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Closing date: Monday, October 9th, 2023, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoGERMAN SOUTHWEST AFRICAcat. no.Estimate € 
1833Vorschaubild1897, 3 Pf. Mid-brown, 14 time on large letter piece with postmarks "MARIENTHAL", superb, Michel (210.-)1a 80,00Bid
1834Vorschaubild1899, registered picture postcard from "GOBABIS" from 5.9.99 with 5 Pf, green, additional 2 time 10 Pf. Red with postmarks "WINDHOEK" from 13.9.99 for the registered postage, scarce combination to Mannheim, slight patina, superb postcard, R!2,3 120,00Bid
1835Vorschaubild1899, 5 Pf. Opal green on picture postcard from "GOBABIS" to Windhoek, stamps a little blotched otherwise superb postcard, R!30,00Bid
1836Vorschaubild1898, 5 Pf. Opal green, 2 time on greatings from card from "WINDHOEK" to Berlin, superb30,00Bid
1837Vorschaubild1899, 20 Pf. Violet ultramarine, 5 time on linen letter registered cover from "SWAKOPMUND" to Berlin, superb100,00Bid
1838Vorschaubild1897, 25 Pf. Yellowish orange and 50 Pf. Bright red brown, rest of hinges, 2 superb items, expertized W. Engel, Michel 560.-Ia,II *190,00Bid
1839Vorschaubild1901, large sized registered cover from "REHOBOTH" to Crefeld, franked with 28 time 3 Pf. Pale ochre-brown and 36 time 10 Pf. Red, 16 centered cancel "REHOBOTH", a few values small defects otherwise very decorative rare document, very fine, expertized Czimmek and Dr. Steuer5b,7 120,00Bid
1840Vorschaubild1900, 3 Pf. Pale ochre-brown with plate flaw" break the ribbon roll at the bottom on the right" and 5 values additional franking on 1 Pf. Postage exceeding tariff rate registered cover from "OKOMBAHE" to Wiesbaden, superb, R!5bI 250,00Bid
1841Vorschaubild1899, 25 Pf. Yellowish orange, cancel "SWAKOPMUND", superb in every respect piece of letter, photo expertize Jaeschke L, Michel (500.-)9a 190,00Bid
1842Vorschaubild1900, 25 Pf. Yellow orange on 5 Pf. Postal stationery postcard (P5), registered postcard from "OTAVI" to Grootfontein, very fine (cancel a little blotched)9a 250,00Bid
1843Vorschaubild1901, 3 Pf. - 2 M. And 5 M. "imperial yacht", 5 M. On piece signed, superb11-21,23 85,00Bid
1844Vorschaubild1901, 3 Pf. (5 time) with 5 and 10 Pf., unwatermarked, on properly franked registered cover from "UKAMAS" to Frankfurt (Main), on the back on route passing cancellation "CAPETOWN", superb, scarce combination! R!11-13 150,00Bid
1845Vorschaubild1903, franking with different colours on small registered cover from "LUeDERITZBUCHT" to Berlin, very fine11-15 40,00Bid
1846Vorschaubild1906, 3 Pf. Dark ochre brown, single franking on wrapper to Oderheim, 1 x folded, very fine11 25,00Bid
1847Vorschaubild1909, 25 - 80 Pf. "imperial yacht", unwatermarked, on postage exceeding tariff rate registered cover from "GOCHAS" to Gotha, superb15-19 50,00Bid
1848Vorschaubild1901, 30 Pf. With plate flaw "black lines before 3 in of the left 30", very fine, expertized Jaeschke L, Michel 180.-16I 50,00Bid
1849Vorschaubild1907, 30 Pf. With plate flaw "black lines before 3 of the left indication of value" on properly franked registered cover from "GROOTFONTEIN" to tore, stamp minimal edge split otherwise superb cover, R! Michel - .16I 150,00Bid
1850Vorschaubild1914, 40 Pf. Carmine / black, single franking on sealed registered cover from "LUeDERITZBUCHT" at Albert Friedemann in Leipzig, superb, R! Expertized Czimmek17 50,00Bid
1851Vorschaubild1906, 40 Pf. Carmine / black, single franking on registered cover from "SWAKOPMUND" to Leipzig, slight traces of usage, superb17 35,00Bid
1852Vorschaubild1904, 50 Pf. Dark brownish purple / red black, over franked single franking on local registered cover (horizontal folded) from "OKAHANJA", superb18 40,00Bid
1853Vorschaubild1901, 5 M. Green black / brownish carmine, unwatermarked, superb, Michel 200.-23 60,00Bid
1854Vorschaubild1906, 5 M. Green black / dark carmine, watermarked, yellowish red luminous, cancel "warm bath", superb, Michel 370.-32Aa 120,00Bid
1855Vorschaubild1905-14, 5 various used documents to Germany, condition varies 50,00Bid
1856Vorschaubild"ABBABIS", 10.12.04, violet handprinted on cancellation used in different places IV on superb cover with 40 Pf. To Karibib17 100,00Bid
1857Vorschaubild"ARAHOAB", 3.11.09, centered on parcel card, as kept by the post office with 30 Pfg., superb16 40,00Bid
1858Vorschaubild"ARAHOAB", 27.5.10, on registered cover (without registered label) with handwritten registered label to Perlesrent, 30 Pf. Perforation fault otherwise superb cover, expertized Czimmek16-18 80,00Bid
1859Vorschaubild"from", 10.12.06, in black on cancellation used in different places I on 40 Pf., superb, expertized Bothe17 100,00Bid
1860Vorschaubild"from", 9.11.06, in violet on cancellation used in different places I, letter piece with 4 values Ship edition, superb piece of letter11,25/6 180,00Bid
1861Vorschaubild"BETHANIEN", 18.8.01, on small letter, with 2 horizontal pairs 3 Pf. Light ochre-brown to Wiesbaden, superb5b  30,00Bid
1862Vorschaubild"BRACKWATER", 5.7.10, on 10 Pf. Watermarked, postage due letter (on the back tab is absent) to Weimar, superb, R!26 150,00Bid

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