschaubild"ELBINGERODE", two ring cancel on piece with 3 x 1 Gr. Carmine, superbDR 4 25,00Bid
225Vorschaubild"GARTOW" (two ring cancel) on 1 Gr. Rose postal stationery cover, very fineNDP U1 35,00Bid
226Vorschaubild1857, 3 Gr. "King George V", reprint, postage stamp impression left, long gum, overprint without Space, unused, very fine (on the back affixed spots), Michel 100.-U 7IIND 25,00Bid
LotPhotoHELIGOLANDcat. no.Estimate € 
227Vorschaubild1867, ┬Ż S. Bluish green / reddish carmine, type II, circle date stamp, strong defects, fine, expertized Schulz, Michel 2200.-1II 220,00Bid
228Vorschaubild1867, 1 S. Rose-carmine / dark green, superb item, signed, Michel 250.-90,00Bid
229Vorschaubild1869 ┬Ż S. Blue-green / dark carmine, rest of hinge, very fine, Michel 350.-6a *80,00Bid
230Vorschaubild1870, ┬Ż S. Centralbluish-green / carmine, as usual perforated superb, Michel 320.-6b 100,00Bid
231Vorschaubild1872, ┬Ż S. Lightolive-green / carmine, straight-line cancel, small defects, very fine, expertized C. Brettl, Michel 200.-6e 50,00Bid
232Vorschaubild1871, 1 S. Carmine / yellowish green, very fine (small on the back defects), expertized Schulz, Michel 380.-7a 75,00Bid
233Vorschaubild1873, ┬╝ S. Dark red crimson / bright yellowish green with circle date stamp (25% extra charge!), heavily repaired, expertized Lemberger, Michel (3000.-)8a 300,00Bid
235Vorschaubild1873, printing error: ┬╝ S. Green / carmine, circle date stamp (25% extra charge!), various small faults otherwise fresh colors superb, RR! Signed Thier, Michel (4500.-)8F 1.200,00Bid
236Vorschaubild1890, 5 Pf. Bright lilac carmine / green in the pair and single stamp on piece, superb, expertized Lemberger13b    100,00Bid
238Vorschaubild1875, 50 Pf. Green / dark purple carmine with plate flaw "white dot at numeral of value 6", circle date stamp, a brown perf otherwise superb, Michel 400.-16aI 100,00Bid
241Vorschaubild1890, 5 M. Blue-green / salmon-red / black on registered cover to Halle, superb, photo expertize Buehler, Michel (1800.-)20A 700,00Bid
LotPhotoL├ťBECKcat. no.Estimate € 
244Vorschaubild1863, 2 S. Carmine, superb piece of letter, expertized Grobe, Michel 90.-10 30,00Bid
245Vorschaubild1863, 2 ┬Ż S. Dark ultramarine with three ring postmark "L", superb, signed, Michel (500.-)11 170,00Bid
246Vorschaubild1864, 1 ┬╝ S. Dark brown in the horizontal pair, two ring cancel "L├ťBECK railway station", superb, expertized W. Engel13b    100,00Bid
LotPhotoMECKLENBURG SCHWERINcat. no.Estimate € 
248Vorschaubild1856, 2/4 S. Gray red as additional franking on 1 S. Postal stationery cover (U 1 b) with two ring cancel "WISMAR" to B├╝tzow, on the back two ring cancel "HAGENOW-ROCKSTOCK II", very fine, scarce combination150,00Bid
253Vorschaubild1866, 2 S. Dark magenta, gum remains, very fine (thin), Michel 300.-6a *70,00Bid
255Vorschaubild1864, 3 S. Yellowish orange with plate flaw "fair from Shilling as well thin line beneath damaged", with two ring cancel "Hamburg" on cover to Rostock, stamp negligible glue stained, superb cover7VI 350,00Bid
256Vorschaubild1864, 1 S. Gray violet, having bright colors superb item, RR! Photo expertize Berger, Michel (4000.-)1.500,00Bid
257Vorschaubild1864, 1 S. Dark rose red with stroke of pen cancellation on letter from "NEUSTRELITZ" to Friedland, superb cover, R! Photo expertize W. Engel250,00Bid
258Vorschaubild1864, 3 Sgr. Blackish brown-ochre, rectangle cancel with two lines "STARGARD", having bright colors extremely fine copy, R! Photo certificates Brettl / Schmitt and W. Engel750,00Bid
LotPhotoOLDENBURGcat. no.Estimate € 
