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Closing date: Monday, October 9th, 2023, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoAUSTRIA LOTScat. no.Estimate € 
4663VorschaubildSmall mint never hinged lot of duplicates from 1967-81, except for souvenir sheets and a few small values complete, mostly 10-12 x collected, approximate 1100 stamps, superb, Michel 3400.- **490,00Bid
4664VorschaubildMint never hinged lot Austria from 1945-60 with some good issues, among others Michel number 909-11, 926, 937-40, 960-63, many margin copies, superb condition, Michel 700.- **120,00Bid
4665VorschaubildApproximate. 1900-1990, interesting lot of letters in the thick special album, with many first day covers, postal stationery, postcards, balloon mail, black prints and so on, very fine / superb 80,00Bid
4666Vorschaubild1946 / 7, mint never hinged lot of 8 different complete issues in corner margin respectively blocks of four from the margin, superb  **20,00Bid
4667Vorschaubild1858-1884, nice lot of 112 values, as well colour shades, good cancel (also coloured) and so on, almost only superb and superb in every respect items, inspect!  550,00Bid
4668Vorschaubild1860, 11 covers "Franz Joseph", mostly superb19-22 75,00Bid
4669Vorschaubild1863 / 4, nice lot "double eagle", in total 117 values, as well numerous perfect strikes, almost only superb to choise copy condition, inspect!26-34   350,00Bid
4670Vorschaubild1916, small collection from 14 different censorship documents, a few better, very fine / superb 90,00Bid
4671Vorschaubild1945-54, small lot of 21 different documents, mostly superb 80,00Bid
4672VorschaubildMint never hinged lot different complete issues from 1947-88 with some duplicates, superb condition **120,00Bid
4673VorschaubildSmall mint never hinged collection Austria in a stockbook from 1964-67, 1975-78 and 1983-93, seeming complete, superb condition **100,00Bid
4674Vorschaubild1988-98, mint never hinged lot black prints respectively 1 colour printing, with 13 souvenir sheets and 13 single values, as well Michel number 2032, superb **180,00Bid
4675Vorschaubild1920, 12 various provisional cash notes, mostly superb20,00Bid
4676Vorschaubild1850, 10 C. Black, handmade paper, type Ib, Ia, Ia, triple franking on superb piece, single circle postmark "Milan", photo expertize Babor2Xa 250,00Bid
4677Vorschaubild1850, 10 C. Black, handmade paper, type Ia, superb, photo expertize Dr. Ferchenbauer, handbook EUR 400.-2X 120,00Bid
4678Vorschaubild1851, 15 C. Vermilion, handmade paper, type IIa, ribbed paper, two-line cancel "ASIAGO", superb cover to Padova, RR! Expertized Matl, Michel 1500.-3XR 480,00Bid
4679Vorschaubild1950, 30 C. Violet brown, handmade paper, type IIIa, upper margin copy 11 mm, Linzer type, single circle postmark "PADOVA", superb cover to Storo, expertized Dr. Ferchenbauer4Xb 120,00Bid
4680Vorschaubild1850, 45 C. Blue "Milanese postal forgery", type II, single circle postmark "Milan", thin, on face superb in every respect (choice copy), RR! Photo expertize Dr. Ferchenbauer, Michel 3000.-5PFä 850,00Bid
4681Vorschaubild1858, 2 special yellow and 3 special green, type II, on letter from "CAVARZERE" (single circle cancel) to Venezia, very fine (a little blotched)6II,8 250,00Bid
4682Vorschaubild1858, 3 special black, type I, with plate flaw "small white spot before Soldi at the bottom", two-line cancel "VENEZIA", superb7Ia 150,00Bid
4683Vorschaubild1859, 3 special black, type II, single circle postmark "VENEZIA", superb, expertized Dr. Ferchenbauer, Michel 120.-7IIa 50,00Bid
4684Vorschaubild1859, 3 special black, type II, superb, Michel 140.-7IIa 40,00Bid
4685Vorschaubild1862, 3 special black (2 x) and 10 special purple brown, type II, on letter from "CHIOGGIA" (single circle cancel) to Milan, superb, photo expertize Dr. Ferchenbauer: "the stamps waren - probably for the purpose of the cleaning - soaked off, appertain but surely on this letter, they are partial inaccurate back adhesive"7IIa,10II 450,00Bid
4686Vorschaubild1862, 3 special green in a horizontal pair on piece with single circle postmark "VENEZIA", superb, expertized Buehler8a   80,00Bid
4687Vorschaubild1858, 5 special red, type I, in the vertical strip of three, single circle postmark "VENEZIA", lower stamp separated, superb9I 40,00Bid
4688Vorschaubild1858, 10 special purple brown, type I, 2 x on envelope (1 x folded) from "Milan" to Tirano, superb10I 60,00Bid
4689Vorschaubild1863, "double eagle", perforated K 14, very fine set, Michel 400.-14-18 100,00Bid
4690Vorschaubild1863, 3 special green (2 x) and 10 special blue on superb piece, single circle postmark "VENEZIA", expertized Dr. Ferchenbauer with attest15,17 120,00Bid
4691Vorschaubild1864, 3 special green in a horizontal pair and 5 special rose, on sorrow letter cover from "VENEZIA" to Milan, superb20  ,22 200,00Bid
4692VorschaubildNewspaper tax stamps: 1859, 2 Kr. Red, superb, Michel 70.-Z 2 25,00Bid

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