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Closing date: Monday, August 5th, 2019, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoOLD POSTCARDS MISCELLANEAcat. no.Estimate € 
6136VorschaubildCongratulation and art picture cards, 20 various cards 20,00Bid
6137VorschaubildKitsch cards, 34 various picture postcards 25,00Bid
6138VorschaubildHorses, 2 various cards from 1899 / 1915, used no limitBid
6139VorschaubildINDRAROT; 3 various promotional picture postcards, reverse 3 various special cancel 20,00Bid
LotPhotoCOINScat. no.Estimate € 
6140VorschaubildChina: 1988, 100 Yuan gold coin olympic games Seoul "sword dancer", PP650,00Bid
LotPhotoPHIL. LITERATUREcat. no.Estimate € 
6141Vorschaubild"Old German States under the magnifying glass" - Baden - L√ľbeck, volume I, 4. Edition, 1956, Ewald Mueller-Mark, 374 sides, bound40,00Bid
6142Vorschaubild"Old German States under the magnifying glass" - Mecklenburg - Prussia, ribbon II, 4. Edition, 1956, Ewald Mueller-Mark, approximate 290 sides, loose30,00Bid
6143Vorschaubild"handbook the of Baden pre-philately 1700-1851", volume I, 1971, Ewald count, 379 sides, numerous illustrations, all postmarks depicted and valued, with 5 tariff sheets, bound40,00Bid
6144Vorschaubild"the postmark the Hamburg land areas" to as a starter of the twentieth century, commemorative publication to commemorate the 90 years recurrence of the foundation day of the Unite for philately to Hamburg from 1885, 1975, Dr. Ernst Meyer-Margreth, 16 sides, numerous cancellation illustrationsno limitBid
6145Vorschaubild"Hanover" - special- and special auctions from 1981-2005, 4 various catalogues and Hanover part from the 323. Köhler catalogue with list of results, as well Grobe catalogue with resultsno limitBid
6146VorschaubildKrötzsch handbook the postage stamps knowledge" - sections XIII, Prussia, without pages with images, 1896, 232 sides, bound, cover slight traces of usage, 2 sides disengaged70,00Bid
6147Vorschaubild"300 years Prussia" - country and postal history, published by of the German post 2001no limitBid
6148Vorschaubild"the Erb male throne fee contract between the kingdom Wuerttemberg and the princely Houses from Thurn and Taxis" from 27. July 1819 to Stuttgart, 1996, study group Thurn and Taxis, 28 sidesno limitBid
6149Vorschaubild"the Freiberg express-package-traffic" - facts and fiction, Friebe / Kämmel, 20 sidesno limitBid
6150Vorschaubild"new handbook of the philately", German Reich, 1952, alignment B, certificate engineer Hellmuth Kricheldorf, 376 sides, bound30,00Bid
6151Vorschaubild"Bickerdike letter stamp machines", history - handbook - catalogue, booklet 41, 1997, Infla-Berlin, 178 sidesno limitBid
6152Vorschaubild"the parcel service in the German Reich 1933-1945", booklet 47, 2001, Infla-Berlin, 98 sidesno limitBid
6153Vorschaubild"the charges label for the official letters the railroad Companies DI and DII", booklet 55, 2005, Infla-Berlin, 120 sidesno limitBid
6154Vorschaubild"Zeppelin mail catalogue", 16. Edition, 1956, Sieger publishing house, 230 sides, boundno limitBid
6155Vorschaubild"Catalogue de la Poste Aerienne" et de tout ce qui s\'y repeats, 8. Edition, 1954, Jean Silombra, 668 sides, in Frenchno limitBid
6156Vorschaubild"space travel catalogue - space letters" - manned and unmanned projects of the United States of America, 1970, Carsten Fox, 165 sides, with valuations and many illustrationsno limitBid
6157Vorschaubild"the rocket post" - her development and first attempt, precursor stamps, stamp and flights, 1. Part: Germany, G√ľnther Heyd, 16 sidesno limitBid
6158Vorschaubild"the balloon from Paris 1870-71", 1970, Gunther Heyd, 55 sides, with some illustrationsno limitBid
6159Vorschaubild"the stamps of the German postal service institutes in the foreign country and of the German protectorate" as well her cancellations with an Anhange over the post of the foreign country Kreuzer 1914 / 18, handbook 3. Edition 1964, Dr. Med. Edward EY, 235 sides, illustrations and valuations, cover slight traces of usage40,00Bid
6160Vorschaubild"special catalogue Berlin permanent issues 1970-1990" - multiples with date-appropriate postmarks, Waldemar Stadtherr, 71 sidesno limitBid
6161Vorschaubild"international philatelic messages" for collector¬īs, dealer and organization or clubs, booklet 1 / 1930 and booklet 8 / 1931, in total 52 sides, slight traces of usageno limitBid
6162VorschaubildSpecial catalog about "post war documents 1948-1972", 2. Issue 1973, Dedo Burhop, 138 sidesno limitBid
6163Vorschaubild"Danske brief 1851-1979", Bind I, Forsendelsesarter without gum Portotakster, 1979, Gotfredsen / lagoon, 223 sides, in Danish, bound30,00Bid
6164Vorschaubild"Filateli" - Kvartalsmagasin for Skandinaviske Samlere, booklet no. 2-5, 1970 and booklet 1 and 2, 1971, with many illustrationsno limitBid
6165Vorschaubild"Catalogue Yvert et Tellier" - Pays D\'Expression Française, Tome 2, 1991, 828 sides, in French30,00Bid

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