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catalog for the 493. nordphila stamp auction (legendHOME

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Closing date: Monday, October 9th, 2023, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoOLD POSTCARDS GERMANY AND SO ON.cat. no.Estimate € 
5492VorschaubildBADEN Wuerttemberg, 22 various picture postcards 25,00Bid
5493VorschaubildBavaria, Franc, 17 various picture postcards 35,00Bid
5494VorschaubildBavaria, ALLGAeU and Bavarian WALD, 8 various picture postcards no limitBid
5495VorschaubildBRANDENBURG, 28 various picture postcards 50,00Bid
5496VorschaubildECKERNFOeRDE, 12 various picture postcards 40,00Bid
5497VorschaubildGETTORF, 7 various picture postcards 20,00Bid
5498VorschaubildHARZ, Ostharz, 30 various picture postcards 50,00Bid
5499VorschaubildHEIDELBERG, 39 various picture postcards 25,00Bid
5500VorschaubildKASSEL, 6 various cards, as well 5 unused advertising cards from "Hausens lightly smoked pork loin oat cocoa" and a greatings from. Card with train rail cancel "Warburg Emden", all approximate 1900-1905 no limitBid
5501VorschaubildKIEL, approximate 1897-1940, collection from 80 different picture postcards, as well 10 coloured lithographies, interesting topics, and so on, in a ring binder 150,00Bid
5502VorschaubildKIEL, collection from 200 different picture postcards in 2 letter albums, with rarely lithographies, many coloured cards and rarely subjects 390,00Bid
5503VorschaubildKIEL, 60 various picture postcards, as well scarce topics and coloured cards 130,00Bid
5504VorschaubildKIEL, 44 various picture postcards, as well a few scarce lithographies and greatings from. Cards 90,00Bid
5505VorschaubildKIEL, 36 various picture postcards 90,00Bid
5506VorschaubildKIEL FRIEDRICHSORT, 2 various picture postcards no limitBid
5507VorschaubildLINDAU i. Lake Constance, 34 various picture postcards 50,00Bid
5508VorschaubildLuebeck, 19 various picture postcards 40,00Bid
5509VorschaubildMunich, 16 various picture postcards 50,00Bid
5510VorschaubildLower Saxony, 24 various picture postcards 30,00Bid
5511VorschaubildCircle North Frisia, 14 various picture postcards 20,00Bid
5512VorschaubildPELLWORM, 10 various picture postcards 20,00Bid
5513VorschaubildCircle RENDSBURG ECKERNFOeRDE, 9 various picture postcards 20,00Bid
5514VorschaubildSaxony-Anhalt, 18 various picture postcards 30,00Bid
5515VorschaubildST. Peter ORDING, 35 unused black / white postcards from the 50s no limitBid
5516VorschaubildSCHLESWIG, 24 various picture postcards 50,00Bid
5517VorschaubildSCHLESWIG, greatings from, coloured lithography card from 1897 no limitBid
5518VorschaubildSEGEBERG, 3 various picture postcards no limitBid
5519VorschaubildSYLT, 18 various picture postcards 40,00Bid
5520VorschaubildSYLT - Wenningstedt, 9 various picture postcards no limitBid
5521VorschaubildSYLT - Kampen, collection from 57 different picture postcards in the letter album 270,00Bid

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