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Closing date: Monday, October 9th, 2023, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoKIAUTSCHOU FORERUNNERcat. no.Estimate € 
1964Vorschaubild1900, 25 Pf. Yellowish orange "steep overprint", cancel "TSINGTAU KIAUTSCHOU ** ", small perforation fault otherwise superb piece of letter, Michel (150.-)V 5IIa 35,00Bid
1965Vorschaubild1901, 5 Pf. "steep overprint" in the block of four from the margin, centered cancel "TSINGTAU KIAUTSCHOU *b", superbM 2II    40,00Bid
1966Vorschaubild1898, 20 Pf. "steep overprint", one short perf otherwise superb, Michel 240.-M 4II 60,00Bid
LotPhotoKIAUTSCHOUcat. no.Estimate € 
1967Vorschaubild1907, ¬Ĺ $ dark carmine red, watermarked, peace printing, superb, Michel 80.-34IA 25,00Bid
1968VorschaubildLot of 115 small and middle values including 9 forerunner, mostly superb condition, Michel 1170.- 190,00Bid
LotPhotoKIAUTSCHOU CAMP MAIL cat. no.Estimate € 
1969Vorschaubild1919, Ninishima: printed matter cover with postmark of the competent post office "UJIMA" and censorship "Wan Osamu Izumi" and further character and postmarks, superb 65,00Bid
1970Vorschaubild"KURUME", 1917, home POW card with camp cancel "G" and pre repulse, superb 25,00Bid
1971Vorschaubild"NARASHINO", 1916, letter to the United States with two-line cancel "No charge for postage Prisoner of was Mail New York N. Y. " and red bearing seal, superb 75,00Bid
1972Vorschaubild"NARASHINO", 1915, picture postcard with all postmarks to Cologne, superb 75,00Bid
1973Vorschaubild1916, municipal war welfare: monetary donations Christmas greetings card with German and japanese censorship at German Kiautschou fighter in the Japanese prisoner of war camp Nagoya, superb 45,00Bid
LotPhotoMARIANA ISLANDScat. no.Estimate € 
1974Vorschaubild1900, 10 Pf. Lilac red "steep overprint", rest of hinges, superb, expertized Jaeschke L, Michel 200.-3IIb *65,00Bid
1975Vorschaubild1900, 10 Pf. Lilac red "steep overprint", stronger rest of hinges, superb, expertized Jaeschke L, Michel 200.-3IIb *55,00Bid
1976Vorschaubild1896, 20 Pf. Violet ultramarine in the block of fifteen on piece, cancel "JALUIT", upper right stamp small perforation split, decorative superb piece of letter, very scarce unit! Photo expertize Jaeschke L.V 48d 480,00Bid
LotPhotoMARSHALL ISLANDScat. no.Estimate € 
1977Vorschaubild1901, 3 M. Violet black, superb, Michel 240.-24 70,00Bid
LotPhotoSAMOAcat. no.Estimate € 
1978Vorschaubild1900, 50 Pf. Bright red brown, superb piece of letter, Michel 85.-30,00Bid
1979Vorschaubild1901, 2 - 5 M. "imperial yacht", 3 superb items, Michel 890.-17-19 270,00Bid
LotPhotoTOGO cat. no.Estimate € 
1980Vorschaubild1897, "crown / eagle", very fine set on pieces1b-6 65,00Bid
1981Vorschaubild1900, 80 Pf. With variety "line under right indication of value 80 through spot interrupted", rest of hinge, superb, photo expertize Jaeschke L, Michel 250.-15I *90,00Bid
1982Vorschaubild1900, 2 M. Blackish blue, superb piece of letter, Michel (100.-)17 35,00Bid
1983Vorschaubild1900, 5 M. Green black / brownish carmine, unwatermarked, with plate flaw "cloud (retouching) between the holding ropes of the first mast", superb, signed, Michel 1500.-19I 400,00Bid
1984Vorschaubild1913, 10 Pf. Dark red crimson, watermarked, cancel "AGOME PALIME", tiny trace of crease otherwise superb, Michel 140.-22 35,00Bid
1985Vorschaubild1919, 5 M. Green black / red carmine, watermarked, war time printing, perforated A, rest of hinges, superb, expertized Jaeschke L, Michel 220.-23IIA *80,00Bid
1986Vorschaubild1908, 5 Pf. "Germania" with MSP cancel "47" (panther), 27.11.08, on picture postcard from "LOME" to Cologne, very fineDR 85 35,00Bid
LotPhotoTOGO POSTMARKcat. no.Estimate € 
1987Vorschaubild"KPANDU a", 27.10.12, on 10 Pf. Dark carmine red, very fine45,00Bid
1988Vorschaubild"KPANDU a", 11.6.13, on 10 Pf. Dark carmine red, 4 missing perforation25,00Bid
LotPhotoTOGO FRENCH OCCUPATIONcat. no.Estimate € 
1989Vorschaubild1914, 30 Pf. Reddish orange / red black on dull yellowish orange in the block of six, mint never hinged, 2 values manufactured gum corrugation, superb, Michel 1100.-5 **220,00Bid
1990VorschaubildPostal stationery: DOA P 16, DSWA P 4 and P 8, the Mariana Islands P10 and Samoa P 8, 5 unused reply cards with border features, superb25,00Bid
1991VorschaubildApproximate. 1910, German inland Kolonialverein: 4 various vignettes "Luederitz", "Nachtigal", "Peters", "Wissmann" as forerunner of the 1934 published colonial Pioniersatzes of the Reichspost, superb**,*35,00Bid
1992VorschaubildVignettes donation sheet with 10 donation stamps, 6 of it mint never hinged, superb**,*no limitBid
1993Vorschaubild1907, 5 vignettes "German army, navy and colonial exhibition May September ", mostly superb*,(*)no limitBid

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