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Closing date: Monday, May 25th, 2020, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoSOVIET ZONE SAXON PAINTINGScat. no.Estimate € 
2829Vorschaubild"mountains" (Constable country), 15 Pf. On piece, scarce group 4! SuperbAP 789I 20,00Bid
2830Vorschaubild"CHEMNITZ 1", 30 and 40 Pf. Always on money order, superbAP 794/5I 20,00Bid
2831Vorschaubild"CHEMNITZ 3", 12 Pf. On cover, very fineAP 827I 20,00Bid
2832Vorschaubild"CHEMNITZ 4 taxe precu", 8 Pf. On cover, superbAP 786I 20,00Bid
2833Vorschaubild"CHEMNITZ 26", 30 Pf. On money order, group 2, very fineAP 794I 20,00Bid
2834Vorschaubild"LĂ–SSNITZ", 12 Pf. Red on cover, stamp first on the letter black, superbAP 827I 20,00Bid
2835Vorschaubild"THALHEIM (Ore Mountains) ", 12 Pf. Red on cover, superbAP 827I 20,00Bid
LotPhotoSOVIET ZONE BAD GOTTLEUBAcat. no.Estimate € 
2836Vorschaubild1945, Hitler "A15.2 + 12" with 12 Pf. "St Tdr" on cover to Pirna, at the bottom stamp booklet perforation, superb, R! Expertized Zierer23,W 157 700,00Bid
LotPhotoSOVIET ZONE EAST SAXONYcat. no.Estimate € 
2837Vorschaubild1945, 12 Pf. Red "POTSCHTA", CTO, superb, Michel 800.-BIb 220,00Bid
2838Vorschaubild1945, 12 Pf. Red "POTSCHTA" on cover, CTO, superb, signed, Michel 800.-BIb 240,00Bid
2839Vorschaubild1945, 12 Pf. Red "POTSCHTA" from upper margin with plate flaw "mandrel at the lowest page of the left festoon", superb piece of letter, signed, Michel 1400.-BIb PF I 400,00Bid
2840Vorschaubild1945, 6 Pf. Black yellow green, unperforated and rouletted, both "full centerpiece, 2 superb items, expertized Kunz, Michel 100.-43AaI,BI/I 30,00Bid
2841Vorschaubild1945, 8 Pf. Bright gray violet with additional franking (including 43 a VIII) on piece, superb, expertized Kunz44c 40,00Bid
2842Vorschaubild1945, "Coswig", perforated L 10, very fine set on pieces, expertized Ströh, Michel 160.-42-50DI 60,00Bid
2843Vorschaubild1945, 8 Pf. Brown violet "Coswig", perforated L 10, in the vertical pair, upper stamp with double perforation, mint never hinged, superb, expertized Kunz44aDI   **50,00Bid
2844Vorschaubild1945, 15 Pf. Dark brown yellow "Coswig" in the horizontal pair (right stamp with variety 47 II) on registered cover with additional franking, superb47aDI    35,00Bid
2845Vorschaubild1945, 25 Pf. "Coswig", perforated L 11, mint never hinged, superb, expertized Ströh, Michel 140.-49DII   **55,00Bid
2846Vorschaubild1945, 12 Pr. Red "Coswig", perforated L 11 ½, 2 values in color shades, superb, expertized Kunz, Michel 70.-46aDIII  25,00Bid
2847Vorschaubild1945, 6 Pf. Black blue green rouletted 10 and additional line perforation 11 "Coswig" in the horizontal pair, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 1200.- signed Müller and photo expertize Ströh of a former block of four43BbII/DII **360,00Bid
2848Vorschaubild1945, 12 Pf. Red and 15 Pf. Dark brown yellow "Großröhrsdorf", vertical perforated, 2 mint never hinged superb items, expertized Dr. Jasch, Michel 81.-46/7aE **20,00Bid
2849Vorschaubild1945, 40 Pf. "Großröhrsdorf", vertical perforated, mint never hinged, superb, expertized Dr. Jasch, Michel 70.-50E **20,00Bid
2850Vorschaubild1945, 20 Pf. Blackish blue gray "Klotzsche", perforated L 10 3 / 4, mint never hinged, superb, expertized Ströh, Michel 300.-48cF **100,00Bid
2851Vorschaubild1945, "Loschwitz", very fine set, expertized Ströh, Michel 120.-42-50G 40,00Bid
2852Vorschaubild1945, 6 Pf. Black yellow green "Loschwitz", full centerpiece, in the block of four from the margin, superb piece of letter, expertized Zierer and Ströh, Michel 320.-43aGI    110,00Bid
2853Vorschaubild1945, 15 Pf. Bright yellow ochre "Loschwitz", upper margin copy, mint never hinged, superb, expertized Ströh, Michel (600.-)47bG **180,00Bid
2854Vorschaubild1945, 40 Pf. "Pirna", roulette 9 3 / 4, in the vertical pair, with double roulette between the stamps, mint never hinged, superb, R! Expertized Ströh, Michel (400.-)50H   **160,00Bid
2855Vorschaubild1945, 20 Pf. "Seiffen", thin places otherwise superb, R! Abridged certificate Kunz, Michel 1000.-48L 200,00Bid
2856Vorschaubild1945, 3 Pf. Black brown, triple impression, of it once colour black, mint never hinged, superb, abridged certificate Ströh, Michel 100.-51atxDDDI **35,00Bid
2857Vorschaubild1945, 3 Pf. Gray brown, double impression, with plate flaw VI, mint never hinged, superb, abridged certificate Ströh, Michel (300.-)51btxDD **110,00Bid
2858Vorschaubild1945, 3 Pf. "double impression" (black on black brown), rising paper pattern of stripes or streaks, economy gum, in the block of four, mint never hinged, superb, expertized Ströh, Michel - .51auyDDII   **900,00Bid

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