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catalog for the 493. nordphila stamp auction (legendHOME

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Closing date: Monday, October 9th, 2023, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoBERLIN LOTScat. no.Estimate € 
3200Vorschaubild1969-80, neat duplicate lot complete issues, mostly 5-10 x, mint never hinged, superb, Michel approximate 3000.- **300,00Bid
3201Vorschaubild1980-90, neat duplicate lot complete issues, mostly 3-6 x, mint never hinged, superb, Michel approximate 2500.- **250,00Bid
3202Vorschaubild1957-87, extensive stock lot, almost only complete issues, mint never hinged, superb, favorable! Michel approximate 3000.- **200,00Bid
3203Vorschaubild1957-83, neat duplicate lot complete issues, 4-15 x, almost only superb, Michel approximate 1300.- **120,00Bid
3204Vorschaubild1981-90, 23 various complete sets in block of four, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 600.-a. 641-875   **90,00Bid
3205VorschaubildCleanly arranged duplicate lot Berlin from 1969-81 on stock pages, superb condition, very favorable! **no limitBid
3206VorschaubildDuplicate lot Berlin from 1969-77, clean in a stockbook, almost only superb condition, Michel approximate 1500.-**, 200,00Bid
3207Vorschaubild1970-90, duplicate lot the postal stamps, mostly higher values, very fine / superb, Michel approximate 2900.- 190,00Bid
3208Vorschaubild1966-73, neat duplicate lot, complete, mostly 8-10 x, very fine / superb, Michel approximate 1700.- 150,00Bid
3209Vorschaubild1948-68, small cancelled lot different medium values, mostly superb, Michel 1000.- 120,00Bid
3210Vorschaubild1984-87, neat duplicate lot the special stamps, 5-10 x, mostly centric cancellation, very fine / superb, Michel more then 1000.- 90,00Bid
3211VorschaubildLetter album with more then 150 documents, besides many first day covers also better commercial mail, inspect! 200,00Bid
3212Vorschaubild1950-80, interesting lot of 70 different airmail documents, mostly special and. First flights, mainly in superb condition 120,00Bid
3213Vorschaubild1958-81, lot almost only different First Day Cover in complete issues, superb, Michel approximate 800.- 80,00Bid
3214Vorschaubild1957-60, lot first day covers with good middle documents, almost only superb condition, Michel 670.- 60,00Bid
3215Vorschaubild1958-71, 13 various properly franked covers with corners of the sheet and form numbers, almost only superb condition 30,00Bid
3216Vorschaubild1961-90, small lot with 75 documents, very fine / superb no limitBid
3217Vorschaubild1962-91, small lot with 50 documents, very fine / superb no limitBid
3218Vorschaubild1963-80, 14 cash on delivery documents, very fine / superb no limitBid
3219Vorschaubild1971-83, 23 insured letter, very fine / superb no limitBid
3220Vorschaubild1957-63, 35 various First Day Cover, from Michel number 159-232, very fine / superb no limitBid
3221Vorschaubild1967-82, 500 numbered "FIDACOS" first day covers, superbno limitBid
3222VorschaubildExtensive cancelled duplicate lot Berlin from 1948-56 with many good middle issues, mostly very fine / superb, Michel more then 13.000.-  850,00Bid
3223Vorschaubild1955-1976, cleanly arranged dealers stockbook, each value at least 5 x is existing, only superb condition, high catalog value!126-531 **190,00Bid
3224Vorschaubild1955, 20 Pf. "technical University", superb postcard to AmsterdamP 6 20,00Bid
3225Vorschaubild1951 / 3, 20 / 20 Pf. "buildings" and 10 Pf. "bell left", unused, superb, Michel 90.-P 17,25 25,00Bid
3226Vorschaubild1952, 10 Pf. "bell right", Leer used with special cancel, superb, Michel 120.-P 30 35,00Bid
3227Vorschaubild1961, "Important Germans" in the common Roman type, complete, unused, 6 superb cards, Michel 54.-P 50-55 no limitBid
3228Vorschaubild1973, 15 Pf. "Heinemann" in thin Characters, white, unused, 10 superb cards, Michel 170.-P 90b 20,00Bid
3229VorschaubildPrivate post: 1952, 6 Pf. Besides 1 Pf. And 1 Pf. Besides 6 Pf. "buildings", 2 unused superb cardsPP 8,10 20,00Bid

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