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Closing date: Monday, May 25th, 2020, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoPHIL. LITERATUREcat. no.Estimate € 
5758Vorschaubild"Old German States - special catalogue and handbook", 5. Edition, 1975, Hans Grobe, 717 sides, bound, backbone slightly faded80,00Bid
5761Vorschaubild"Old German States under the magnifying glass" - Mecklenburg - Prussia, volume II, 4. Edition, 1956, Ewald Mueller-Mark, approximate 290 sides, loose30,00Bid
5762Vorschaubild"handbook the of Baden pre-philately 1700-1851", volume I, 1971, Ewald count, 379 sides, numerous illustrations, all postmarks depicted and valued, with 5 tariff sheets, bound40,00Bid
5763Vorschaubild"the postmark the Hamburg land areas" to as a starter of the twentieth century, commemorative publication to commemorate the 90 years recurrence of the foundation day of the Unite for philately to Hamburg from 1885, 1975, Dr. Ernst Meyer Margreth, 16 sides, numerous cancellation illustrationsno limitBid
5764Vorschaubild"Krötzsch handbook the postage stamps knowledge" - sections X, both Mecklenburg, with pages with images Schwerin I-XV and Strelitz III, 1895, 52 sides, bound, cover slight traces of usage100,00Bid
5765Vorschaubild"the "Franco envelopes" the royally saxon post", a documentation over Saxon postal stationery and special cancel, 1966, Köth / Springer, 47 sides, numerous, mostly colored illustrations, with valuations, cover slightly pushed20,00Bid
5766Vorschaubild"John R. Boker, Jr. - Old German States", Heinrich Köhler 1. Auction at the 16. March 1985 in Wiesbadenno limitBid
5767Vorschaubild"the North German package transport society" - Vallette, Reinecke, Randel & Co. To Berlin, Commandit society on shares), booklet 36, 2007, private post series, 87 sidesno limitBid
5768Vorschaubild"the propaganda insets in the half cancel machines near the post office Hamburg 1 1922 to 1945", handbook and cancel catalogue, ribbon 166, 2004, new series the Postmark guild, 77 sidesno limitBid
5769Vorschaubild"the charity issue Rhine-Ruhr-aid", booklet 46, 1999, Infla Berlin, 150 page, boundno limitBid
5770Vorschaubild"the charges label for the official letters the railroad Companies DI and DII", booklet 55, 2005, Infla Berlin, 120 sidesno limitBid
5771Vorschaubild"Zeppelin mail catalogue", 16. Edition, 1956, Sieger publishing house, 230 sides, boundno limitBid
5772Vorschaubild"Catalogue de la Poste Aerienne" et de tout ce qui s\'y repeats, 8. Edition, 1954, Jean Silombra, 668 sides, in Frenchno limitBid
5773Vorschaubild"the rocket post" - her development and first attempt, precursor stamps, stamp and flights, 1. Part: Germany, G√ľnther Heyd, 16 sidesno limitBid
5774Vorschaubild"the balloon from Paris 1870-71", 1970, Gunther Heyd, 55 sides, with some illustrationsno limitBid
5775Vorschaubild"special catalogue Berlin permanent issues 1970-1990" - multiples with date-appropriate postmarks, Waldemar Stadtherr, 71 sidesno limitBid
5776Vorschaubild"1941: A World AT was" - World was II Remembred, James A. Michener, Texas center, 40 sides, boundno limitBid
5778Vorschaubild"Danske brief 1851-1979", Bind I, Forsendelsesarter without gum Portotakster, 1979, Gotfredsen / lagoon, 223 sides, in Danish, bound30,00Bid
5779Vorschaubild"Filateli" - Kvartalsmagasin for Skandinaviske Samlere, booklet no. 2-5, 1970 and booklet 1 and 2, 1971, with many illustrationsno limitBid
5780Vorschaubild"Catalogue Yvert et Tellier" - Pays D\'Expression Française, Tome 2, 1991, 828 sides, in French30,00Bid
5781Vorschaubild"The Royal Loans - Les Emprunts Royaux 1689-1789", 1986, howard J. Shakespeare, 174 sides, with some illustrations, in the English language and Frenchno limitBid
5782Vorschaubild"Paris par Moulins 1870 / 71", assisted by Wolfgang Jakubek, issue to the 50. Anniversary the foundation of the house Egar Mohrmann, in German, from author G√ľnther Heyd signed 109. Issue, boundno limitBid
5783Vorschaubild"Liechtenstein - handbook and catalogue 1953", 3. Edition, Sieger, 271 sides, boundno limitBid
5784Vorschaubild"de aero philatelist", 9 various booklets from 1969-1975, study group "De Vliegende Hollander", with many illustrations, in Netherlandsno limitBid
5785Vorschaubild"Norges sportel, juster without gum stempelmerker", 1975, oslo Filatelistklubb, 50 sides, with colored Chalkboard and price list, in Norwegianno limitBid
5786Vorschaubild"Krötzsch handbook the postage stamps knowledge" - Sweden, 1908, 116 sides, bound, cover slight traces of usage75,00Bid
5787Vorschaubild"Catalogo Hevia de sellos de Espa√Īa", 30. Edici√≥n, 1976 / 77, 282 sides, cover slight traces of usageno limitBid
5788VorschaubildMichel: "Europe catalogue east 1990 / 91, 1581 sides, binding cover slight trace of usageno limitBid
5789Vorschaubild"first shipment identifications with postmark in Europe and Germany" - an introduction in the knowledge of the stamps at the beginning the pre philately period, booklet 170, new series the Postmark guild, 52 sidesno limitBid
5790Vorschaubild"China" - Stanley gibbons Stamp Catalogue part 17, 4 th edition, 1989, 261 sidesno limitBid

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