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Closing date: Monday, October 9th, 2023, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoSEMI-OFFICIAL FLIGHT STAMPScat. no.Estimate € 
1570Vorschaubild1912, 50 Pf. Pale blue "Margaret Festival" in the lower left corner margin block of four, stamps all very fine MNH, Michel (520.-)4a   **160,00Bid
1571Vorschaubild1912, 50 Pf. Pale blue "Margaret Festival", mint never hinged, superb, Michel 130.-4a **35,00Bid
1572Vorschaubild1913, so-called "Barz reprints", always in the miniature sheet, mint never hinged, superb, Michel (120.-)11NDa,b KB **40,00Bid
1573Vorschaubild1930, 10 and 20 Pf. "Regensburger flight event", 2 special postcards with transportation cancel, superb, Michel 300.-18a,19b 85,00Bid
1574Vorschaubild1930, "Regensburger flight event", 2 special cards (punched) with vignettes Michel number 18 a and 18 b besides 5 Pf. "Hindenburg" from Regensburg, superb18a,b 40,00Bid
LotPhotoBALLOON FLIGHTS 1897 1916cat. no.Estimate € 
1575Vorschaubild1907, "jubilee exhibition Mannheim", special cancel "captive balloon Mannheim", error in cutting, very fine 25,00Bid
1576Vorschaubild1898, "Airshipman's greetings", balloon picture postcard, used, superb no limitBid
1577Vorschaubild3.9.1897, "Saxon Thuringian industrial craft exhibition", picture captive balloon from Godard & Surcouf, used, superb no limitBid
1578Vorschaubild29.9.1897, "Saxon Thuringian industrial craft exhibition", picture captive balloon from Godard & Surcouf, used, superb no limitBid
1579Vorschaubild23.7.1903, Aerostat "GODARD PARIS" as captive balloon to the German cities exhibition Dresden 1903, mailing from Dresden, arrival postmark from Kipsdorf, superb postcard 290,00Bid
1580Vorschaubild26.6.1909, Upper Rhine association the airship aviation Strassburg, droped from balloon "STRASSBURG" with Finding memo, postal mailing in Neulautern at the 3.9.1909, superb postcard 700,00Bid
1581Vorschaubild17.7.1910, lower Rhinish association for airship aviation: section "Saar Mosel" Saarbruecken, balloon postcard "Prince meal Victoria", departed in Cochem, very fine 150,00Bid
1582Vorschaubild9.10.1910, saxon association for airship aviation "balloon Heyden I", drop card with Trip description, superb 75,00Bid
1583Vorschaubild27.5.1911, Augsburg-based association for airship aviation, droped from balloon "TILLIE", postal mailing in Augsburg at the 28.5.11, superb postcard 320,00Bid
1584Vorschaubild1911 / 13, Saxon Thuringian association for airship aviation Weimar, 2 balloon picture postcards "Rudelsburg" and "Nordhausen", received from balloon "Thuringia", unused, superb 75,00Bid
1585Vorschaubild26.5.1912, royal saxon association for airship aviation Dresden, card for balloon "ELBE" prepares, however from balloon "RIESA" used balloon postcard with Finding memo and posting postmark Rathenwalde, superb postcard 380,00Bid
1586Vorschaubild20.10.1912, Leipzig association for airship aviation, droped from balloon "LEIPZIG", postal mailing in Dresden, violet cancel "postage Controle Nuremberg" to the tax the without prepaid postage card, superb 600,00Bid
1587Vorschaubild1912 / 14, "Cologne club for airship aviation", balloon postcard, unused, superb 75,00Bid
1588Vorschaubild5.4.1914, Cologne club for airship aviation, droped from balloon "HARDEFUST", postal mailing in Cologne at the 6.4.14 to the first lieutenant Necher, the later liaison officer between Austrian and German airship troops in Fischamend, franked with 5 Pf. Germania as German Austrian union rate, superb postcard 650,00Bid
1589Vorschaubild13.2.1916, Berlin association for airship aviation, droped from balloon "MOeDEBECK", postal mailing in Oberhof at the 13.2.1916, with signatur of the at that time best known balloonist in Germany, engineer H. R. Berlin, superb postcard 700,00Bid
1590Vorschaubild"the 28. Ascent of the aeronaut Blanchard in Nuremberg, 12. November 1787", copper engraving card, unused, superb no limitBid
1591Vorschaubild1912 / 14, aviation association Touring Clube. V., Balloon greetings form card, unused, superb 25,00Bid
LotPhotoPIONIERFLUGPOST 1909 1914cat. no.Estimate € 
1592Vorschaubild1912, "Flight contribution Quedlinburg", 2 special cards (a unmailed), superb 75,00Bid
1593Vorschaubild1911, "German Round Flight", total distance as unused printed matters folding map, with all daily routes pictured, superb 180,00Bid
1594VorschaubildProfessor Dr. L. Prandtl (1875-1953), one the most important aviation researchers in Germany, letter of thank on the occasion of the bestowal the golden medal the Royal Aeronautical Society, DIN A4 page punched and traces of use 130,00Bid
1595VorschaubildWolfgang Gronau (1893-1977), German aviation pioneer, 5 various photos and signed thank-you card, superb 130,00Bid
1596VorschaubildDocumentation "August Euler" (pilot of the from Euler built "yellow dog") to the centenary of the aviation pioneer, 5 different documents, superb 20,00Bid
1597Vorschaubild1909, ILA-Frankfurt: medal count from Zeppelin (28, 7 mm), bronze gold plated, on ILA album page with exhibition picture postcard, postal stationery and vignette, superb 130,00Bid
1598Vorschaubild1913, "Karlsruher aviation association e. V. - under Protectorate of the princes Maximilian from Baden", list of members (7 sides) with handwritten note, booklet punchedno limitBid
LotPhotoAVIATION IN THE I. WORLD WARcat. no.Estimate € 
1599Vorschaubild1914, Johannisthal, airshipper Schulkommando: eagle stamp on unused Patriotic Card (Iron Cross in the oak leaves), thin spot, otherwise superb 20,00Bid

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