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Closing date: Monday, October 9th, 2023, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoARMY POSTAL SERVICE I. WWcat. no.Estimate € 
2082Vorschaubild1914, fieldpost card from the Red Cross union hospital Cologne / Muehlheim to heather, with violet sickbay stamp, very fine 25,00Bid
2083Vorschaubild1915, blue eagle single circle postmark fore and on the reverse side with date stamp "WINIARY" on Army thing to Posen, superb, Ex collection Heilmann 85,00Bid
2084Vorschaubild1915, army postal service picture postcard with violet two-line cancel "FLUGST√úTZPUNKT ANS GOUVERNEMENT L√úTTICH" to Neuss, superb no limitBid
2085Vorschaubild1915, fieldpost letter with violet military cancel "airman department no. 3 cashpoint administration" the "K. D. FELDPOSTEXPED. 39. INF. DIV. " to Herzsprung, superb 20,00Bid
2086Vorschaubild1915, fieldpost card with patriotic embossed printing Easter greeting and in detail text, letter cancel "ETAPPENFLUGZEUGPARK 10", superb no limitBid
2087Vorschaubild1916 / 7, 3 scarce wartime postal items to Australia, very fine 45,00Bid
2088Vorschaubild1916, form letter the intormation center from red cross in Dresden, violet one-line cancel "Army thing", on the back violet official seal "XII. (1. K. S. ) army Corps deputy. General command", superb 40,00Bid
2089Vorschaubild1916, Army thing with letter cancel "command of the Air ship harbor Hanover", superb cover 25,00Bid
2090Vorschaubild1916, prisoner of war letter from "ARLON" (Belgium) at the German language red cross in Berlin, very fine 20,00Bid
2091Vorschaubild1916, fieldpost letter of the Moscovite aid committees for Russian prisoners of war Copenhagen with violet censorship stamp, superb no limitBid
2092Vorschaubild1916, army postal service picture postcard with three-line cancel "FELDFLIEGERABT. 6, fieldpost station office 406" on picture postcard to Aachen, superb no limitBid
2093Vorschaubild1916, army postal service picture postcard with letter cancel "Imperial navy command ABTEILUNGSSTAMM", superb no limitBid
2094Vorschaubild1916, fieldpost card O. K. M. (Command from Mackensen) with letter cancel "airman department 69" as well fieldpost cancel no. "18" on card from Balkan to Bremen, superb no limitBid
2095Vorschaubild1917, army postal service picture postcard (airman Adolf Weferling) with violet letter cancel "Imperial navy - lake flight station LIBAU" to Prignitz, superb 20,00Bid
2096Vorschaubild1917, army postal service letter-card, army postal service Station No. "103", overprint card to the best of the Red Cross the Rhine province with 5 Kreuzpfennig donation stamp, violet three circle cancel "Reserve. Foot artillery RGT. Number. 13, 10. Battery", very fine 20,00Bid
2097Vorschaubild1917, fieldpost card with violet single circle postmark "KRIEGSGEFANGENENLAZERETT STRALKOWO" to Leipzig, very fine 20,00Bid
2098Vorschaubild1917, fieldpost letter with sender "main weather station d. Homeland" from "JUeTEBORG, superb no limitBid
2099Vorschaubild1917, 2 fieldpost card with violet letter cancellation "protection Squadron 13" respectively "Bavarian. Protection squad 25", superb no limitBid
2100Vorschaubild1917, fieldpost card with letter cancel "KARTHAUS. BEZ. TRIER", superb no limitBid
2101Vorschaubild1918, letter cancel "airman replacement department" on Field postal service photo card, very fine no limitBid
2102Vorschaubild1918, fieldpost card with violet letter cancel "stationary anti-aircraft gun platoon 47" at Saxon flak Bttr. 305, superb no limitBid
2103Vorschaubild1919, Imperial Armed Forces army postal service picture postcard from "LEIPZIG" to the in the King-Albert-barracks stationed Empire sore regiment 38 in Chemnitz, superb 35,00Bid
2104Vorschaubild1919, fieldpost card the "airshipper department 39, balloon 97", superb 25,00Bid
2105Vorschaubild1919, American occupation of the Rhineland: commercial letter with rare cancel "THIRD ARMY, MAR 20.19, APO 740" and Military censorship to the United States, superb 25,00Bid
2106Vorschaubild1915, Quiet life prisoner of war camp for Englishman: card 1/3 d. As notification for inbox and envelope 1/2 d, unused, superb 35,00Bid
2107VorschaubildLocal letter with violet single circle postmark "Bavarian Hospital Liege", very fine (vertical folded) 25,00Bid
2108Vorschaubild1915 / 17, German Air Force: airpark army postal service 1, 4, 8 and tentative and Practices airpark the O. H. L., 5 documents almost only superb 50,00Bid
2109Vorschaubild1914 / 8, 10 mostly better documents, as well "captive balloon department", "balloon defense", "air defence guns Zug" and so on, inspect! Superb 45,00Bid
2110Vorschaubild1915 / 20, 6 better prisoner of war documents, superb 25,00Bid
2111Vorschaubild1914 / 8, German war navy, 10 various picture postcards, with teams, ships, patriotism, superb no limitBid

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