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Closing date: Monday, October 9th, 2023, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoFRENCH ZONE WUERTTEMBERGcat. no.Estimate € 
3291Vorschaubild1948, postal stamps, without indication of currency, very fine set mint never hinged, Michel 200.-28-37 **65,00Bid
3292Vorschaubild1948, postal stamps, without indication of currency, rest of hinge, very fine set, Michel 90.-28-37 *25,00Bid
3293Vorschaubild1949, 90 Pf. Brown carmine, normal perforation, superb, expertized H. D. Schlegel, Michel 130.-37 35,00Bid
3294Vorschaubild1949, "ski championship", horizontal gum rippling, always in the block of six from the margin, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 120.-38/9y **20,00Bid
3295Vorschaubild1949, "Red Cross", very fine set mint never hinged, Michel 160.-40-43 **50,00Bid
3296Vorschaubild1949, "Red Cross" and "Goethe", rest of hinge, 2 superb sets, Michel 98.-40-46 *25,00Bid
3297Vorschaubild1949, souvenir sheet "Red Cross", type III: "two blue diagonal lines to the right of the 30", superb, expertized D. Schlegel, Michel 160.-Bl. 1I/III (*)50,00Bid
3298Vorschaubild1949, souvenir sheet "Red Cross", type III: "two blue diagonal lines to the right of the 30", superb, Michel 160.-Bl. 1I/III (*)45,00Bid
3299Vorschaubild1949, 4 mint never hinged superb sets, Michel 91.-44-52 **25,00Bid
3300Vorschaubild1949, "Goethe", very fine set, expertized Schlegel, Michel 120.-44-46 40,00Bid
3301Vorschaubild1949, 2 Pf. Blue, perforated L 11 3 / 4: K 14: K 14: K 14, watermark 1 W, right upper corner added to otherwise superb, R! Photo expertize roll, Michel 1300.-2aBAW 260,00Bid
LotPhotoFRENCH ZONE COLLECTIONS, LOTScat. no.Estimate € 
3302Vorschaubild1947 / 8, 4 different documents, as well 2 registered covers with part-cash-postage, superb no limitBid
3303VorschaubildSmall interesting lot of 11 documents, slightly mixed condition, inspect no limitBid
LotPhotoAMERICAN AND BRITISH AREAcat. no.Estimate € 
3304Vorschaubild1945, 3-5 Pf. And 8-25 Pf. "at the" post, always in the stripe of twenty with plate number and edge lettering, as well Michel number 7 za a, superb1-3,5-9 Pl-Nr. **70,00Bid
3305Vorschaubild1945, 3 Pf. Bright blue violet, in the block of four with 2 vertical Footpaths, left upper stamp perforation fault otherwise superb, Michel (200.-)1z St    40,00Bid
3306Vorschaubild15.3.1946, 12 Pf. Dark purple on cover from "SACHRANG", with violet "taxe precu" cancel, part-cash-postage, vertical folded otherwise superb cover20,00Bid
3307Vorschaubild1945, 12 Pf. Dark violet magenta in the Oiled block of six with plate number "46582", cutting line, mint never hinged, superb7za a PL-Nr. **20,00Bid
3308Vorschaubild1945, 12 Pf. Blackish lilac purple, double impression, superb, Michel 200.-7zaDD *30,00Bid
3309Vorschaubild1945, 6 Pf. Yellow orange, perforated L 14 ½ superb, photo expertize Wehner, Michel 600.- RR!13Ey 150,00Bid
3310Vorschaubild1945, 8 Pf. Reddish orange, perforated L 11 ½, with variety "8 at the bottom open", slight perforation defects otherwise superb, abridged certificate Wehner, Michel 450.-21DI 90,00Bid
3311Vorschaubild1945, 8 Pf. Reddish orange, perforated L 11 ½, with red number, 4 numerals, superb, R! Michel 900.-21Dz r4 200,00Bid
3312Vorschaubild1945, 10 Pf. Bright orange brown, perforated L 11 ½, upper margin copy, mint never hinged, superb, Michel (450.-)22Dz **140,00Bid
3313Vorschaubild1946, 12 Pf. Dark purple, 7 time on properly franked registered cover with provisional registered label "army postal service" from "HOHENLIMBURG" to Hemer, superb23A 50,00Bid
3314Vorschaubild1945, 16 Pf. Dark green blue, perforated L 11, in the sheet (100), mint never hinged, superb25A **no limitBid
3315Vorschaubild1946, 24 Pf. Dark sienna in a horizontal pair on letter from "EBSDORF" to Passau, very fine (a little blotched)27    20,00Bid
3316Vorschaubild1946, 30 Pf. Gray olive, perforated L 11 and olive green with additional franking on cash on delivery registered cover from "LIPPSTADT", superb29aA,cB 40,00Bid
3317Vorschaubild1946, 42 Pf. Green, perforated L 11 ½, single franking on registered cover from "Hamburg" to Segeberg, as usual perforated superb, Michel 240.-31D 60,00Bid
3318Vorschaubild1945, 80 Pf. Black violet ultramarine with plate flaw "right 0 the indication of value 80 with overlying line through white dot connected", mint never hinged, pin hole otherwise superb, Michel 300.-34aI **60,00Bid
3319Vorschaubild1945, 1 RM dark gray green with variety "broken E in Germany", in the block of six from the corner of the sheet with normal stamp, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 75.-35II **25,00Bid
3320Vorschaubild1946, 1 RM dark gray green with variety "left decorative lines besides SM in Reichmark through white spot interrupted" (field 16), slight offset, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 90.-35IV **25,00Bid

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