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Closing date: Monday, October 9th, 2023, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

144Vorschaubild1843, "Hamburg", special form on cover to Wohlen, red one-line cancel "WP", handwritten "proof without value", superb 70,00Bid
145Vorschaubild1846, "Hamburg", two-line cancel on commercial cover to London, very fine 20,00Bid
146Vorschaubild"Hamburg", two-line cancel on envelope to Berlin, superb 20,00Bid
147Vorschaubild1817, "Hamburg. ", red two-line cancel with tower on cover to red scum, on the back transit postmark, very fine 40,00Bid
148Vorschaubild1859, messanger´s by foot postmark "F. P. 20 / 2" on Forwarded letter from Bogota (Colombia) to Hamburg, superb cover, RR! 100,00Bid
LotPhotoHAMBURG TRANSIT STAMPcat. no.Estimate € 
149Vorschaubild1800, "D` HOLLANDE". One-line cancel on letter from Hamburg to Bordeaux, superb 150,00Bid
150Vorschaubild1841, "T 22 OCT", in red on letter from Magdeburg (two ring cancel) to London, reverse special form "Hamburg" and red dated postmark, very fine 20,00Bid
151Vorschaubild1842, "T 1 NOV", in red on letter from Koenigsberg (single circle cancel) to London, very fine (government creases) 40,00Bid
152Vorschaubild1842, "T 31 MAY", in red on cover from Koenigsberg (single circle cancel) via Hamburg (on the back single circle cancel) to London, file fold, superb 35,00Bid
153Vorschaubild1842, "T 11 NOV", in red on cover from Leipzig (frame cancel with two lines) to London, handwritten "per Hamburg steam boat", on the back small single circle postmark "Hamburg" and red dated postmark, file fold, very fine 20,00Bid
154Vorschaubild1843, "C P R 3", one-line cancel on letter from Hamburg (double-line cancel) to Bordeaux, superb 50,00Bid
155Vorschaubild1843, "T 12 MAY", in red on letter from Berlin to London, very fine (file fold) 30,00Bid
156Vorschaubild1844, "T 2 JUL", in red on letter from Magdeburg (two ring cancel) per "Hamburg STEAMER" to London, reverse small single circle postmark "Hamburg" and in red "KC" with date, very fine 40,00Bid
157Vorschaubild1845, "T 8 AUG", in red on letter from Magdeburg (two ring cancel) to London, handwritten "Hamburg Steamer", superb 30,00Bid
158Vorschaubild1854, "CHARGE", black one-line cancel and 2 x "P. D. " on "registered" letter from Hamburg Th&T (two ring cancel) to Paris, superb 50,00Bid
159Vorschaubild"3" tax cancel in blue on envelope from Hamburg (two ring cancel) to Berlin, very fine 75,00Bid
LotPhotoHAMBURGcat. no.Estimate € 
160Vorschaubild1859, ½ S. Black, good to large margins all round with vertical cutting lines, superb in every respect (choice copy), expertized Pfenniger, Michel (750.-)290,00Bid
161Vorschaubild1859, ½ S. Black, with wide margins, superb, photo expertize Pfenniger / Brettl / Schmitt, Michel 750.-260,00Bid
162Vorschaubild1867, 3 S. Ultramarine blue, left with part of the row number "2", blue two ring cancel "Hamburg ST. P. ", on cover to Bremen. Very fine. R!15c 150,00Bid
LotPhotoHAMBURG COLLECTIONS, LOTScat. no.Estimate € 
163VorschaubildCancelled lot of 61 values, mixed quality, but also various superb items, inspect! Michel approximate 3600.-  300,00Bid
164VorschaubildUnused lot of 37 values, condition varies, Michel 1400.-*,(*)150,00Bid
165Vorschaubild49 values in defective condition, with also reprints and dubious cancel, in addition to it 6 unused postal stationery covers  ,(*),  no limitBid
LotPhotoHANOVER PRE PHILATELYcat. no.Estimate € 
166Vorschaubild"BEINUM", one-line cancel on cover (1820) with content to Marienrode, one-line cancel "FRANCO", superb 130,00Bid
LotPhotoHANOVERcat. no.Estimate € 
167Vorschaubild1850, 1 Ggr. Black on gray blue, upper left corner of the sheet, diagonally rectangle cancel with two lines "BUXTEHUDE", superb in every respect (choice copy)100,00Bid
168Vorschaubild1850, 1 Ggr. Black on gray blue, blue rectangle cancel with two lines "LUeCHOW", superb in every respect (choice copy)35,00Bid
169Vorschaubild1850, 1 Ggr. Black on gray blue, single circle postmark "AURICH", superb30,00Bid
170Vorschaubild1850, 1 Ggr. Black on gray blue in the horizontal margin pair on piece, one-line cancel "STADE", superb in every respect (choice copy)1    150,00Bid
171Vorschaubild1850, 1 Ggr. Black on gray blue, centered one-line cancel "EMDEN", superb piece of letter40,00Bid
172Vorschaubild1851, 1 / 30 Th. Black on salmon-coloured, upper margin copy, with row number, plate flaw on field 2, with both secondary features, superb, R!3aI 180,00Bid
173Vorschaubild1855, 1 / 30 Th. Black on raspberries red, inverted watermark, superb in every respect (choice copy), abridged certificate Berger, Michel 300.-3bW 100,00Bid

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