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Closing date: Monday, May 25th, 2020, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoSAXONYcat. no.Estimate € 
504Vorschaubild1850, 3 Pf. Red, plate III, type 17, Bavarian lines system, rectangle cancel with two lines "LEIPZIG", good to large margins all round, top right pre-separation cut outside of the stamp design, photo expertize Rismondo: "stamp slightly shaded, in perfect condition. "1a 2.300,00Bid
508Vorschaubild1850, 3 Pf. Cherry-red, plate III, field 13, rectangle cancel with two lines "RIESA", repaired like superb, photo expertize Buehler, Michel (16.000.-)1b 1.800,00Bid
512Vorschaubild1852, 3 Pf. Dark blue green, later edition, number postmark "12", having full margins superb piece of letter, Michel (120.-)2IIa 35,00Bid
514Vorschaubild1851, 2 Ngr. Black on mat Prussian blue, superb, Michel 90.-25,00Bid
515Vorschaubild1852, 2 Ngr. Black on medium blue, right with corner angle, superb in every respect (choice copy)35,00Bid
516Vorschaubild1856, 5 Ngr. Red, 4 superb and superb in every respect items in different colours12 100,00Bid
517Vorschaubild1860, 5 Ngr. Bright orange red, repaired corner, very fine, abridged certificate Vaatz, Michel 400.-12b 40,00Bid
518Vorschaubild1856, 5 Ngr. Carmine rose, superb, expertized W. Engel, Michel 150.-12c 50,00Bid
520Vorschaubild1857, 5 Ngr. Rust brown, superb, Michel 220.-12e 50,00Bid
522Vorschaubild1856, 10 Ngr. Milk blue, number postmark "1", superb, Michel 300.-13a 90,00Bid
526Vorschaubild1864, 10 Ngr. Blue, III. Edition, 2 x on piece in mixed franking with 2 Ngr. Blue and 5 Ngr. Gray blue, three lines frame cancel "LEIPZIG DRESD. Railway station", superb piece of letter, very scarce combination! RR!13c,17a,19a 400,00Bid
527Vorschaubild1866, 5 Ngr. Lilac, as usual perforated, superb piece of letter19b 20,00Bid
528Vorschaubild1910, 10 Pf. - 100 Mk. Revenue stamps, watermark "stairways", 9 values, always in the sheet (100) mint never hinged, a few billowy, margins partly defect otherwise superb **250,00Bid
LotPhotoSAXONY COLLECTIONScat. no.Estimate € 
529Vorschaubild25 cancelled values, condition varies with many superb items, Michel more then 700.- 75,00Bid
LotPhotoSAXONY STILL USED POSTMARKcat. no.Estimate € 
531Vorschaubild"127" (RODA) on ┬╝ Gr. Brown violet, very fineNDP 1 40,00Bid
534Vorschaubild"heather", single circle postmark and two ring cancel, collection from 25 clean stampless documents from approximate 1857-1868, superb 100,00Bid
535Vorschaubild1850, letter from JEERED, superb cover to Rendsburg 45,00Bid
536Vorschaubild1711, "Cito" cover from Itzehoe to the gentlemen mayor and councilors the royally. City Itzehoe, very fine 150,00Bid
537Vorschaubild1812, postal form with local print Itzehoe, superb 80,00Bid
538Vorschaubild1814, postal form with local print Itzehoe, superb 40,00Bid
539Vorschaubild"ITZEHOE", handwritten on fieldpost certificate (1809), superb 30,00Bid
540Vorschaubild1810, K. D. S. From Kiel to the royally district offices to Steinburg, superb 25,00Bid
541Vorschaubild1809, "V KIEL" handwritten in red on cover at count from Rantzau on Breitenburg, superb in every respect (choice copy), R! 150,00Bid
542Vorschaubild1839, "KIEL", double-line cancel, on cover with content to Wolfenb├╝ttel, superb in every respect (choice copy) 120,00Bid
543Vorschaubild1861, "KIEL", blue single circle postmark and handwritten "18" on cover to Bordesholm, superb 20,00Bid
544Vorschaubild1863, "KIEL", blue single circle postmark with time! On cover to Bellin, on the back varnish seal "Kronshagen, royally office parlor", superb 80,00Bid
545Vorschaubild1849, "railway station KIELER Z I", two ring cancel with blue rate markings to Segeberg, superb cover with content 25,00Bid
546Vorschaubild1851, "KIEL", rectangle cancel with two lines on cover to Fehmarn, rate markings in red and blue, superb in every respect (choice copy) 25,00Bid
547Vorschaubild1859, "KIELER railway station Z", single circle postmark and blue one-line cancel "from Denmark", choice copy letter to Hanover 100,00Bid
548Vorschaubild1857, "KIELER railway station Z 1", single circle postmark and handwritten "6" on cover to Segeberg, superb 30,00Bid

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