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Closing date: Monday, May 25th, 2020, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoSOUTH AFRICA FROM 1910cat. no.Estimate € 
5485Vorschaubild1915, prisoner of war letter from "PIETERSMARITZBURG" with violet trilingual three lines frame cancel "Prisoner of was" and violet censorship straight-line cancel "Passed by Censor" to the red cross in Geneva, superb, RR! 150,00Bid
5486Vorschaubild1926, 6 P. "country subjects" in the horizontal pair, rest of hinge, superb, Michel 60.-27/8 *20,00Bid
5487Vorschaubild1859 approximate. 1900, old part of a collection south african states, in total 55 values, slightly mixed condition, inspect!  ,*50,00Bid
LotPhotoSURINAMcat. no.Estimate € 
5488Vorschaubild1928, "governor van Heemstra foundation" and "Steun committee", mint never hinged, 2 superb sets143-46,166-69 **30,00Bid
LotPhotoSYRIAcat. no.Estimate € 
5489Vorschaubild1937, "world exhibition", very fine set mint never hinged419-17 **20,00Bid
LotPhotoTAIWAN cat. no.Estimate € 
5491VorschaubildMint never hinged collection Taiwan from 1976-90, from 1979 in fact complete, as well souvenir sheets, se-tenants, miniature sheet, stamp booklet, block of four, strip, superb condition, Michel 1500.- **380,00Bid
LotPhotoTANGIER FRENCH POSTcat. no.Estimate € 
5492Vorschaubild1929, "flood victim", very fine set mint never hinged19-28 **30,00Bid
LotPhotoTANZANIA cat. no.Estimate € 
5493Vorschaubild1992 / 3, 11 various sets with the belonging souvenir sheets, superb, Michel 96.-a.1298-1677 25,00Bid
5494VorschaubildDuplicate stock book from 1980-96 clean in the stockbook, as well miniature sheet, souvenir sheets and gutter pairs, almost only superb condition, Michel approximate 1000.-  ,**90,00Bid
LotPhotoTOGO (INDEPENDENT COUNTRY)cat. no.Estimate € 
5495Vorschaubild1964, 50 - 500 Fr. "airmail", very fine set mint never hinged, Michel 120.-402-06 **35,00Bid
LotPhotoCHAD cat. no.Estimate € 
5497Vorschaubild1971, 1000 Fr. "egret", mint never hinged, superb, Michel 75.-399 **25,00Bid
LotPhotoTUNISIA cat. no.Estimate € 
5498VorschaubildPostage due stamps: 1903, 5 Fr. Black on yellow, mint never hinged, superbP 35 **40,00Bid
LotPhotoTURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDScat. no.Estimate € 
5499Vorschaubild1873, 1 P. Brown rose, almost mint never hinged, superb4 *20,00Bid
LotPhotoURUGUAYcat. no.Estimate € 
5500Vorschaubild1861, "MONTEVIDEO", black oval cancel with various Tax postmarks to Bordeaux, superb 30,00Bid
5501Vorschaubild1887-1909, 10 various postal stationery, mostly used, very fine / superb 75,00Bid
LotPhotoVENEZUELAcat. no.Estimate € 
5502Vorschaubild1899, 10 C. Vermilion, diagonal halved on commercial letter piece, superb54 30,00Bid
LotPhotoUNITED STATEScat. no.Estimate € 
5503VorschaubildScott 35, 1861, 10 C. Green "Washington", superb item on cover (defects from opening the cover) with additional cancellation "WHITNEY\'S POINT N. Y. "10 40,00Bid
5504VorschaubildScott 95 / 6, 1867, 5 C. "jefferson" and 10 C. "Washington", both grill impression, together on piece, perforation fault, very fine, $ 115019W,20W 180,00Bid
5505VorschaubildScott 97, 1861, 12 C. "Washington", grill impression, very fine, $ 26021W 75,00Bid
5506VorschaubildScott 98, 1861, 15 C. "lincoln", grill impression type VII, right unperforated (margin copy), as usual perforated superb, expertized Pfenniger, $ 27522W 70,00Bid
5507VorschaubildScott 235, 1893, 6 C. "Columbus world exhibition", mint never hinged, very fine (small crease), $ 16078 **40,00Bid
5508VorschaubildScott 239, 1893, 30 C "Columbus world exhibition", rest of hinge, small rubbed spot on face otherwise superb, $ 24082 *65,00Bid
5509VorschaubildScott 308, 1902, 13 C. "Harrison", watermark 1, perforated L 12, mint never hinged, superb, $ 100.-146 **35,00Bid
5510VorschaubildScott 371, 1909, 2 C. "Alaska Yukon Pacific exhibition", unperforated, in the block of four with plate number, very fine176B   *,**90,00Bid
5511VorschaubildScott 546, 1921, 2 C. "Washington", unwatermarked, perforated L 11, rotary printing (W2), rest of hinge, superb, $ 105224W2C *35,00Bid
5512VorschaubildScott 566, 1922, 15 C. "Statue of liberty" in the plates block of four, the two of them lower values mint never hinged, superb277   **,*50,00Bid
5513VorschaubildScott 581 / 2, 585, 1925, 1, 1 ¬Ĺ and 4 C. "important personalities", perforated L 10, in block of four, in each case the two of them lower values mint never hinged, superb260/1,265C   **,*50,00Bid
5514VorschaubildScott 591, 1925, 10 C. "Monroe", perforated L 10, block of four, mint never hinged, superb272C   **160,00Bid
5515VorschaubildScott 620 / 1, 1925, "immigrant", 2 C. Edge block with arrow, the two of them upper 2 C. Stamps with rest of hinge, otherwise all mint never hinged, superb298/9   **,*35,00Bid
5516VorschaubildScott 647 / 8, 1928, "Hawaii" in block of four, mint never hinged, superb, $ 115311/2   **45,00Bid

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