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Closing date: Monday, October 9th, 2023, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

4107Vorschaubild1920, single circle postmark "F. P. O. / 400" and handwritten notation "on active service" on fieldpost letter from Constantinople to London, very fine (slight opening defects) 45,00Bid
4108Vorschaubild1917, officer prison camp "HOLYPORT", Camp greeting card for Christmas and New year in censorship envelope to Stuttgart, superb no limitBid
4109Vorschaubild1943 / 68, German army postal service: 5 different documents with various censorships, as well 1944 from India and 1945 to Brazil, very fine no limitBid
4110Vorschaubild1856, reverse blue green single circle postmark". Post OFFICE" as well on face manuscript taxe "3" on fieldpost letter over Marseille to Leamington / England, very fine (legitimate defects), RR! 290,00Bid
4111Vorschaubild1901, 1 P. "Queen Victoria" on private letter of a German Settler, transported through the english army postal service to Lueneburg with fieldpost cancel "ARMY post OFFICE / B" and censorship stamp, superb65 60,00Bid
4112Vorschaubild1901, 1 P. "Queen Victoria" (2 x) on army postal service registered cover with single circle postmark "ARMY P. O. 43 / S. AFRICA", very fine65 30,00Bid
4113Vorschaubild1901, 1 P. "Queen Victoria" with two ring cancel "ARMY post OFFICE / A / WONDERFONTEIN" and oval censorship stamp on service army postal service registered cover, superb65 no limitBid
4114Vorschaubild1902, 1 P. "Queen Victoria" in a horizontal pair with single circle postmark "FIELD P. O. / britisch ARMY S. AFRICA" as well reverse fieldpost cancel the fourth cancellation type, here from "Pennant tone" with distinction letter "B", very fine65   25,00Bid
4115Vorschaubild1918 / 9, "Prisoners of War", 2 censored folded letters to Germany respectively to Switzerland, in both camps also accommodating the Falkland Battle survivors from armored cruiser Gneisenau and smaller cruiser Leipzig, superb 60,00Bid
4116Vorschaubild1919, two ring cancel "ARMY post OFFICE" and weak censorship stamp on army postal service picture postcard to Mons / Belgium, with arrival postmark, superb 30,00Bid
4117Vorschaubild1921, two ring cancel "FIELD post OFFICE / W 16" and violet cancel "command PAY OFFICE / DUBLIN" on Military service letter "O. H. M. S. " to the Horse depot No. 1, Iceland bridge, Dublin, superb 120,00Bid
4118Vorschaubild1922, 1 ½ P. "King George V" with two ring cancel "FIELD post OFFICE / D 41" on fieldpost letter to cambridge, very fine (on the back tab is absent)129 310,00Bid
4119Vorschaubild1923, 1 ½ P. "King George V" with single circle postmark "FIELD post OFFICE / No. 12", Military base Chanek, on army postal service picture postcard from Constantinople to Malta, very fine (card corner crease)129 55,00Bid
4120Vorschaubild1944, letter to a member the Czech brigade, Mot. Reconnaissance Zug, arrival postmark army postal service special cancel no. 25, blotched, very fine 40,00Bid
4121Vorschaubild1946, Air field postal service letter from the head quarters the BRITISH-INDIAN militaries in Burma, superb 120,00Bid
4122Vorschaubild1947, 1 ½ (5 x) and 9 P. (2 x) with two ring cancel "FIELD post OFFICE / 782" on registered cover (registration label field post office 782) of a assistant of the Greek Postal service ministry to Okland / USA over New York, with violet one-line cancel "RECEIVED IN DAMAGED CONDITION" and on the back adhesive stamp from Okland, stronger legitimate defects200,209 90,00Bid
4123Vorschaubild1951, 1 and 1 ½ P. "King George VI" with two ring cancel "FIELD post OFFICE / 630" on fieldpost letter, very fine222/3 100,00Bid
4124Vorschaubild1954, 2 ½ P. Carmine red with two ring cancel "FIELD post OFFICE / 158" on fieldpost letter to London and handwritten notation "Forces Mail", very fine261 90,00Bid
4125Vorschaubild1959, 2 P. Pale brown with two ring cancel "FIELD post OFFICE / 978" on army postal service registered cover of the British Rhine army from Gelsenkirchen, very fine321 no limitBid
4126Vorschaubild1962, 3 P. Bluish violet with Machines field postmark "FIELD post OFFICE / 2" on fieldpost letter of the Military basis Dhekelia / Cyprus to England, very fine323 90,00Bid
4127Vorschaubild1975, 7 P. Dark lilac brown on cover at Brendon Leonard in the Crumlin Road prison in Belfast with censorship stamp and handwritten notation "Brendan S. Leonard, 1478", legitimate defects667 70,00Bid
4128Vorschaubild1976, 8 ½ P. Dark olive green on cover from Wythenshawe at Mr. British soldier Prendergast, area 12 in the Long-Kesh-Maze-prison, Lisburn, N. I., the letter became redirected "Try period 6", area "C-10", legitimate defects687 70,00Bid
4129Vorschaubild1983, two ring cancel "FIELD post OFFICE / 141" on airmail letter sheet with entrance stamp of the British fieldpost office from Stanley "BFPO 666" as well Memory postcard, the the Rescue more surviving British soldiers of the burning warship "Sir Galahad" shows, very fine / superb 60,00Bid
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4130Vorschaubild1922, "national symbols", watermark 1, rest of hinge, very fine set40-51A *55,00Bid
4131Vorschaubild1943, 2 Sc. 6 Pg. "St. Patrick", watermark 2 inverted, as usual perforated, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 120.-86aZ **35,00Bid
4132Vorschaubild1977-1986, lot of 50 different first day covers, superb no limitBid
LotPhotoICELANDcat. no.Estimate € 
4133Vorschaubild1873, 8 Sk. Brown, perforated 14: 13 ½, at the bottom one short perf otherwise very fine MNH4A **100,00Bid
4134Vorschaubild1892, 100 A. Brown / lilac, superb, Michel 130.-17 40,00Bid
4135Vorschaubild1907 1 - 5 Kr. "double portrait", rest of hinge, 3 superb items, Michel 235.-60-62 *65,00Bid
4136Vorschaubild1912, "King Frederik VIII", very fine set, Michel 345.-69-75 100,00Bid

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