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Closing date: Monday, March 23rd, 2020, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoCANADAcat. no.Estimate € 
5635Vorschaubild1882, ┬Ż C. Black in the block of four, superb25A   30,00Bid
5636Vorschaubild1897, 1 $ lilac red, thin spot otherwise superb, Michel 550.-49 140,00Bid
5637Vorschaubild1898, 7 - 20 C. "Queen Viktoria", four sides perforated, 5 values mostly superb, Michel 220.-68-72A 60,00Bid
5638Vorschaubild1927, "foundation of the Cathedral ion of Canada", very fine set mint never hinged118-23 **70,00Bid
5639Vorschaubild1927, 3 and 12 C. "Cathedral ion of Canada", 2 mint never hinged superb items120,122 **25,00Bid
5640Vorschaubild1928-33, 4 various mint never hinged values, superb127,169,173/4 **30,00Bid
5641Vorschaubild1929, 50 C. "fishing cutter", mint never hinged, superb137 **100,00Bid
5642Vorschaubild1932, 5 and 13 C. "economy conference" and "airmail", 3 mint never hinged superb items160/1,169 **20,00Bid
5643Vorschaubild1933 / 4, 3 mint never hinged values, superb174-76 **25,00Bid
5644Vorschaubild1939, "attendance of the King and Queen" in mint never hinged corner margin blocks of four with plate number, superb213-15   **25,00Bid
5645Vorschaubild5.1.1935, first flight "KENORA WHITEFISH Bav", letter very fine, M├╝ller 264264 20,00Bid
5646Vorschaubild18.11.1936, first flight "buffalo NARROWS LA HOLES" (Part stage), superb cover, M├╝ller 286 a196 20,00Bid
5647Vorschaubild19.11.1936, first flight "buffalo NARROWS-HURRIED A LA large", superb cover, M├╝ller 286196 20,00Bid
5648Vorschaubild10.8.1937, first flight "MONTREAL BURLINGTON" (USA), superb cover, M├╝ller 300196 20,00Bid
5649Vorschaubild11.4.1942, first flight "MONTREAL QUEBEC" and at the 16.4. Return flight, 2 superb letters211,214 25,00Bid
5650Vorschaubild1927, 10 C. "Western Canada Airways" vignette, mint never hinged, superb **no limitBid
5651Vorschaubild1945, letter from Montreal to London with one-line cancel "DAMAGED BY FIRE & WATER" of the "SS SCYTHIA" - Catastrophe, very fine 100,00Bid
5652Vorschaubild1821, nova Scotia / Halifax: ship letter posting "General Green", rated with 20 C. And red one-line cancel "SHIP" over "BOSTON M. S. " (single circle cancel) to Thomaston / Maine, superb 90,00Bid
5653Vorschaubild1964, 5 C. "World peace" with single circle postmark "CFPO 28" on fieldpost airmail letter sheet of the Canadian UN-unit from Cyprus, superb360 20,00Bid
LotPhotoCANADA NEWFOUNDLANDcat. no.Estimate € 
5654Vorschaubild1860, 2 P. Orange (SG. No. 10), touched on two sides otherwise very close margin, having very fresh colors, very fine, expertized Thier and Gebruder Senf, Michel 700.-2b 170,00Bid
5655Vorschaubild1861, 1 P. Violet brown (SG no. 16), rest of hinge, superb, Michel 300.-10ya *90,00Bid
5656Vorschaubild1945, form letter the Red Cross Society "Prisoners of was Enquiry Office" to Geneva, with seal label, very fine 30,00Bid
LotPhotoCOLOMBIAcat. no.Estimate € 
5657Vorschaubild29.6.1932, first flight card "Cali Bogota", on the back franking on photo postcard (DOX), superb 50,00Bid
5658Vorschaubild29.6.1932, first flight card "Cali Bogota", on the back franking on photo postcard (DOX), superb 50,00Bid
LotPhotoCHOSUN NORTHcat. no.Estimate € 
5659Vorschaubild1953, Field postal service printed form letter without postal stamp, with content on preprinted paper with illustration of the Head from Mao Tsetung, superb 180,00Bid
5660Vorschaubild1976-96, lot of approximate 120 different souvenir sheets and miniature sheet with first days special cancellations, superbBl. 50,00Bid
LotPhotoCHOSUN SOUTHcat. no.Estimate € 
5661Vorschaubild1952, "airmail", very fine set mint never hinged154-56 **no limitBid
LotPhotoLAGOScat. no.Estimate € 
5662Vorschaubild1884, 2 P. Gray blue, watermark approximate single, rest of hinge, superb, Michel 95.-14 *35,00Bid
LotPhotoLIBYAcat. no.Estimate € 
5663Vorschaubild1951, "Senussi Kampfreiter", overprint also in Arabic, very fine set mint never hinged, signed Zumstein, Michel 300.-1-13 **100,00Bid
LotPhotoMADAGASCAR cat. no.Estimate € 
5664Vorschaubild1922 / 7, "landscapes", very fine set mint never hinged168-79 **25,00Bid

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