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Closing date: Monday, October 9th, 2023, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoWUERTTEMBERG STAMP PARTcat. no.Estimate € 
557Vorschaubild"ESSLINGEN railway station", single circle postmark on 1 Kr. Yellow green, superb43 40,00Bid
558Vorschaubild"HOHENHEIM", three circle cancel on 1 Kr. Green postal stationery cover, very fineU 16 no limitBid
559Vorschaubild"MOCHENWA (NGEN) " on 7 Kr. Blue, small defects, R!39a 30,00Bid
560Vorschaubild"STUTTGART railway station", frame cancel with two lines, partial cancel on 9 Kr. Pale brown, very fine, Michel (150.-)33b 50,00Bid
561Vorschaubild"WASSERALFINGEN", two ring cancel on cover (vertical crease) with 1 Kr. Yellow green to Spaichingen, very fine36a no limitBid
562VorschaubildAlmost only cancelled part of a collection from 1875 with some middle values, very fine / superb, some expertized Infla 80,00Bid
563Vorschaubild1851-1874, collection from 71 cancelled values, slightly mixed condition with many superb items, Michel 12.200.-  1.500,00Bid
564Vorschaubild45 values the perforated or roulette "Kreuzer issues", slightly mixed condition with many superb items, Michel 7200.-  500,00Bid
565Vorschaubild1875-1923, "official stamps I", well sorted extensive duplicate lot of more than 1200 values, treasure trove, inspect!101-188   250,00Bid
LotPhotoNORTH GERMAN CONF.cat. no.Estimate € 
566Vorschaubild1868, 1/3 Gr. Yellowish green in the horizontal strip of three on letter from "NEUMUeNSTER" to Lindau, superb60,00Bid
567Vorschaubild1868, ┬Ż Gr. Orange and 2 x 2 Gr. Blue on letter from "LEIPZIG" to Paris, superb3,5 50,00Bid
568Vorschaubild1868, three colour franking on receipt from "LIMBACH" to Chemnitz, superb3-5 50,00Bid
569Vorschaubild1868, ┬Ż Gr. Orange, pair and single stamp with 2 Gr. Blue on special delivery cover from "DORSTEN" to Duesseldorf, superb3   ,5 50,00Bid
570VorschaubildCarriage voucher (incomplete) with 1 Gr. Carmine with two ring cancel "MORITZBURG 30.4.69" and ┬Ż and 2 Gr. With two ring cancel "MEISSEN 1.5.69", scarce combination, superb3-5 40,00Bid
571Vorschaubild1868, ┬Ż Gr. Orange and 1 Gr. Reddish carmine with two ring cancel "EUTIN" on cover to Denmark, very fine (not so fresh)3,4 30,00Bid
572Vorschaubild1868, 1 Gr. Lilac red with Hamburg bar cancel (stamping machine), superb, R!50,00Bid
573Vorschaubild1868, 1 Gr. Lilac red in the block of four with blue three lines frame cancel "BREMEN local post EXP II", slight trace of creases, superb4    30,00Bid
574Vorschaubild1868, 1 Gr. Reddish carmine, single franking on cover with rectangle cancel with two lines "DRESDEN VI", handwritten "enclosed sample without value"! Superb cover4- 50,00Bid
575Vorschaubild1868, 1 Gr. Reddish carmine and 2 Gr. Blue with two ring cancel "KRIEWN" on cover to Russia, very fine4,5 40,00Bid
576Vorschaubild1868, 1 Gr. Reddish carmine, rectangle cancel with two lines "TARNOWITZ", superb cover to Austria20,00Bid
577Vorschaubild1868, 5 Gr. Brown, as additional franking on postal stationery cover 1 Gr. Pale carmine with blue single circle postmark "BERLIN P. E. 10. " to Frankfurt, superb150,00Bid
578Vorschaubild1868, 2 Kr. Orange, Tu T cancel "PFEDDERSHEIM", superb60,00Bid
579Vorschaubild1868, 3 Kr. Reddish carmine with centered Tu T single circle postmark "GROSSUMSTADT", superb piece of letter20,00Bid
580Vorschaubild1868, 3 Kr. Reddish carmine, strip of three and single stamp on letter from "DARMSTADT" to Grenoble, violet "P. D. ", superb100,00Bid
581Vorschaubild1868, 18 Kr. Olive brown, superb, Michel 80.-11 20,00Bid
582Vorschaubild1868, ┬Ż Sch. Reddish brown on local letter Hamburg, very fine12 35,00Bid
583Vorschaubild1869, ┬╝ Gr. Brownish lilac in the vertical strip of three, rectangle cancel with two lines "dollies", superb piece of letter13b 60,00Bid
584Vorschaubild1869, 5 Gr. Olive brown, single franking on local letter "MEISSEN", very fine15 40,00Bid
585Vorschaubild1870, 1/2 Gr. Orange and 2 Gr. Blue on sealed money letter from "BAUTZEN" to Goerlitz, superb15,17 20,00Bid
586Vorschaubild1869, 1 Gr. Carmine with three lines frame cancel "from Swinem├╝nde P DAMPFS. " on cover to Stettin, very fine (horizontal file fold), R!16 150,00Bid

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