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Closing date: Monday, October 9th, 2023, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotocat. no.Estimate € 
4639Vorschaubild1965-1988, apparently mint never hinged completely on sides, superb condition, Michel 580.-1177-1943 **50,00Bid
LotPhotoAUSTRIA COLLECTIONScat. no.Estimate € 
4640VorschaubildComplete mint never hinged collection Austria from 1945 (from Michel number 660) to 1993 in 2 lighthouse albums with all good better issues, including postage due stamps, Michel number 693-96 expertized Zenker, superb condition, Michel more then 4000.- **870,00Bid
4641VorschaubildMint never hinged part of a collection Austria from 1945-60 with a lot of better issues, from 1948 in fact complete, among others with Michel number 893-926 (without 896), 984-87 and so on, superb condition, Michel 1830.- **450,00Bid
4642VorschaubildExcept for 2 small values complete mint never hinged collection Austria from 1964-98 in 2 KA-BE albums, many miniature sheet and special feature, superb condition **220,00Bid
4643VorschaubildMint never hinged collection Austria from 1959-89 in a stockbook, complete except for postal stamps, superb condition, Michel 650.- **160,00Bid
4644VorschaubildCollection Austria from 1945-81 in the lighthouse album with mounts with mostly smaller values, very fine / superb, Michel approximate 850.-  , **110,00Bid
4645Vorschaubild1945-67, mint never hinged collection Austria in the Lindner album with mounts, with some good sets, superb condition, Michel 1000.- **100,00Bid
4646VorschaubildComplete mint never hinged collection Austria from 1961-83, superb condition **80,00Bid
4647VorschaubildComplete mint never hinged collection Austria from 1972-82 in the Lindner album with mounts, superb condition, Michel 280.- **75,00Bid
4648VorschaubildAlmost only mint never hinged collection Austria from 1945-72, from Michel number 697 except for few issues complete, cancelled values not calculated, almost only superb condition, Michel 2100.-**, *390,00Bid
4649VorschaubildMainly cancelled part of a collection from 1945-59 with good middle issues, mostly superb condition, Michel approximate 650.-  ,**, *80,00Bid
4650VorschaubildCollection Austria from 1945-67 in the Lindner album with mounts, from the beginning often double ( ** and used) collected, from 1954 in both conditions complete, superb condition, Michel 2300.-**, 450,00Bid
4651VorschaubildSmall cancelled collection Austria from 1945-73, from 1959 in fact complete, mostly superb condition 100,00Bid
4652Vorschaubild2002-06, cancelled nice collection Austria in the safe binary album, rather complete, superb condition, Michel more then 500.- 80,00Bid
4653Vorschaubild1946-59, small part of a collection, mostly superb, Michel approximate 350.- 55,00Bid
4654Vorschaubild1947-65, cancelled nice collection on stock pages with complete issues, partly specialized, almost only superb conditiona.838-1176 50,00Bid
4655VorschaubildAlmost only mint collection Austria from 1916-1937 with many good middle issues, some double collected, mostly superb condition*,**390,00Bid
4656Vorschaubild1867-1937, remainder collection Austria with still many good middle values, mostly superb condition*,  ,**380,00Bid
4657VorschaubildCollection Austria to 1968 in a stockbook, the main value lies in the issues from 1920, many good superb sets: among others Michel number 524-29 **, 617-22 used, 623-26 **, 632-37 **, 649-57 **, 929-32 ** and 984-87 ****,  ,*350,00Bid
4658VorschaubildAlmost only mint never hinged collection Austria from 1945-91 in the Lighthouse album, except for Michel number 674-96 and 772-75 B complete, superb condition, Michel approximate 2000.-**,  300,00Bid
4659VorschaubildCollection Austria from 2007-08 in the Lindner album with mounts, mint never hinged and used almost complete, with many miniature sheet, superb condition**,  300,00Bid
4660VorschaubildCollection Austria from 1991-2001 in the Lindner album with mounts, mint never hinged more then complete with some miniature sheet, additional still almost used complete, superb condition**,  280,00Bid
4661VorschaubildAlmost only mint never hinged collection Austria from 1945-86 in 2 safe hingeless album with many good issues, superb condition**,  150,00Bid
4662Vorschaubild1883-89, interesting collection "double eagle" mainly on covers and postal stationery postcards, with mostly beautiful cancel, in total 57 documents! Superb collection for the specialist44-47 750,00Bid
LotPhotoAUSTRIA LOTScat. no.Estimate € 
4663VorschaubildSmall mint never hinged lot of duplicates from 1967-81, except for souvenir sheets and a few small values complete, mostly 10-12 x collected, approximate 1100 stamps, superb, Michel 3400.- **490,00Bid
4664VorschaubildMint never hinged lot Austria from 1945-60 with some good issues, among others Michel number 909-11, 926, 937-40, 960-63, many margin copies, superb condition, Michel 700.- **120,00Bid
4665VorschaubildApproximate. 1900-1990, interesting lot of letters in the thick special album, with many first day covers, postal stationery, postcards, balloon mail, black prints and so on, very fine / superb 80,00Bid
4666Vorschaubild1946 / 7, mint never hinged lot of 8 different complete issues in corner margin respectively blocks of four from the margin, superb  **20,00Bid
4667Vorschaubild1858-1884, nice lot of 112 values, as well colour shades, good cancel (also coloured) and so on, almost only superb and superb in every respect items, inspect!  550,00Bid
4668Vorschaubild1860, 11 covers "Franz Joseph", mostly superb19-22 75,00Bid

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