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Closing date: Monday, August 5th, 2024, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoSWEDEN COLLECTIONS, LOTScat. no.Estimate € 
4114VorschaubildMint never hinged lot Sweden from 1920-44 with some middle values, almost only superb condition, Michel 1100.- **170,00Bid
4115Vorschaubild1858-1943, neat old part of a collection on Yvert sides, mostly very fine / superb, Michel approximate 1200.-  , *140,00Bid
4116VorschaubildNeat cancelled lot Sweden from 1891-1943 with many good middle values, almost only superb condition, Michel more then 3000.- 350,00Bid
4117Vorschaubild1872-1928, neat cancelled part of a collection (from Michel number 17-212) with good middle issues, to perforations and watermark specialized, condition very fine / superb 180,00Bid
4118Vorschaubild1872-89, neat cancelled part of a collection from Michel number 17-40 and D 1-16, mostly superb condition, Michel more then 2000.- 150,00Bid
4119Vorschaubild18 values in minor shade, as well Michel number 8 and no. 12, always 2 time, condition varies with superb items, inspect!2,7-12 110,00Bid
4120Vorschaubild1886, Tio oere postal stationery postcard from "Malmo" to Hamburg with one-line cancel "FRA SVERIGE M. ", very fine no limitBid
LotPhotoSWITZERLANDcat. no.Estimate € 
4121Vorschaubild1850, official letter with red two ring cancel from "FRIBOURG" with content to Grandson, decorative seal stamp of the city Fribourg, superb 30,00Bid
4122Vorschaubild1850, 5 Rp black / vermilion on blue, without cross bordering, double red print of the crest, small thin at the upper margin otherwise fresh colours superb, R! Photo expertize Hunziker, Michel 4000.-7IIDDII 750,00Bid
4123Vorschaubild1852, 15 Rp "small numeral" in the horizontal with enormous margins pair (type 1 and 2), superb, expertized Pfenniger, Michel 2800.-10    850,00Bid
4124Vorschaubild1854, 5 Rp brown orange, 1. Munich printing, (Zst. 22 Aa), partly slightly cut into, very fine, Michel 1500.-13Ia 190,00Bid
4125Vorschaubild1856, 5 Rp brown, black silk thread, Bern printing II, (Zst. 22 D), large margins all around, superb13IIBys 30,00Bid
4126Vorschaubild1858, 5 Rp gray brown, Bern printing III, (Zst. 22 G), with wide margins with parts from 6 neighbour stamps, superb13IIBym 25,00Bid
4127Vorschaubild1854, first issue: 10 Rp Prussian blue, 1. Munich printing, (Zst. 23 Aa), with black lozenge and one-line cancel "franco", left above and at the bottom touched otherwise superb, R! Photo expertize von der Weid, Michel 850.-14Ia 220,00Bid
4128Vorschaubild1855, 10 Rp blue, Bern printing I, (Zst. 23 Ba), full margins on letter from St. Gallen to Rheineck, stamp a little blotched otherwise superb cover14IIAym 65,00Bid
4129Vorschaubild1859, 10 Rp bright blue, Bern printing III, (Zst. 23 G), 15 superb items in minor shade14IIBym 80,00Bid
4130Vorschaubild1859, 10 Rp bright blue, Bern printing III, (Zst. 23 G), 10 superb items in minor shade14IIBym 60,00Bid
4131Vorschaubild1859, 10 Rp bright blue, Bern printing III, (Zst. 23 G), single circle postmark "WINTERTHUR", large margins all around, superb in every respect (choice copy)14IIBym 35,00Bid
4132Vorschaubild1854, 15 Rp light purple carmine, 2. Munich printing, (Zst. 24 A), silk thread removed otherwise superb, expertized Hermann with attest, Michel 400.-15Ib 90,00Bid
4133Vorschaubild1855, 15 Rp rose, Bern printing I, (Zst. 24 Ba), in the vertical pair (good to large margins all round) on decorative superb cover15IIAym    220,00Bid
4134Vorschaubild1857, 15 Rp rose, Bern printing II, (Zst. 24 F), on silk paper, black lozenge, on all sides full margins, superb in every respect (choice copy), photo expertize Hermann, Michel (300.-)15IIAzm 100,00Bid
4135Vorschaubild1857, 15 Rp rose, Bern printing II, (Zst. 24 F), partly a little thickly lozenge, superb with wide margins, photo expertize Berra Gautschy, Michel 300.-15IIAzm 90,00Bid
4136Vorschaubild1855, 20 Rp yellow orange, Bern printing I, (Zst. 25 Ba), almost large margins all around, on yellow printed cash on delivery letter from St. Gallen to Altst√§tten, superb16IIAym 150,00Bid
4137Vorschaubild1862, 20 Rp yellow orange, Bern printing III, (Zst. 25 G), small single circle cancel, almost full margins, superb piece of letter16IIBym 20,00Bid
4138Vorschaubild1856, 40 Rp middle yellow olive, 1. Munich printing, (Zst. 26 Aa) vertical partly cut into, with 10 Rp blue, Bern printing I, (Zst. 23 B) on decorative letter with content from "Geneva" to Sheffield17Ia,14IIAym 500,00Bid
4139Vorschaubild1855, 40 Rp yellowish green, brown red silk thread, Bern printing II, (Zst. 26 Cb), two ring cancel "St. Gallen", except for one corner full margins, superb17IIAyr 35,00Bid
4140Vorschaubild1862, mixed franking: 2 Rp grey with 5 Rp and 3 C. On large letter piece with postmarks "TROGEN", very fine, scarce combination! R!13,19,21 750,00Bid
4141Vorschaubild1863, 40 C. Green, single circle postmark "St. Gallen", superb piece of letter26 20,00Bid
4142Vorschaubild1863, 1 Fr. Ormolu, corner tooth perforation crease otherwise superb, Michel 420.-28a 85,00Bid
4143Vorschaubild1863, 1 Fr. Ormolu, very fine (small perforation faults), Michel 420.-28a 60,00Bid

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