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Closing date: Monday, November 30th, 2020, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoPRIVATE POST M├ťLHEIM / RHEINcat. no.Estimate € 
LotPhotoHORSESHOE CANCELcat. no.Estimate € 
668Vorschaubild17 "breast shields" with different horseshoe cancel, mostly very fine / superb, pure value of the stamps Michel 950.-DR   180,00Bid
LotPhotoRAILWAY POSTcat. no.Estimate € 
669Vorschaubild"Bremen vacuously", three-line cancel on 5 Pf. Postal stationery postcard from 1883 and letter with 10 Pf. Carmine from 1882, very fineDR 41 50,00Bid
670Vorschaubild"Elmshorn Itzehoe", three-line cancel on cover with 1 Gr. Carmine from 1869 and with 10 Pfe. Carmine from 1882, superbNDP 16,DR 33 40,00Bid
671Vorschaubild"Emden Emden outer harbor" (Zug 55, 61 and 3 x 65), 1906-1909, 5 cards very fine / superb 40,00Bid
672Vorschaubild"Flensburg Hamburg", three straight line cancel, 1877-1880, on three 5 Pfe. Postal stationery postcards and one card with 5 Pfe. Gray lilac, very fine / superbDR 32 30,00Bid
673Vorschaubild"Geestem├╝nde Cuxhaven" (Zug 307, 704, 707 and 913), 1897-1917, 4 documents very fine 35,00Bid
674Vorschaubild"Hagenow Kiel" (Zug 306), 1903-1907, 3 superb cards 30,00Bid
675Vorschaubild"Hamburg Bremen" (various trains and types), 1898-1958, 9 documents very fine / superb 30,00Bid
676Vorschaubild"Hamburg Kiel", three straight line cancel, 1875-1880, 4 documents to Denmark, as well 2 postal stationery postcards as well 2 covers with 5 and 10 Pfe. Frankings and a letter piece, almost only superbDR 32/3 60,00Bid
677Vorschaubild"Hamburg Neubrandenburg" (Zug 8 (2 x), 307 and 308 (4 x), 1887-1928, 7 cards very fine 40,00Bid
678Vorschaubild"Hamburg Stettin", three straight line cancel, 1874 / 79, on ┬Ż Gr. And 5 Pfe. Postal stationery postcards, very fine 30,00Bid
679Vorschaubild"heather B├╝sum" (from Zug 1141-1156), 1896-1920, 22 documents, mostly superb condition 80,00Bid
680Vorschaubild"heather Elmshorn", three straight line cancel, 1880-1883, on four 5 Pfe. Respectively 5 Pf. Postal stationery postcards, very fine / superbDR P 5,12 30,00Bid
681Vorschaubild"Kiel Ascheberg II", three-line cancel on 10 Pfe. Carmine, a little blotched small letterDR 33 40,00Bid
682Vorschaubild"Kiel Hamburg II", three-line cancel and handwritten "BORDESHOLM" on 1 Gr. Postal stationery postcard with 1 Gr. Carmine to Wiesbaden, very fine (defects from opening the cover)DR 19,U 3 60,00Bid
683Vorschaubild"cathedral Emden" (various trains and types), 1896-1961, 12 documents, a letter piece and a bag flag, mostly superb 30,00Bid
684Vorschaubild"Neum├╝nster Kiel" (Zug 55, 62, 63 and 653) 1888-1890, 4 documents, in addition to it an old picture postcard from railway station Einfeld, very fine 40,00Bid
685Vorschaubild"Neustadt Neum├╝nster", three-line cancel and partial handwritten "EUTIN" on 6 documents, very fine 40,00Bid
686Vorschaubild"Oldenburg Neuschanz" (various trains and types), 1885-1923, 14 documents very fine / superb 70,00Bid
687Vorschaubild"Rheine Emden" (Zug 55 (2 x), 153 (2 x) and 154), 1886-1894, 5 documents very fine 30,00Bid
688Vorschaubild"T├Ânning Ohrstedt", three-line cancel on 2 covers with 1 Gr. Carmine from 1868 and 1869, very fine / superbNDP 4,16 30,00Bid
689VorschaubildApproximate. 1897-1936, 24 covers and postal stationery German Reich with different railway cancel (TPO), very fine / superb 150,00Bid
690Vorschaubild"railway mail with feather line depreciation", 9 different documents from approximate 1871-1883, mostly superb 100,00Bid
691Vorschaubild"light railway Kiel Segeberg", 19 values the exhaustion issues from Upper Silesia in Kiel used! All in the D├╝sterbehn catalogue unlistet! RR! 750,00Bid
LotPhotoSPECIAL CANCELLATIONcat. no.Estimate € 
692Vorschaubild"KIEL-BELLEVUE, Canal opening", 21.6.1895, on 5 Pf. postal stationery postcard to L├╝beck, superb02/1 50,00Bid
693Vorschaubild"KIEL-HOLTENAU, Canal opening", 22.6.1895, on picture postcard with 5 Pf. green to Sch├Ânberg, very fine (a little blotched)02/2 40,00Bid
694Vorschaubild"KIEL navy academy, Canal opening", 24.6.1895, on coloured "greatings from Kiel" card, as local printed matter with 3 Pf. brown, superb02/3 70,00Bid
695Vorschaubild"KIEL exhibition", 22.5.1896, letter piece with 5 Pf. green on exhibition special card, superb03 30,00Bid
696Vorschaubild"KIEL Imperial YACHTCLUB", 28.6.1904, on picture postcard to New York with horizontal pair 5 Pf. "Germania", superb04 80,00Bid
697Vorschaubild"KIEL Imperial YACHTCLUB", ?. 6.1900, vacuously used on 5 Pf. "Germania" - postal stationery postcard, superb04 25,00Bid

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