259Vorschaubild1855, 1/3 Sgr. Black on green olive in the horizontal pair, perfect centered blue rectangle cancel with two lines "OLDENBURG", two small on the back thins otherwise superb, signed K├Âhler, Michel 3500.-  750,00Bid
260Vorschaubild1853, 1 / 30 Th. Black on bright gray ultramarine, type I, on cover with blue one-line cancel "WESTERSTEDE", choice copy letter to Neuenburg2I 150,00Bid
261Vorschaubild1854, 1 / 30 Th. Black on bright gray ultramarine, type III, on cover with blue one-line cancel "FRANCO" from "OLDENBURG" to Ringstedt, on the back arrival postmark "BEDERKESA", superb2III 70,00Bid
262Vorschaubild1852, 1 / 15 Th. Black on dull brownish red, type I, blue rectangle cancel with two lines "VAREL", superb, expertized Brettl, Michel 100.-3I 30,00Bid
264Vorschaubild1859, 1 Gr. Black on pale blue, blue rectangle cancel with two lines "HOOKS (IEL) ", with wide margins, superb, Michel (60.-)6a 20,00Bid
265Vorschaubild1861, 1 Gr. Black on pale blue, blue rectangle cancel with two lines "FRIESOYTHE" on cover to Cloppenburg, superb6a 80,00Bid
268Vorschaubild1861, 1/3 Gr. Moss green, repaired like superb, Michel (3000.-)10b 330,00Bid
269Vorschaubild1861, 2 Gr. Blackish red orange, right partly touched and horizontal break otherwise decorative superb piece of letter, Michel 550.-13 130,00Bid
270Vorschaubild1861, 3 Gr. Gray yellow, blue rectangle cancel with two lines "NEUENBURG"! 2 small on the back thins, on face superb in every respect (choice copy), Michel 550.-14 110,00Bid
271Vorschaubild1862, 1 Gr. Carmine, blue rectangle cancel with two lines "RODENKIRCHEN", superb cover to Ovelg├Ânne17A 50,00Bid
LotPhotoOLDENBURGO STAMP PARTcat. no.Estimate € 
273Vorschaubild"STOLLH (at the) ", blue one-line cancel on 1 Gr. Pale blue, stamp defects6a 20,00Bid
LotPhotoPRUSSIA PRE PHILATELYcat. no.Estimate € 
275Vorschaubild"CZERSK", two-line cancel on cover (1848) to Gdansk, superb 20,00Bid
276Vorschaubild"de Friedrichsbruch", handwritten in red on cover to Bromberg, superb 50,00Bid
277Vorschaubild"FRIEDRICHSBRUCH", single circle postmark on cover (1838) to Konitz, superb 20,00Bid
278Vorschaubild"TRIER" and "TREVES", rectangle cancel with two lines in red on cover (1814), with on the back stamp "upper APELLATIONS farmyard, superb 450,00Bid
LotPhotoPRUSSIA STAMPSLES LETTERScat. no.Estimate € 
279Vorschaubild"BONN", frame cancel with two lines, on 5 covers (1860 / 1), rated 1 Sgr. As well single circle postmark on accompanying letter for parcels, all to the same address to Andernach, almost only superb 30,00Bid
280Vorschaubild"BRUSS", rectangle cancel with two lines on accompanying envelope for parcels to Zempelburg, superb 20,00Bid
281Vorschaubild"CZERSK", two-line cancel on "post insinuation Dokoment" (1854), inside red crown post horn postmark "CZERSK", superb, R! 80,00Bid
282Vorschaubild"CZERSK", two-line cancel on accompanying letter cover to Walkenried with various rate markings, superb 20,00Bid
283Vorschaubild"GRUENCHOTZEN", rectangle cancel with two lines on "postal service certificate" (1865), inside with crown post horn postmark, superb 20,00Bid
284Vorschaubild"KARPNO", rectangle cancel with two lines on "insinuation document" (1856) to Schlochau, inside with scarce "crown posthorn" stamp "KARPNO", superb, RR! 150,00Bid
285Vorschaubild"KONITZ", two-line cancel and frame cancel with two lines, 2 covers, very fine / superb 20,00Bid
286Vorschaubild"RITTELN", two ring cancel on cover to Marienwerder, superb, R! 40,00Bid
287VorschaubildApproximate. 1847-70, 5 different documents, as well 2 carriers cancel, very fine / superb 30,00Bid

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