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Closing date: Monday, May 25th, 2020, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoFINLANDcat. no.Estimate € 
3944Vorschaubild1858, 5 K. Blue, large pearls, with centered rectangle cancel with two lines "KARIS", having bright colors extremely fine copy, multiple expertized and photo expertize Buehler, Michel (3500.-)1II 900,00Bid
3945Vorschaubild1858, 5 K. Blue, large pearls, town cancel and pen cross, slightly touched at bottom otherwise full margins superb, expertized Drahn, Michel 2200.-1II 330,00Bid
3946Vorschaubild1856, 10 K. Carmine, rectangle cancel with two lines "WIBORG", superb in every respect (choice copy), signed, Michel 1000.-2x 260,00Bid
3948Vorschaubild1856, 10 K. Carmine, single circle postmark "HELSINGFORS" and pen cross, large margins all around, superb in every respect piece of letter2x 200,00Bid
3951Vorschaubild1860, 3 A. Pale blue, Lovisa stroke of pen cancellation "N" (Norring), all tongues, superb3A ~120,00Bid
3952Vorschaubild1865, 5 K. Blue on gray blue, rectangle cancel with one line "ANK", only a tongue shortened, superb3B 80,00Bid
3953Vorschaubild1865, 5 K. Blue on blue-grey, town cancel and ink line, all tongues, superb piece of letter3B 100,00Bid
3954Vorschaubild1860, 10 K. Rose-carmine on rose, practically all tongues, gum remains, slight patina, superb, Michel 1000.-4A *150,00Bid
3955Vorschaubild1860, 10 K. Rose-carmine on rose, with pen cross on letter from "BORGA" to subscription, stamp superb item with all tongues, letter a little creasely4Ax 75,00Bid
3956Vorschaubild1865, 10 K. Rose-carmine on rose, all tongues, superb, Michel 200.-4Bx 65,00Bid
3957Vorschaubild1866, 5 P. Brown lilac on bubble purple, some shorter tongues, without gum, very fine5Bx (*)50,00Bid
3958Vorschaubild1867, 5 P. Brown lilac on bubble purple, centered single circle postmark "subscription", all tongues, superb in every respect (choice copy), Michel (250.-)5Cx 70,00Bid
3959Vorschaubild1871, 5 P. Brown lilac on blue lilac in the horizontal pair, stroke of pen cancellation, all tongues, superb5Cy   ~150,00Bid
3960Vorschaubild1866, 8 P. Black on green, almost all tongues, rest of hinge, superb, signed Thier, Michel 600.-6Bx *120,00Bid
3961Vorschaubild1866, 8 P. Black on green, practically all tongues, superb6Bx 75,00Bid
3962Vorschaubild1867, 8 P. Black on green, all tongues, superb6Cx 75,00Bid
3963Vorschaubild1867, 8 P. Black on green, practically all tongues, superb6Cx 60,00Bid
3964Vorschaubild1873, 10 P. Black on chamois in the horizontal paper, blue two ring cancel "HELSINGFORS", practically all tongues, superb7Ay    450,00Bid
3965Vorschaubild1870, 10 P. Black on chamois, all tongues, superb, expertized Pfenniger, Michel 700.-7By 140,00Bid
3966Vorschaubild1867, 10 P. Black on roveed chamois paper (Facit catalogue 7 v1 C3), in the horizontal pair with all tongues, right stamp manufactured paper fold, superb, R! Ex Faberg√™, photo expertize Schwenson7Cx    380,00Bid
3967Vorschaubild1873, 20 P. Blue, all tongues! Manufactured paper fold, without gum, superb8Ay (*)150,00Bid
3968Vorschaubild1866, 20 P. Blue, blue single circle postmark "KIMITO", two short tongues otherwise superb8C 20,00Bid
3969Vorschaubild1866, 20 P. Blue, 2 x on piece, single circle postmark "KRISTINESTAD", only left stamp a short tongue otherwise all complete, superb8C 45,00Bid
3970Vorschaubild1866, 20 P. Blue, rectangle cancel with one line "ANK", a shorter tongue, superb piece of letter8C 25,00Bid
3973Vorschaubild1866, 40 P. Rose-carmine, one-line cancel "postage paid", manufactured pressed fold, practically all tongues, superb9Bx 50,00Bid
3974Vorschaubild1866, 40 P. Rose-carmine, Lovisa stroke of pen cancellation "N" (Norring), only a tongue missing, superb9Cx ~70,00Bid
3975Vorschaubild1867, 1 M. Brown yellow, almost all tongues, superb, signed10C 150,00Bid
3976Vorschaubild1875, 32 P. Carmine rose, blue two ring cancel, superb in every respect (choice copy), Michel (600.-)11 160,00Bid
3978Vorschaubild1882, 10 P. Gray brown, perforated L 12 ¬Ĺ, rest of hinge, superb, Michel 120.-15Byb *40,00Bid
3979Vorschaubild1875, 10 P. Brown, perforated L 11: 12 ¬Ĺ, superb, Michel 320.-15C 80,00Bid

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