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Closing date: Monday, May 25th, 2020, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoBULGARIA COLLECTIONS, LOTScat. no.Estimate € 
3858Vorschaubild1933-64, part of a collection in the old album, mostly superb condition*, 70,00Bid
3859Vorschaubild1985-89, lot almost only different souvenir sheets, including with souvenir sheet 150 and 158 B, superb, Michel 450.-Bl.   ,**75,00Bid
3860VorschaubildMint never hinged collection Bulgaria from 1965-81 in the KA-BE album, to 1977 almost complete, later incompletely (text to 1985), superb condition, Michel approximate 1200.- **190,00Bid
LotPhotoDENMARKcat. no.Estimate € 
3861Vorschaubild1851, 4 RBS "Ferslew" with inverted watermark! Above very close margin otherwise full to having huge margins, superb, R! Facit catalogue 15.000.- skr.1I 350,00Bid
3863Vorschaubild1852, 4 RBS red-brown with perfect centered number postmark "7" (ASSENS), superb1IIa 25,00Bid
3864Vorschaubild1854, 4 RBS red-brown with number postmark "12" (MIDDELFART) on superb cover1IIa 40,00Bid
3866Vorschaubild1855, 4 RBS gray brown with number postmark "112" (SAEBY), superb cover, expertized Buehler1IIb 80,00Bid
3869Vorschaubild1852, 2 RBS "Ferslew", plate I, type 9, field 43, with wide margins on small choice copy letter, photo expertize Københavns philatelist club2I 1.800,00Bid
3872Vorschaubild1857, 16 S. Greyish violet in the horizontal strip of three, duplex stamp "34", superb in every respect (choice copy), photo certificate let Nielsen280,00Bid
3874Vorschaubild1863, 16 S. Red lilac, superb, expertized W. Engel, Michel 540.-10 140,00Bid
3875Vorschaubild1865, 4 S. Red, trace or rest of a hinge, superb in every respect (choice copy)13aA *20,00Bid
3876Vorschaubild1864 / 8, 8 S. Yellow brown and 16 S. Olive, perforated K 13: 12 ½, 16 S. Trace of crease, 2 values very fine, Michel 240.-14/5A 30,00Bid
3877Vorschaubild1870, 4 S. Grey / red, perforated K 14: 13 ½, rest of hinge, superb, Michel 70.-18IA *25,00Bid
3878Vorschaubild1870, 4 S. Grey / red, perforated L 12 ½, rest of hinge, superb, Michel 200.-18IB *70,00Bid
3879Vorschaubild1875, 4 Ø grey / blue, normal frame, watermark 1 Y, perforated K 14: 13 ½, 4 various issues, rest of hinge, superb23IYA *70,00Bid
3880Vorschaubild1875, 25 Ø, normal frame, watermark 1 Y, perforated K 14: 13 ½, 2 various issues, rest of hinge, 2 superb items29IYA *45,00Bid
3881Vorschaubild1875, 50 Ø brown / blue-violet, pin hole in the margin, as usual perforated superb, Michel 250.-30IYAa 50,00Bid
3882Vorschaubild1904, "King Christian IX", rest of hinge, very fine set, Michel 120.-47-52 *35,00Bid
3883Vorschaubild1905, 50 Ø dark lilac and 100 Ø yellow brown, 2 superb items, Michel 80.-51/2 20,00Bid
3885Vorschaubild1918, "27 Ø overprint", very fine set (13 values), Michel 250.-84-96 75,00Bid
3886Vorschaubild1918, 27 Ø on 1 Ø - 27 Ø on 10 Ø, watermark "crown", mint never hinged, 4 superb items, expertized Dr. Debo84-88X **190,00Bid
3887Vorschaubild1922, 1 Kr. Brown / blue, type I (Facit catalogue 161 a), rest of hinge, superb, Facit catalogue 600.- skr.128 *20,00Bid
3888Vorschaubild1924, "300 years Danish post", 3 block of four, very fine set, Michel 110.-131-42    35,00Bid
3889Vorschaubild1926, 7 Ø on 1 - 20 Ø, rest of hinge, very fine set159-65 *20,00Bid
3890Vorschaubild1920, "60. Birthday", rest of hinge, very fine set185-94 *20,00Bid
3891Vorschaubild1994-98, "paintings VII - X" and "contemporary art V" in 3 different gift booklets, mint never hinged, superb**no limitBid
LotPhotoDENMARK OFFICIAL STAMPScat. no.Estimate € 
3892Vorschaubild1871, 16 S. Green, perforated K 14: 13 ½, number postmark "90", superb in every respect (choice copy), expertized Grønlund, Michel 250.-D 3A 75,00Bid
3893Vorschaubild1881, 32 Ø yellow green, (Facit catalogue TJ 9 b), superb, Facit catalogue 550.- skr.D 7 20,00Bid
LotPhotoDENMARK POSTAGE DUE STAMPScat. no.Estimate € 
3894Vorschaubild1927 / 30, 7 Ø yellow green and bluish violet, 2 superb items, Michel 65.-P 12,21 20,00Bid
LotPhotoDENMARK POSTFERRY STAMPScat. no.Estimate € 
3895Vorschaubild1920, 50 Ø lilac red / black, superb, Michel 250.-Pf 3 70,00Bid

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