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Closing date: Monday, August 5th, 2024, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoNAVEL SHIPScat. no.Estimate € 
4716VorschaubildThe foreign country division in the Atlantic, 2 various picture postcards no limitBid
4717VorschaubildFleet manoeuvres, fleet review, 4 various cards no limitBid
4718VorschaubildS. M. S. "grill", 4 cards, one of it used no limitBid
4719VorschaubildThe seagoing fleet, 5 various picture postcards 20,00Bid
4720VorschaubildS. M. S. "Karlsruhe", 3 various picture postcards, superb 20,00Bid
4721VorschaubildS. M. S. "King Wilhelm" in Flensburg, fieldpost card no limitBid
4722VorschaubildLarge kreuzer, 3 various cards, as well "Moltke", "Seydlitz" and "of the pine forest" 20,00Bid
4723Vorschaubild"Ran from the enemy", 2 various cards no limitBid
4724VorschaubildTorpedo boats, 6 different cards, as well: S. M torpedo boats "S 142", "G. 171" and so on. 25,00Bid
4725VorschaubildOn deck the warships, 10 various photo cards, with rarely subjects 50,00Bid
4726VorschaubildCommemoration, 5 various cards 30,00Bid
4727VorschaubildGreetings cards, 8 various 30,00Bid
4728Vorschaubild"be guardian angel", 6 various cards one set (S 37, 1-37, 6), some foxing 20,00Bid
4729VorschaubildTorpedo boats: 10 various cards 60,00Bid
LotPhotoOLD POSTCARDS - NAVEL SHIPS UNTIL 1945cat. no.Estimate € 
4730VorschaubildNaval battles Second World War: 3 various unused picture postcards from "navy image service", superb 20,00Bid
LotPhotoOLD POSTCARDS - SHIPS UNTIL 1949cat. no.Estimate € 
4731Vorschaubild5 various cards, among others "The Fleets to London", "Hands across the Sea" 20,00Bid
4732VorschaubildMONTE SARMIENTO, twin-screwed motor vessel, picture postcard and in addition to it menu card of the ship of the North country journey 1926 20,00Bid
4733VorschaubildOSTENDE, "la maile Princesse Elisabeth", picture postcard from 1915 no limitBid
4734VorschaubildFatherland, largest ship of the world, coloured card no limitBid
4735VorschaubildShips the K d F. Fleet at the driveway from the Hamburg port, card from 1937 no limitBid
4736VorschaubildU boats, 2 various artist picture cards with battle scenes, superb no limitBid
LotPhotoOLD POSTCARDS MISCELLANEAcat. no.Estimate € 
4737VorschaubildGreetings cards: birthday, pentecost, Easter and New year, 16 various cards, fieldpost card from 1915-18 50,00Bid
4738Vorschaubild"Hearty Greetings", decorative, coloured greetings card clamshell no limitBid
4739VorschaubildHorses, 2 various cards from 1899 / 1915, used no limitBid
4740VorschaubildChristmas, 7 various picture postcards, all fieldpost card from 1915 / 6 30,00Bid
4741VorschaubildWild animals from Africa, 5 various coloured artist picture cards, signed "M M√ľller jun. Munich 1906", set 410 20,00Bid
LotPhotoAUTOGRAPHED DOCUMENTScat. no.Estimate € 
4742VorschaubildRegister airmail letter at count Luckner "the angler" in Stettin, to reconsign and franked with issues from French Oceania, Westsamoa and New Zealand with different cancel from the years 1937 / 8. Enclosed still two picture postcards with signatures from count from Luckner. A very decorative ensemble. Unique!u.a. DR 539, Bl. 7 1.100,00Bid
LotPhotoPHIL. LITERATUREcat. no.Estimate € 
4743Vorschaubild"Hanover postal service institutes and postmark", from Arthur from Lenthe, reprint, in the Grobe publishing house, 1971 appeared, 220 sides, good condition20,00Bid
4744Vorschaubild"Thurn and Taxis in Wuerttemberg and Hohenzoller", postal service institutes and postmark the pre philately period, from Werner Muenzberg, German collector of prephilatelic letters association 1959, having mould stains and some well-thumbedno limitBid
4745Vorschaubild"the postal history from Brunswick and Hanover", 1981, Hans A. Properly, 223 sides, numerous illustrations, bound35,00Bid

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