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Closing date: Monday, October 9th, 2023, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoFIELDPOST STAMPScat. no.Estimate € 
2316Vorschaubild1944, "Christmas small package stamp", 2 x on package cut with 20 Pf. Franking, cancel "ABTENAU" and violet rectangle cancel with two lines "by of the army postal service delivered", mailing defects, expertized Rungas and Gabisch120,00Bid
2317Vorschaubild1944, "island Crete", perforated, normal perforation, superb piece of letter, photo expertize Rungas7A 120,00Bid
2318Vorschaubild1945, "island Rhodes", perforated, on commercial letter with the army postal service number "68066 E" to Pforzheim, superb, RR! Photo expertize Mogler, Michel (7000.-)8A 2.800,00Bid
2319Vorschaubild1944, "Agramer overprint", rouletted, overprint dark blue, superb piece of letter, expertized Pickenpack, Michel (70.-)10BbI 25,00Bid
2320Vorschaubild1945, "Hela submarine stamp" ultramarine, cancellation to order, very fine, expertized Kreft13a 350,00Bid
2321VorschaubildTest run or trial in prin ting postage 1939: army postal service picture postcard from Wittingen with six-digit Practice postal service-number "132374" as sender, the charged postage due became again annulled, superb 45,00Bid
2322Vorschaubild1937, 6 Pf. Gray green postal stationery maneuver card with sender "airman 5 / Fea 12 / Schoenwalde, post Velten", despite "army postal service" and two ring cancel "SCHOeNWALDE FLIEGEHORST / over / VELTEN (MARK) " must the postage paid become, superbP 226 90,00Bid
2323Vorschaubild1939, Denmark in of the Armed Forces: fieldpost letter to the FP-number "29538" with censorship strip, letter three sided opened, superb 50,00Bid
2324Vorschaubild21.3.1939, army postal service picture postcard: "compliments of our Invasion in Prague sends you. ", superb 35,00Bid
2325Vorschaubild1939, notification card over allocation the fieldpost number, cancel "DOeBERITZ training area", punched otherwise superb postcard no limitBid
2326Vorschaubild1940, army postal service special delivery cover front-homeland, franked with 40 Pf. "Hitler", very fine 20,00Bid
2327Vorschaubild1940 / 42, West campaign: 3 different documents and a fastening map, superb no limitBid
2328Vorschaubild1941, SS military hospital Berlin Lichterfelde: fieldpost letter with eagle stamp "SS management main office" and Tarn hand stamp, over SS censorship to Denmark, very fine 35,00Bid
2329Vorschaubild1942 / 44, Hungarian army postal service: registered airmail letter and 2 fieldpost service letters (FP-number "28394" and 40828"), all with censorship, traces of use 100,00Bid
2330Vorschaubild1942, fieldpost letter to Denmark with FP-number "06918", censorship strip and cancel, very fine 25,00Bid
2331Vorschaubild1942, Finnish army postal service from Hamina with German and finnish censorship to a Lieutenant in the military hospital Loewenberg in Silesia, superb no limitBid
2332Vorschaubild1942 / 3, Gross Paris commander (army postal service number 15272) : Packet bag (12 x16 cm) with rectangle cancel with two lines "by of the army postal service delivered", as well eagle stamp and 2 various army postal service straight-line cancel, vertical folded, superb no limitBid
2333Vorschaubild31.12.1942, fieldpost letter from Africa with content, letter cancel the fieldpost number 19648, superb 50,00Bid
2334Vorschaubild1944, German German Armed Forces: mobile Office fieldpost number 20932, front-homeland letter, in addition to it 3 documents, among others field hospital 646 and 40675 D, superb 20,00Bid
2335Vorschaubild1944, Russian youth service department 38: fieldpost letter with FP-number "09801" at field post office "438", rare document with strong traces of use no limitBid
2336Vorschaubild1944, fieldpost letter the German war navy Office FP-number "27623 C" with eagle stamp at messages administration in Bremen, superb no limitBid
2337Vorschaubild1944, German war navy "barrage weapon testing command", 2 fieldpost service letters with eagle stamp M 54073 to Vienna and M 55298 at 2. Admiral the Baltic Sea to Kiel, superb no limitBid
2338Vorschaubild1944, censored letter with eagle stamp "STANDORTSAeLTESTER RAVENSBURG" and blanking plate to Switzerland, very fine no limitBid
2339Vorschaubild1945, fieldpost letter with one-line cancel "commander of the Armed Forces tourism" and "KEMPEN", handwritten sender "Bahnhofswach and strip department lower Rhine", posting 3.3, just before allied conquest, superb, handbook unknown! no limitBid
2340Vorschaubild1943, "duty-free mouth shipment", label and 20 Pf. Franking on complete parcel cover, very fine 50,00Bid
2341Vorschaubild1940-45, 17 interesting fieldpost documents with many better, inspect! In addition to it a membership card of the "Reichs colonial federation" 35,00Bid
2342Vorschaubild13 various army postal service registered covers, superb 70,00Bid
2343VorschaubildGerman propaganda stamps for Great Britain: 1944, 2 P. "King George VI", overprint "Bahama Islands" and "Trinidad" in the vertical gutter pair, superb, R!12IVf,eZS 170,00Bid
LotPhotoCAMP MAIL II. WW.cat. no.Estimate € 
2344Vorschaubild1940 / 44, prisoner of war mail: 8 different documents from the officers camps Murnau, Woldenberg and Neubrandenburg, 7 documents with censorship stamp, superb 45,00Bid
LotPhotoGERMAN HISTORY/PROPAGANDA 1919-45cat. no.Estimate € 
2345Vorschaubild"heredity, ethnogeny and demographic policy: 400 sketches for the school use", from Joseph Burgstaller, 1941 in the German publishing house for youth and people, Vienna, appeared, strength traces of use160,00Bid

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