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Closing date: Monday, May 25th, 2020, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoOLD POSTCARDS - SHIPS UNTIL 1949cat. no.Estimate € 
5734Vorschaubild5 various cards, including "The Fleets to London", "Hands across the Sea" 20,00Bid
5735VorschaubildAboard of the steamer "Germania", the Saxon Bohemian steam navigation society, card from 1901, used no limitBid
5736VorschaubildR. N. NAPOLI, used picture postcard no limitBid
5737VorschaubildSCHULFREGATTEN under sail, colored artist picture card from Willy St√∂wer no limitBid
5738VorschaubildShips the K d F. Fleet at the driveway from the Hamburg port, card from 1937 no limitBid
5739VorschaubildU boats, 2 various artist picture cards with battle scenes, superb no limitBid
LotPhotoOLD POSTCARDS - SHIPS FROM 1950cat. no.Estimate € 
5740VorschaubildApproximate. 1967-2007, ships from all over the world, 43 various picture postcards, in part used 20,00Bid
LotPhotoOLD POSTCARDS MISCELLANEAcat. no.Estimate € 
5741VorschaubildInvitation cards, 20 decorative old unused cards with 6 different subjects no limitBid
5742VorschaubildBirthday and greetings cards, 17 various 25,00Bid
5743VorschaubildGreetings cards: birthday, pentecost, Easter and New year, 16 various cards, fieldpost card from 1915-18 50,00Bid
5744VorschaubildDogs, 2 various cards no limitBid
5745VorschaubildArt Nouveau, 2 various cards one set in the Bauer publishing house Munich appeared: "country estate" and "late summer" no limitBid
5746VorschaubildKitsch and patriotism", 14 various cards 25,00Bid
5747VorschaubildKitsch and humor, 11 various cards no limitBid
5748VorschaubildArtist picture cards, 12 various 30,00Bid
5749VorschaubildArtist picture card, "where the Marschen beef be stretches" from Fritz Stoltenberg, Kiel no limitBid
5750VorschaubildHorses, 2 various cards from 1899 / 1915, used no limitBid
5751VorschaubildHorses and cows, 5 various cards no limitBid
5752VorschaubildHorses, 3 various unused embossed cards one set: "F. P. S. I. G. No. 125" no limitBid
5753VorschaubildHorses, postcard from Philipp & Kramer Vienna, foreign-card no limitBid
5754VorschaubildHorses, 3 various picture postcards from 1898-1909, as well a card from "B. K. W. I. " - postcards publisher Brothers Kohn, Vienna no limitBid
5755VorschaubildDR. THOMPSONS -soap powder, Art Nouveau advertising card from 1900 no limitBid
5756VorschaubildINDRAROT; 3 various promotional picture postcards, reverse 3 various special cancel 20,00Bid
5757VorschaubildVienna types, "Burgmusik", picture postcard Academy of Arts Vienna, no limitBid
LotPhotoPHIL. LITERATUREcat. no.Estimate € 
5758Vorschaubild"Old German States - special catalogue and handbook", 5. Edition, 1975, Hans Grobe, 717 sides, bound, backbone slightly faded80,00Bid
5761Vorschaubild"Old German States under the magnifying glass" - Mecklenburg - Prussia, volume II, 4. Edition, 1956, Ewald Mueller-Mark, approximate 290 sides, loose30,00Bid
5762Vorschaubild"handbook the of Baden pre-philately 1700-1851", volume I, 1971, Ewald count, 379 sides, numerous illustrations, all postmarks depicted and valued, with 5 tariff sheets, bound40,00Bid
5763Vorschaubild"the postmark the Hamburg land areas" to as a starter of the twentieth century, commemorative publication to commemorate the 90 years recurrence of the foundation day of the Unite for philately to Hamburg from 1885, 1975, Dr. Ernst Meyer Margreth, 16 sides, numerous cancellation illustrationsno limitBid
5764Vorschaubild"Krötzsch handbook the postage stamps knowledge" - sections X, both Mecklenburg, with pages with images Schwerin I-XV and Strelitz III, 1895, 52 sides, bound, cover slight traces of usage100,00Bid
5765Vorschaubild"the "Franco envelopes" the royally saxon post", a documentation over Saxon postal stationery and special cancel, 1966, Köth / Springer, 47 sides, numerous, mostly colored illustrations, with valuations, cover slightly pushed20,00Bid

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