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Closing date: Monday, October 9th, 2023, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoAUSTRIA SPECIAL FLIGHT AUAcat. no.Estimate € 
4618Vorschaubild3.4.1965, first flight "Vienna Tehran N DELIHI Hong Kong MANILA SYDNEY", superb 30,00Bid
4619Vorschaubild1908, rockets vignette, rest of hinge, 2 horizontal creases otherwise superb *no limitBid
4620Vorschaubild1957 / 8, Unterberg airship "D-LAVO", illustrated Special flight letter and card, a little creasely otherwise superb no limitBid
4621Vorschaubild1974, airship "Europe", stage Vienna Salzburg, decorative letter from "GOOD YEAR" Austria attendance, superb no limitBid
4622Vorschaubild1950-98, collection with 76 documents "glide" and related Sport type, with foreign incoming lines from 9 countries, postal stationery and so on, clean inscribed, superb condition 320,00Bid
4623Vorschaubild1967-2001, interesting lot of 70 different airmail special documents, superb 200,00Bid
4624Vorschaubild1975-2001, 6 different documents with special cancel on the subject of "sport aircraft, light aircrafts", superb no limitBid
4625Vorschaubild20.4.1974, balloon mail on the occasion of of the 25. Aviation Day of the Austria aero clubs, a little creasely no limitBid
4626Vorschaubild1873, 2 Kr. Yellow, card (Polish) from "ZYBACZOW" to Pesth, very fineP 20 20,00Bid
4627Vorschaubild1877, 2 Kr. Red-brown, card (German) with additional franking 3 Kr. Green, fine printing, from "JOSEFSTADT Vienna" to Turin / Italy, very fineP 25,36II 25,00Bid
4628Vorschaubild1889, 2 Kr. Brown, card (German) with thimble single circle postmark "NEUKIRCHEN BEL EGER" to maritime city, superbP 43 40,00Bid
4629Vorschaubild1889, 2 Kr. Brown, card (German) with additional franking 3 Kr. "double eagle" from "LEOPOLDSTADT Vienna" to England, superbP 43,45 30,00Bid
4630Vorschaubild1885, 2 Kr. Brown, card (German) with thimble single circle postmark "STEINSCHOeNAU" to Ground stream, superbP 43 20,00Bid
4631Vorschaubild1865, 5 Kr. Red, watermark 1, cover with additional franking 10 Kr. Blue from "REICHENAU" to Abano, very fineU 33,33 40,00Bid
4632Vorschaubild1868, 3 Kr. Green, watermark 3, locate cover with on the back registered postage 5 Kr. Red, rough print, single circle postmark "Vienna SEILERSTAeTTE", rectangle cancel with two lines "Recom. No. 177", superbU 54,37I 100,00Bid
4633Vorschaubild1882, 3 Kr. Green, watermark 3, cover with additional franking 2 Kr. Yellow, fine printing, from "Prague" to Jicin, superb, expertized Dr. FerchenbauerU 59I,35II 80,00Bid
4634Vorschaubild1873, 5 Kr. Red, watermark 3, registered cover with additional franking 10 Kr. Blue, rough print, from "Favorite Vienna" to Triest, rectangle cancel with two lines "RECOM No. 96", superb, photo expertize AlfaniU 60II,38I 150,00Bid
4635Vorschaubild1888, 5 Kr. Pale rose / black "postal accompanying address for cash on delivery", German / Italian, from Innsbruck to Bruneck, superb 50,00Bid
4636VorschaubildTheresienstadt: 1915, K. K. Army postal service picture postcard with postmark "THERESIENSTADT", superb 20,00Bid
4637Vorschaubild1907, 5 H. Postal stationery postcard with single circle postmark "THERESIENSTADT TEREZIN" and one-line cancel "K. And K. Garrisons hospital No. 13 in Theresienstadt" in violet, superb no limitBid
4638VorschaubildTo 1935, 40 various older, mostly used postal stationery, a few better, condition varies, inspect! 50,00Bid
LotPhotocat. no.Estimate € 
4639Vorschaubild1965-1988, apparently mint never hinged completely on sides, superb condition, Michel 580.-1177-1943 **50,00Bid
LotPhotoAUSTRIA COLLECTIONScat. no.Estimate € 
4640VorschaubildComplete mint never hinged collection Austria from 1945 (from Michel number 660) to 1993 in 2 lighthouse albums with all good better issues, including postage due stamps, Michel number 693-96 expertized Zenker, superb condition, Michel more then 4000.- **870,00Bid
4641VorschaubildMint never hinged part of a collection Austria from 1945-60 with a lot of better issues, from 1948 in fact complete, among others with Michel number 893-926 (without 896), 984-87 and so on, superb condition, Michel 1830.- **450,00Bid
4642VorschaubildExcept for 2 small values complete mint never hinged collection Austria from 1964-98 in 2 KA-BE albums, many miniature sheet and special feature, superb condition **220,00Bid
4643VorschaubildMint never hinged collection Austria from 1959-89 in a stockbook, complete except for postal stamps, superb condition, Michel 650.- **160,00Bid
4644VorschaubildCollection Austria from 1945-81 in the lighthouse album with mounts with mostly smaller values, very fine / superb, Michel approximate 850.-  , **110,00Bid
4645Vorschaubild1945-67, mint never hinged collection Austria in the Lindner album with mounts, with some good sets, superb condition, Michel 1000.- **100,00Bid
4646VorschaubildComplete mint never hinged collection Austria from 1961-83, superb condition **80,00Bid
4647VorschaubildComplete mint never hinged collection Austria from 1972-82 in the Lindner album with mounts, superb condition, Michel 280.- **75,00Bid

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